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What’s the coolest car from your birth year?

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1972 Lamborghini Miura SV

If you were born within the last 100 years then you’ve got no excuse for not participating in this. I was thinking back to the different cars I’ve had over the years and began to wonder about the cars produced in the year I was born. For some of us, this means going back along way, but for others, hell, you could have been born in 1994 and still qualify. I popped into this world in 1972, a year that marked the beginning of emissions control, higher fuel costs and low horsepower ratings. That meant that even though it was the beginning of the end for the high-horsepower muscle cars, there were still some rockin’ exotics out there roaming the streets. One car that I’ve been infatuated with since I popped out of the womb was the 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV, a car that when new sold for the low low price of $23,000 (that’s $119,982 in today’s economy).
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Texas Tuner Builds Masterpiece Tribute of Forgetten Gullwing.

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GWA Ciento Once Prototype

Back in 1969 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz came out with a concept car that was simply jaw dropping. Called the C111, the car was an experimental coupe that pushed the boundaries of both design and engineering. It utilized a slippery wedge shape, gull-wing doors and was powered not by a traditional V8 engine, but a Wankel Rotary that produced 280 hp. This was good enough to rocket the car to a top speed of over 160 mph and from 0-60 mph in about 5-seconds. Alas the C111 was never meant to be, as Mercedes-Benz only utilized the car as a study for future technologies such as glass-fiber-reinforced plastics and aerodynamics.
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Ferrari to Build AWD Shooting Brake?

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Ferrari Shooting Brake

If you follow Ferrari and Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo, then you know that not long ago the company was toying with the idea of bringing an SUV to market. The initial problem was that Ferrari was having a difficult time figuring out how to make a full-size SUV fit the “Ferrari” image. Montezemolo has a goal of transforming Ferrari by introducing a new car to the public that is different from anything yet produced by the brand. The new car is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in a few months, but as yet nobody outside Ferrari really knows exactly what it will be. Rumors speculate that an all-wheel-drive Shooting Brake will replace the now aging 612 Scaglietti, thus shaking up what we all know to be Ferrari in a traditional sense.
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The 10 Most Expensive Cars, According To Forbes

2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

The Bugatti Super Sport tops the list.

If you ever see me giving stock tips on RideLust, be afraid. I’m not a “play the stock market” kind of guy, and every spare dollar I’ve ever made has gone into cars, bikes, racing or travel (usually centered around cars, bikes or racing). With that in mind, you have a certain right to be skeptical when Forbes publishes a list of the most expensive cars. First, it’s only a snapshot in time, as new supercars are introduced every year. Next, there’s no clarification on where the prices are from, so I assume they’re a manufacturer’s list price, translated in to U.S. dollars. That’s hardly an accurate representation, as cars typically sell for higher prices in the EU than they do in the United States. Finally, any car’s price is based on supply and demand: since the entire run of Bugatti Veyron Super Sports has been spoken for, good luck finding one at the list price of $2.6 million.

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Vehicular Highlights of 2010: Ridelust Style.

Ridelust End of Year

Over the past year both Kurt and myself have done our best to bring you guys the best that the automotive world has to offer. We’ve attended shows, reviewed loads of cars and have even managed to have a little fun along the way. The best part about what we do though are the emails, comments and feedback that we receive from our readers. For instance, if for some reason we stumble, we know damn well that you guys are going to nail us to the wall for it. Same goes if we have strong opinions about certain subject matters or if we throw some humor your way. Our goal is to make Ridelust.com a place where you guys can come, hangout and enjoy everything that the mechanized world has to offer and for 2011 I promise that it’s only going to get better. Below is quick listing of 5 of my favorite highlights from 2010… enjoy.
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New Rumors: 2012 Porsche 911

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2012 Porsche 911

Spy photo’s of the upcoming 2012 Porsche 911 have been floating around for awhile now. The new car is set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011 and will mark the seventh generation of Porsche’s fabled super car. Details are still somewhat scarce, but according to WorldCarFans.com the new car is said to possess some pretty substantial changes over its predecessor. From what we can see in the photos Porsche looks to have updated the front end with smaller headlamps and fog lamps similar to those found on the current generation 911 Turbo. The car is also said to be 2.2-inches longer and .5-inches lower at the roof line as well.
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Ferrari 458 Video Is Car Porn As Only The Italians Could Film It

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Slow, panning shots of the Ferrari 458 Italia, from multiple angles. Footage of the car in red, white, yellow or two-toned paint. Scenes of carbon fiber panels being manufactured, coupled with close-up shots of carbon fiber panels. Beauty shots of the leather and Alcantara seats, which blend the ultimate in comfort with the ultimate in support for aggressive driving. All set to a soothing electronic soundtrack, guaranteed not to offend anyone. Technically, it’s a video that shows the customization options available to buyers of the Ferrari 458 Italia, but we know better. This is car porn, solo car porn to be exact, and it doesn’t get better than this.

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What’s your favorite Ferrari?

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1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

As an automobile enthusiast I think that it’s almost impossible not to like Ferrari’s. The history, craftsmanship and sheer beauty that these automobiles possess tends to make them the envy of every other manufacturer out there. Enzo Ferrari had a simple philosophy when it came to building cars, that being that there should always be one fewer car available than what the market is demanding. This not only kept his cars exclusive, but always kept them in the public eye. The other thing to consider is that Ferrari, like most other manufacturers has evolved over time. Body styles, engine configurations and electronics have pushed Ferrari into the new age and with that have helped them gain an entirely new generation of followers. When my buddies and I get together we always talk about our favorite cars and what we’d one day like to own and that got me thinking. If I could go out and own only one Ferrari, price and year not being a consideration, what would it be?
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Bring A Trailer Find: 1986 Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6 Turbo Is 1 Of 35 Built

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Sometimes you develop this strange and unholy attraction to things that aren’t good for you. For some people that’s drugs, for others it’s livestock or midget transvestites. For me, it’s mid-80s Alfa Romeo GTV6s. I’m really not sure why; a neighbor in college owned one, and I remember thinking that it was a cool car. Still, they were overpriced, underpowered and not at all known for their reliability, so the GTV never made my “must own” list back then.

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Ferrari 458 GT2 is Coming For You

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This is the Ferrari 458 GT2 and it’s coming for your soul. The harrowing image of the rip-snorting stallion appeared on the Net a few days ago and is currently striking fear into the heart of GT2 racers everywhere. According to sources close to the company, the demon-horse was recently unleashed on Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, where it howled and screamed for blood.

Source: Autorevolution, Axis of Oversteer

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