What’s Parked In Your Garage?

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Can you think of a better home security system?

Caught between selling off the toys to pay the mortgage and keeping up with your neighbors? Are you the former poster child for conspicuous consumption? A company in Munich, Germany may have just what you need.

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Getting Snow Off Of Your Car…The Long Way

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We all dread the morning after the weather channel predicts “The Storm of The Century”. Who wants to get up twenty minutes earlier than usual just to get the snow off of your car to make your drive to work possible. It’s cold and wet outside so we just do a mediocre job of getting the snow off and rush back inside for a cup of coffee.  But everyone has their own technique of getting the snow off the car. Most of us just use a brush or a broom to push the snow off but this guy’s method by far the best yet. If you have any better ideas let us now.

Minnesota Vikings & ALA Team Up To Reward Flex Fuel Vehicles

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In what can best be described as an extremely odd move, the Minnesota Vikings and the American Lung Association have joined forces to reward drivers of flex-fuel vehicles. During Viking’s home games, fans with vehicles capable of running on both ethanol (E85) and gasoline will be given complimentary parking in the coveted Gold Lot at 401 4th Street South. Unfortunately, lot capacity and budget concerns mean only the first 25 FFV will be able to take advantage of the premium parking, all others will have to fork over the standard $40 fee. Read More…

PSA: Two Bottles of Whiskey and a Rolls = Trouble

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RR 1

You order a bedroom set for your son, but when it arrives, the mattress you thought would be included in the deal is missing. What do you do? If you’re Robert Caton of Hampshire, UK, you guzzle two bottles of cheap whiskey, hop in your ‘83 Rolls-Royce, and plow through the store in a drunken, poorly conceived rampage. Oh, and not on the first try either – he made two unsuccessful attempts to raze the store before finally succeeding in careening the Roller through the window, causing roughly $100,000 worth of damage. Read More…

Arsonist Targets Cars in San Francisco

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<i>Save the poor, defenseless cars!</i>

Save the poor, defenseless cars!

At least a dozen cars have been set ablaze in San Francisco over the last few days, a city where few residents actually have garages to hide their cars. SF is notorious for having many more cars than parking spots, and residents have already been getting the shaft lately as SF steps up parking enforcement due to the economic downturn. Now, on top of the scarcity of parking and the cost of frequent tickets, your car might get torched. Lovely!

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Road Rage in the Parking Lot of Walmart: ‘Ornery B’ Don’t Take No Backtalk

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Sixty-seven year old Charlie Bruener and his wife Donna were driving down US-27 in Alexandria, Kentucky, when they say they were cut off by 82 year old Beecher Davis. Unfortunately for the Bruener’s, they would soon find out that Mr. Davis is the most ornery old man in the great state of Kentucky.

According to the Charlie Bruener, Mr. Davis followed them down US-27 until they pulled over in a Walmart parking lot, at which point Mrs. Bruener called 911. Mr. Davis then revealed his well earned title of “Most Ornery Octogenarian in Kentucky” by getting out of his van and approaching the Bruener’s car huffing and puffing mightily.

Read on for the conclusion:
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Homeless Man Vandalizes Cop Car, With Predictable Results

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In Frederick, Maryland, 22-year old deadbeat Robert Jenifer was arrested by police after several officers observed him heave a cinder block through the windshield of a cruiser parked outside the station. Apparently aware that vandalizing a police vehicle in plain sight of several armed police officers is usually a good way to ensure you’ll get caught, Jenifer admitted to the authorities that he committed the crime because he was “tired of having no food or home.” Obviously abandoning the renegade concept of “getting a job,” Jenifer elected to seek shelter at the local county jail where the police were more than happy to accommodate him. Read More…

“This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb” Clears TN Airport, Makes Us Hate Kids Even More

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At Memphis International Airport, a bicycle sporting a sticker reading “This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb” parked outside of Terminal C was spotted by an airline pilot and reported to the authorities under suspicion of terrorist activity. After evacuating the area and summoning the K-9 unit to investigate for explosives, police determined that the bike was not an explosive, but, rather, just another counter-culture punk rock band attempting to be edgy and unique. According to reports, “This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb” is an underground band based in Pensacola, Florida, whose stickers have caused similar bomb scares at college campuses and public buildings across the U.S. Read More…

NYC Traffic Police Agent Gives Santa A Ticket In Front Of Children

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Apparently even Santa isn’t immune from the long, revenue collecting arm of the New York City traffic police. On Black Friday, retired teacher and community organizer Chip Cafiero was delivering toys to kids in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn dressed as Santa Claus, when one of the cars in his Santa convoy was issued a $115 dollar ticket for being double parked.

Cafiero was actually was riding a horse-drawn carriage, handing out toys and candy canes to area children. The vehicle that was ticketed was a Chevy Suburban that held the toys and protected the horse from traffic.

Cafiero said “The kids started crying: ‘That’s Santa’s car! That’s Santa’s car!’ But this grinch just went ahead and fined me anyways. Talk about a complete lack of Christmas spirit. I stood up and yelled, ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ real loud to get her attention, but she just looked at me and scanned my car.”

An NYPD spokesman refused to comment.
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Cadillac Escalade ESV Named Most Stolen Car of 2008

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A study recently published by the Highway Data Loss Institute of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (motto: “We Order Everything In Tan”) found that nine of the 10 vehicles most highly coveted by Americans are produced by Detroit. Of course, by “10 vehicles most highly coveted by Americans”, I mean “10 vehicles most frequently stolen by Americans,” but I digress.

The list, which only covers vehicles from the 2005-2007 model years, determines a vehicle’s ranking based on the number of theft claims per thousand vehicles insured. Who claimed the number one spot? Read More…