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Chevrolet set to replace Daewoo in Korea.

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Photo: KoreaTimes

If you were to go on vacation to Korea you may see Ford’s and you may see Hyundai’s, but as of right now you most certainly wouldn’t see any Chevy’s. Currently GM’s presence in Korea is limited to the Daewoo brand, which GM acquired in 2002 under the guise, GM Daewoo Auto & Technology. The brand, although recognizable, is now set to be phased out in March of this year and replaced by… you guessed it, Chevrolet. According to Mike Arcamone, President and CEO of GM Daewoo,

“This important new brand strategy is designed to strengthen our commitment to the Korean market, recognizing it as one of the strongest-performing countries within GM’s global operations. We are well positioned to bring one of the world’s iconic brands to Korea,”

The launch of Chevrolet in Korea is a move that will not only bring more notoriety to the brand overseas, but it will allow GM to infiltrate the Korean market more than ever before. For the 2011 Chevrolet is set to aggressively launch eight new models including the new Camaro, Aveo compact, a premium midsized sedan and an SUV.

“Not only are we giving Korean consumers more vehicle choices than ever before, but in order to ensure Chevrolet’s long-term success in the domestic market, we are totally redesigning our dealerships, A/S networks and sales networks so that customers will be able to enjoy Chevrolet’s award-winning dealership experience and service,” said Arcamone. “Our main goal is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Read the full press release over at GM.com.

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