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Check Out in (Green) Style: Toyota Prius Hearse by Lequios

Posted in car modifications, Conversion Kits, Emissions, Environment, Hybrid, Hybrid Technologies, Toyota by Alex Kierstein | June 29th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

hearse exterior

It’s your last auto ride on the planet, most likely, so why make a CO2-spewing statement that you don’t care if the glaciers melt all over the living? Forget that plush Caddy hearse … you need a Prius! Lequios has come to the rescue of eco-funeral lovers everywhere by producing this $80,000 stretched hybrid. They’ve added 77 inches, for a total length of just over 21 feet, and hundreds of pounds of weight – and yet, the intact hybrid drivetrain will still get your mortician a very respectible 44 MPG.

hearse interior better

No word on top speed or performance, but we’re going to go out on a limb here and guess it’ll be slower than just about any other hearse on the planet. Who cares about speed though when you are going out in such green style? By the way, sorry about the cheesy photoshopped images that were provided by the manufacturer. We are aware that the photo above showing the interior is of Lequios’ Mercedes S-Class hearse’s interior … it seems that the manufacturer just wants to illustrate what the Prius hearse’s interior will probably look like.

[Source: Inventorspot]

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