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Chances of Surviving a Carectomy Appear Slim in much of the US

Posted in General, Tips, Traffic by will bee | April 14th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

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The Environmental minds over at EcoGeekare running a series to encourage drivers and commuters to serious consider a Carectomy; or to at least study whether a Carectomy could fit into a part of their lives. …Not exactly a topic car aficionado’s discuss easily. In their series they discuss some of the savings and Environmental impacts of leaving your vehicle behind and seeking out cleaner ways to get to where we need to go. Alternative¬†transportation such as mass transit, walking and biking are offered up in place of the four-wheeled means by which most Americans commute from their non-urban homes to their places of employment. They also envision a reclaiming of the Urban city by homes and families as a means to reduce the necessity of commuting.

Like many Americans who live in rural areas or cities that do not qualify as metropolis’s there are some difficulties to taking on the Carectomy. A lack of sidewalks and safe biking roads can be treacherous for pedestrians, and for many smaller areas there is a complete lack of Mass Transit. However, with that said, a Carectomy should be of some consideration. Maybe not a complete carectomy, but a partial one by many would at least be a start.

So we are asking you…¬† Are their areas in your life, whether it is the work commute or a trip to the store, where cleaner, alternative transportation’s can replace the need for your car or SUV? What is the state of Mass Transit in your community? Could you survive a Carectomy? And at what point would the price of gas force upon you a partial Carectomy?


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