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Chevy Authorizes Dealers To Sell Demo Volts

Posted in auto industry, Chevrolet, News by Kurt Ernst | November 9th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

The year is rapidly drawing to a close, and Chevy is nowhere near the 10,000 unit sales of its extended-range EV, the Volt, that the automaker had projected. Through October, Chevy had sold just over 5,000 Volts year-to-date, nowhere near on-track for the 10k sales that GM CEO Dan Akerson had projected.

As to why, there’s no simple reason. It’s priced higher than the Nissan Leaf (but does give greater operational flexibility) and critics have panned its 37 mpge fuel economy when operating in generator mode. GM says that poor sales are due to inventory issues, so it’s doing what it can to solve that problem by allowing dealers to sell demo Volts.

As Autoblog explains, that immediately puts another 2,300 Volts into inventory, and GM says they’ve got another 1,800 Volts currently inbound to dealers. That’s enough inventory, on paper at least, for GM to potentially sell 91 percent of its goal, if only the automaker can find 4,100 Volt buyers in the next six weeks.

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