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Chevrolet Releases Two New Corvette Concepts at SEMA.

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Chevrolet Corvette Z06X

As most of you know SEMA 2010 is going on this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and with that comes the release of concept cars from around the country. Chevrolet is coming out of their corner swinging by releasing two new Corvette concepts that are sure to make Vette’ fans the world over stop and take notice. First is the 2011 Corvette Z06X track car, a car that should have been released years ago. Go to any track day around the country and I can almost guarantee that you’ll see more Corvette’s there than any other car. It seems that Chevrolet has finally realized this because the Z06X has its sights dead set on those enthusiasts.

GM’s Press Release States:

The Z06X concept is based on the Corvette Z06 with the 1LZ equipment package, along with the Z07 Performance Package and CFZ Carbon Fiber Package. The 2011 Z06 with the Z07 package creates the lightest production Corvette and includes carbon ceramic brakes and Magnetic Ride Control, while the CFZ package offers body components that enhance aerodynamic down force on the race track, including a front splitter.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06X

The Z06X Concept features competition-oriented modifications including: an adjustable carbon fiber rear wing, a polycarbonate rear window, roll cage, racing seat and safety harness, racing wheels, suspension enhancements – including coil-over struts with fully adjustable camber plates – racing-spec cooling system and more. The radio, carpeting and sound-deadening material are also removed.

Chevrolet Corvette Jake Edition

The next Corvette concept is the “Jake Edition”, a car that has its roots more embedded in Corvette symbolism than its harder Z06X brother.

“The Corvette Jake Edition is a Grand Sport Coupe, with Z06 wheels featuring the Competition Gray finish. The matte Jake hood graphic from the GT1 commemorative model adds a subtle visual statement, while a host of other accessories round out the car’s unique appearance. Most of the parts added to this special Grand Sport are available today as Genuine Corvette Accessories or through any Chevrolet dealer’s parts department.”

Chevrolet Corvette Jake Edition

Both of these new Corvette concepts are sure to spark some serious interest in the sports car community, because pound for pound dollar for dollar, there’s no better sports car on the market than the Chevrolet Corvette.

Source: Insideline.com

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2 Responses

  1. JFCost says:

    Two BIG thumbs up on the Jake Corvette!! That just looks mean! Sounds like plenty of strong car accessories to go with too! This ain’t no cartoon mobile here – but the real thing! Thanks for the info on it!

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