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Gearing Up For Gumball 3000

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The Gumball 3000 is fast approaching and this years rally is going to be nothing short of epic. Starting in London with stops in Paris, Barcelona, Monaco, Venice, Belgrade, Sofia, and with the final stop in Istanbul, participants can expect full VIP treatment, a seat at the Monaco Grand Prix and the adventure of a lifetime. I had one of the most memorable experiences in 2009 when I joined the rally while it was taking place here in the United States from Santa Monica, CA to Miami, FL. This eight day, eight country, 3000 mile adventure is a mixture of pure adrenaline and one hundred percent exhaustion. It’s also something I would recommend to any car enthusiast to add to their bucket list.
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Levi LaVallee Performs World Record Snowmobile Jump.

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Back in the day daredevils like Evel Knievel would push the boundaries of distance jumps with everything from automobiles to motorcycles. Over the last 30 years though stunt jockeys have evolved, and with that so have the stunts themselves. Last year for instance X-Games superstar and Red Bull rally driver Travis Pastrana decided that he could jump a Subaru STI from a pier in Long Beach, CA onto a floating barge. He cleared 269 feet with that jump and from that moment on, upped the ante for all others to follow. We are now closing in on 2011 and this year Red Bull has returned, but this time with a snow mobile and rider Levi LaVallee at the controls. LeVallee was supposed to make a jump on December 31, but unfortunately due to an injury that happened shortly after this video, that won’t be happening. The above video shows LaVallee setting a new distance record of 361-feet (on a practice run), a distance that surpasses the existing record by 60-feet. The most amazing thing about this video is that LaVallee’s actual air-time is over 8-seconds long, which is simply astonishing.


Are You a Competitor?

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If you’ve ever been in any type of speed based event, then you’ll understand when I say that every second counts. Winners and losers are defined in some cases by mere milliseconds, a time frame that most think of as inconsequential. As a racer you must learn when to be aggressive, when to lay back and when to ring out every last ounce of power and skill that you possess. Racing, regardless of the type, takes vision, drive and determination and is something that not all of us excel at. Before a race you have to ask yourself one simple question – Are you willing to put everything on the line to win? If you’re answer is yes then you are a racer, but if you hesitate, even for a second, you have no business being in competition. The above video is wonderful example of the drive that it takes to be considered as a competitor.


Heikki Kovalainen Crashes Audi R8 at Race of Champions.

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The Race of Champions is an event that brings together some of the best race car drivers from around the globe and pits them against each other in a one-of-a-kind, head to head event. Being invited to compete in the ROC is a pretty big honor, so it’s no surprise to see competitors running at full tilt during the event. Sometimes though accidents happen, as was the case with Formula 1 driver Heikki Kovalainen and his race prepped Audi R8. Kovalainen was running against reigning WRC Champion Sebastian Loeb when his Audi suffered a suspension failure coming out of a tight left hand corner, thus forcing him into the barriers. When Kovalainen made contact with the barriers they exploded in a pretty spectacular fashion that no doubt pissed off organizers but delighted fans everywhere. The poor R8 was pretty much wiped out during the crash as was any ego that Heikki Kovalainen may have had before the race.


Vaughn Gittin Jr. show us his shaft at Irwindale.

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MONSTER DRIFT>> Final Fight: Part 1

To a car guy, watching guys like Vaughn Gittin Jr. flog a Ford Mustang around a drift circuit is pretty similar to watching porn. It gets us all excited, and even though we’d like to think we could handle ourselves that way we know deep down that we’ve got no shot. One thing that I’ve never seen in a drift video, or any other video for that matter is the use of a camera mounted on the steering shaft. Sure it can make you a bit dizzy, but it also shows us exactly how much fancy foot work Vaughn Gittin Jr. is doing to keep those back wheels spinning. Also notice the amount of steering input needed to accomplish a drift like this, as that steering wheel doesn’t stop moving for even a nanosecond. Say what you will, but no matter how you look at it there is no denying that Mr. Gitten is a master at his craft.


