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Chevy To Pick Up Killed Brands’ Slack, Carry 70% Of GM Sales

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In an uncharacteristic admission of weakness General Motors has announced that in light of the spectacular failure of the majority of its brands, it must now rely on the staying power of Chevrolet to carry it through its “reinvention.” Well, we’re paraphrasing.

What has actually been confirmed is that Chevy is GM’s undisputed top performer and with The General’s once formidable line-up now trimmed to just four key brands, it’s on Chevy to shoulder the brunt of the load. 70% of the load, to be exact, at least according to new Chevy VP Brent Dewar. In an address made on Friday, Dewar explained that currently Chevy products account for a little less than 60% of GM’s North American sales and a little over 50% of global sales. When Saturn, Pontiac, Saab, and Hummer are official wiped from GM’s slate, the marginal percentages they contributed to GM’s bottom line will be transferred to Chevy.

To accomplish this lofty goal, Dewar says Chevy will rely on new products like the Chevy Cruze and the increasingly more fictitious Chevy Volt. To edge in on Dodge’s law enforcement market share, Chevy also has high hopes for the G8-underpinned Chevy Caprice PPV, though all outward indications suggest it will have considerable difficult competing with the bad ass quotient of the Charger Police Interceptor. Still, regardless of how sub-par the quality of your vehicles or how comically ineffective your business philosophy, it’s difficult to fail with billions of government cheddar knitting you a safety net. We have high hopes for Chevy.

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