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Chevy Silverado ZR2 Chases Raptor At SEMA 2009

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As is often demonstrated in the automotive industry, just because you didn’t have the idea first doesn’t mean you can’t still attempt to profit from it. Case in point: the Silverado ZR2. Not only is it heavily geared towards the SoCal Broskie, amateur Baja-rallier segment, Chevy’s design engineers didn’t even attempt to disguise the heavy Raptor design cues. Beneath the hood, the pseudo desert hauler boasts a 550-horsepower LS supercharged engine, which conveniently mimics the output numbers on the recently unveiled 6.2L 411-hp Raptor powerplant unveiled at SEMA yesterday.

What’s more, the unique grill, friendly-with-the-carbon-fiber bodywork, and heavily modified stance of the truck itself are more than just a creative copycat – they’re a preview of what Chevy would purportedly like to see on future production models. “There’s more to this concept than meets the eye,” said Chevy chief Brent Dewar. “Some of the components are being explored for possible inclusion in upcoming models.”

Source: GM

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