Travis Pastrana pokes fun at Nascar and himself…

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Travis Pastrana better have a good sense of humor since he’s heading right smack dabb into one of the most competitive forms of motor racing out there – NASCAR. In his new Nascar launch video, the X-games Champion and all around stunt jockey decides to poke not only a little fun at himself, but at the sport for which he’s about to enter. With “DON’T GO RIGHT” and “WHEN DO I GET TO BACK FLIP THIS THING?” emblazoned on his car, Pastrana shows that he’s definitely ready to take some good old fashion ribbing from the drivers as well as the fans when he makes his presence known during the 2011 season. It’s going to be interesting to see if Travis can transition his freestyle driving style to a sport which is much more regimented. Check out for more information and press releases.


Pastrana’s Final Run With Subaru.

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Yep, it’s true. Travis Pastrana has signed a deal with Michael Waltrip’s NASCAR team to drive in the Nationwide Series. It’s a bold move for this do-it-all competitor, but one that should surprise no one. Before hanging up his Subaru rally uniform though, Pastrana competed in rounds 3 and 4 of the U.S. Rallycross Championship on the Lightning course at New Jersey Motorsports Park. For those of you who are unaware, Rallycross is racing on a mixed variety of surfaces (dirt, tarmac and gravel) on an enclosed course in modified production based rally cars. Pastrana is an automotive personality that brings life to any genre of motor sport that he participates in, this is why I’m so curious to see how he will fare in NASCAR. I’m not sure as of yet if die-hard fans and drivers will embrace or repel Pastrana’s happy-go-lucky attitude. Time will be the deciding factor in that equation. Either way though, the above video kicks ass, so enjoy watching Pastrana as he puts on his Subaru suit one last time.


Travis Pastrana in NASCAR?

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Wow… talk about being able to write your own ticket. Most people first got introduced to the world of Travis Pastrana at the X-Games in 1999 when he wowed the planet by winning the MotoX Freestyle competition. He’s since competed in every X-Games to date, run in the ROC (Race of Champions) and was contracted in 2006 by Subaru to run their rally car. Now in a move that has even me surprised, Pastrana is going to try his hat at running in NASCAR of all things. Apparently he’s left the world of back woods rallying to possibly become a part of Michael Waltrip’s NASCAR team where he’d drive in the Nationwide Series. Seriously, this kids got more talent in his left big toe than I’ve got in my whole body. Currently NASCAR is struggling to retain its fan base, as over the last few years the sport has lost quite a bit of its luster. Infusing a bit of Travis Pastrana into the mix may just be the ticket to bringing a little flash and dash back to the big oval.


Corvette ZR1 Hoonage: By Juan Pablo Montoya

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Juan Pablo Montoya is one of those guys who was probably born with a steering wheel in his hands. The guy is a Monaco Grand Prix Champion, Nascar driver and Indy 500 winner, so when it comes to wheeling a car around a race track and getting the most out of it, this is the guy to talk to. The video here is of Juan (that’s right, I’ll just call him Juan) kicking the ever-loving-snot out of a Corvette ZR1 at GM’s proving grounds in Milford, Michigan. As you’re watching the video make sure to take a look at his handy work behind the wheel. Look at his hand placement, listen to him ask his passenger “Why are you sweating?”, but most of all listen to him giggle… you see that right there is the telltale sign that you are driving an amazing automobile. Some snobby enthusiasts may rag on the Corvette ZR1 because the seats suck (and they do) and because it has somewhat of a sub-par interior. Those things aside though, this car is one of the best super cars on the planet today, period.


Former Nascar Driver Arrested in High Speed Chase.

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Meet James Neal, he’s the former Nascar driver and nimrod that tried to outrun the police in Los Angeles. Apparently Neal had retired from Nascar back in 1987 after racing at the old (and now closed) Ascot Park track in Gardena, CA. It’s also apparent that he thought he still had the chops to allude some of L.A.’s finest by taking them on a 140 mph high speed chase through parts of Southern California. Who knows, with his background Neal may have actually gotten away with it had it not been for the engine in his 2003 Corvette blowing sky high.

On Tuesday Neal pleaded guilty to felony evasion while driving recklessly and will spend a month in the clink plus 3 years probation. Guess he should have had that sucker tuned up before he decided to run.

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