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10 Used Convertibles for under 20K

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2002 Porsche Boxster

The last convertible I had was in 1993. It was a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado that was fire engine red with white leather interior. Saying that I felt like a pimp in that thing would be an understatement, but when the top was down and that 501 cu inch big block was humming, life was good. For many motorists owning a convertible is a way of life. They provide us with unrestricted open air freedom while at the same time letting us tan up for the upcoming summer months. Just about any new drop top your going to come across is going to cost you well north of the $25,000 mark which got me thinking about what could be had for a bit cheaper. Below is a listing of 10 wonderful used convertibles that range in price from $12,000-$20,000. They’re all good to look at, provide one with the latest and greatest in safety features and can be had at these prices with around 25,000 miles on the clock. So, if you’re in the market for a new used car, sans the roof, click through and take a look at what you could be driving around in this summer.
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Teen Driver Safety: An Absolute Must!

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Teen Driver Safety
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I was recently speaking with a buddy of mine who was in the market for a used car for his 17 year old daughter. He was asking me about not only what I thought he should get her, but why. We talked about safety, performance, size, economy and reliability. Basically all the mainstays that anyone would want to know about. Since we were talking about a 17 year old girl, the first thing that came to his mind was how to prevent her from texting while driving. My answer… get her a car with a manual transmission. For some reason this never entered his mind, but when I said it you could see the light bulb go off in his head. If you’ve got one hand on the wheel and the other on the gear lever, then the probability of you texting someone goes down exponentially.
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What would you buy for $1000?

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Toyota Tercel

Prices for premium fuel are bouncing over $4.25 here in the Northeast, which means I’m seriously considering picking up a fuel efficient beater car to have as a daily driver. I’m looking at everything from used Toyota Tercel’s to Honda Accord’s and everything in between. There is however one major catch – my budget is $1000.00. Obviously a 1k budget eliminates anything that one would consider to be “nice”, but as I already have a nice car, I’m not too worried about its looks. What I am concerned with however is how the car runs and has it been serviced regularly. Now some of you may be thinking that you can’t find a good car for $1000.00, but I completely disagree. In fact I’m betting I can find a good old lady car for a G-note right in my neighborhood if I look hard enough.
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Consumer Reports 2011 Best Used Cars For Teens

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Consumer Reports Cars for Teens

Consumer Reports is one of the few publications that helps keep us on the straight and narrow when it comes to buying everyday items. They review everything from toasters to automobiles and in doing so help us make educated decisions when purchasing everyday products. Their automobile reviews in particular are very good, as they’re not beholden to sponsors or manufacturers. Recently they put together a list of the best used cars that you can purchase for your teenager, while at the same time interjecting some very helpful hints that some parents may overlook. For example, it’s always better to purchase a later model car with updated safety features such as multiple airbags and stability control. Look for cars that are reasonably powerful, but not overly so. For instance a powerful car (especially for young men) can encourage speeding and is not recommended. They also recommend striking mini-vans and SUV’s from your list, citing that a bus load of teenagers is never a good thing, something that I wholeheartedly agree with.
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Top 10 Used Car Buying Tips

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So you’re not the type to buy or lease a new vehicle, and even “Certified Pre-Owned” cars are more coin than you’re willing to part with. So, Mr. Cash-and-carry, how can you avoid getting ripped off when buying a used car? There are no absolutes, and even well respected manufacturers build lemons from time to time, but here are my top ten pointers for buying a good used car at a fair price:

1) Know EXACTLY what you want. Don’t shop for a “sporty car” or a “sedan” or a “pickup truck”. Shop for a 2000 to 2005 Mazda Miata, or a 2001 – 2003 VW Passat or a 1997 – 2000 Ford F150. If you stay focused, you are less likely to be lured into buying a car you have NOT done research on just because it appears to be cleaner or in better shape. Focus, people!

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Used Car Demand Is Up, And Prices Follow

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Just a few years back, owning a used car was a hassle when it came time to buy a new one. You could try to sell it yourself by posting an ad online or in the local paper, and hope that an interested buyer would come along. This usually got you more money, but the sales process could take weeks (or even longer if you were selling an unpopular model). On the flip side, you could trade it in on your new vehicle, but most dealerships only offered a fraction of what the internet guides told you it was worth. The choices seemed to be bad (be patient and sell it yourself) or worse (take far less than what your car was worth at a dealer). Times have changed, and the demand for used cars is currently exceeding supply.

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Volkswagen Ad Reminds You To Beware Of Little Old Ladies

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Think you’re getting a “lightly used” car, just because you’re buying it from a little old lady? Never heard the Jan & Dean tune, “The Little Old Lady From Pasadena?” Just remember that all those kindly grandmother types may not be what they appear. Take the guy that signed off on my competition license way back when – Les Gaylord was in his seventies then, and looked like any other retiree. You’d mistake him for an easy marque on the track at your own peril, since the guy still had track records at a lot of the SCCA approved tracks in the Western U.S. Lesson learned? Old doesn’t necessarily translate into slow. A tip of the hat goes to Fireball Tim Lawrence for finding this one!

The Nicest Fox Bodied Saleen Mustang On The Planet

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1988 Saleen Mustang

If you have a thing for Fox bodied Mustangs and you’re a fan of Steve Saleen, head on over to Bring A Trailer or eBay for the rundown on what has to be the nicest early Saleen Mustang left in existence. It’s only racked up 7,100 miles, it’s never seen rain or snow, it’s only been through two owners and get this: it’s completely stock. No blower, no upgraded exhaust, no cold air intake; this car is just as it left the Saleen factory in March of 1988. It’s even got the original tires, although I’m not sure I’d want to drive very far (or particularly fast) on them.

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The Germans Rate Used Car Reliability

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2005 Porsche 911 Carerra S

A 2005 911 is a solid used car.

If you’ve ever spent time in Germany, or dealt with German manufacturing companies, you know TÜV. The technical inspection association is sort of a cross between Underwriter’s Laboratories, Consumer Reports, the NHTSA and your state DMV. TÜV certifies everything from electrical appliances to cars, and they’re responsible for the dreaded annual road inspections that German drivers must endure. Unlike America, where the elimination of state inspection programs means that the guy next to you is driving on bald tires, with no brakes, German drivers must maintain their cars. Tires worn? Brake pads in need of replacing? You won’t be driving your car until it’s made safe to operate. What a concept.

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Bring A Trailer Find: 1986 Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6 Turbo Is 1 Of 35 Built

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Sometimes you develop this strange and unholy attraction to things that aren’t good for you. For some people that’s drugs, for others it’s livestock or midget transvestites. For me, it’s mid-80s Alfa Romeo GTV6s. I’m really not sure why; a neighbor in college owned one, and I remember thinking that it was a cool car. Still, they were overpriced, underpowered and not at all known for their reliability, so the GTV never made my “must own” list back then.

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