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Check-out the Geely GT Concept Teaser Ahead of 2008’s Bejing Auto Show

Posted in Auto Show, Cars, Concept Cars, General by will bee | March 27th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

GeelyGT-1a.jpg picture by willfusion

The Chinese auto maker Greely has released some teaser picks onto the web for their Greely GT Concept that is headed for the 2008 Bejing Auto Show. Other than the two picks assembled below not many other details have escaped to give anyone a clue as to what to expect of the car. However, the two snapshots available reveal some very smooth lines and some exaggerated rear tail-lights.

The grill of the Greely GT Concept is reminiscent of the Suzuki Kizashi 1 concept in that it is both grand in size and gives the impression of a super-hero crest. The long hood and open grill gives room for speculation of a stout engine package, but that is purely the mind filling in where no information is available.

Check out the photos after the leap and judge for yourself.

GeelyGT-1.jpg picture by willfusion

GeelyGT-2.jpg picture by willfusion

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