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Chevrolet Volt MPV5 Crossover To Debut In Beijing

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2011 Chevrolet Volt MPV5

Like the concept of Chevy’s Volt electric sedan, but need something with a little more room? Chevrolet is showing the Volt MPV5 crossover vehicle at the Beijing Auto Show, and will likely put this into production as the second vehicle in the Volt lineup.

The Volt MPV5 seats five, and is slightly larger than the current Chevrolet HHR. The powertrain is identical to the Volt, which utilizes a 16 kilowatt hour battery to run a 149 horsepower electric motor. Unlike the Volt, which as a range of 40 miles on batteries alone, the MPV5 has a theoretical range of 32 miles before the gasoline motor kicks in to run a generator. Like the Volt sedan, the MPV5 has no direct connection between the gasoline motor and the drivetrain.

Alan Taub, GM’s VP of research and development, dashed the hopes of those who’d like the see the Volt’s propulsion system in larger or smaller vehicles. In an interview with Autocar, Taub was quoted as saying:

With battery technology as it currently stands, extended-range vehicles that are larger than the Volt – luxury saloons, trucks and SUVs – aren’t really possible; they would simply be too heavy to be efficient. For those types of cars, fuel cells and biofuels are the future. Ironically enough, the ER-EV powertrain won’t really package in a much smaller car than the Volt, either. So expect them all to be between four and five metres long.

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