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Chevy Cruze Hatch in the Works – US Bound?

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<i>Chevy Cruze WTCC race car - image source Motortrend.com</i>

Chevy Cruze WTCC race car - image source Motortrend.com

Holden is in the news again, this time allegedly cooking up a hatchback version of the Chevy Cruze. The handsome (yes, legitimately handsome … especially next to a Cobalt!) product of a union between Suzuki and GM, the Cruze looks to be a hit in Europe, where it has already debuted. Destined to replace the Cobalt, the Holden hatch version has a slim chance of sales here, where hatchbacks generally do poorly. Of course, with a turbocharged Ecotec motor and some tuned suspension, it could be a Mazdaspeed 3 or GTI killer. Are you listening, GM?

<i>Cruze sedan.</i>

Cruze sedan.

That being said, with the Saturn Astra leaving these shores for the Undying Lands as the orcs begin to ravage the countryside, ( Ed. – wait, this is Ridelust, not Tolkien fan fiction – get back on point!) maybe GM’s new post-bankruptcy form will determine that us ‘Mericans might benefit from a hatch in the linuep. Who knows? If you have a seeing stone … oh, nevermind.

[Source: Autoblog]

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