Pismo Beast Buggy is 15,000 lbs. of AWESOME!

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It’s not too often that I am in awe of home built vehicles. This one however, called the “Pismo Beast Buggy” is just too cool though. The Beast Buggy started life as A FL120 Diesel truck that was transformed over time into a Mad Max-esque beach crawler the likes of which I have never seen before. A massive diesel engine powers its two monster truck size rear wheels, and with passenger accommodations for 8 people, this sucker can go just about anywhere. I think the best part though are the massive twin stacks that belch out black smoke every time the accelerator is hit. Hell, I’m intimidated just watching it on video for God’s sake. I have to say that this is truly one of the coolest home built off-road monsters that I have ever witnessed.

Source: Youtube.com

Navistar Hit With Lawsuits Over Ford PowerStroke Diesel Engine

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The 6.4 liter Navistar engine (above) is not included in the lawsuits.

A buddy of mine used to be a service manager at one of the country’s largest Ford dealerships. “The PowerStroke diesels built by Navistar,” he used to tell me, “will put my kids through college.” He was the first to advise people against buying anything with the Navistar-sourced 6.0 liter (or later, 6.4 liter) diesel engine, which has already been the subject of litigation between Ford and Navistar. Owners of Navistar-engined vehicles apparently agree with Ford, and have filed suit against Navistar in California, Utah, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. The plaintiff in the lawsuit is seeking class-action status, based on the fact that Navistar knowingly built engines with design and manufacturing defects. The lawsuit covers 6.0 liter diesel engines used in Ford trucks between 2003 and 2007, and does not (yet) include 6.4 liter Navistar engined vehicles.

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Volkswagen: Please Build Us A Camper On This Platform

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The VW Transporter Rockton. Photo: Carscoop

This is the VW Transporter Rockton, a beefier, off-road version of their standard Transporter. It sports a turbo diesel motor (with 140 HP or 180 HP options), a Haldex all wheel drive system with locking rear differential, an increased ride height and a reinforced suspension. If that isn’t good enough for you, VW also offers an Expedition package and a Protective package for even more serious off-road capabilities.

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Oshkosh Light Concept Vehicle Tackles the Baja 1000

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Oshkosh has been making tactical all-terrain vehicles for the military for years now, ranging from the 72-ton payload hauling Global Het, to their high-speed response and security vehicle, the SandCat. What that means is that Oshkosh is a company that must create, design and innovate to stay current in the ever developing world of advanced military vehicles. One such creation, the Oshkosh Light Concept, recently competed in the 43rd Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 and did so with the mission of showing off their latest serial diesel-electric ProPulse hybrid drive configuration.
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GM Takes Charge with Allison & Duramax: Perfect Together.

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Car companies are great at making fun of themselves. For years they’ve had a tongue and cheek attitude towards their cars and are generally great at throwing a little humor into the mix. GM has now released a new ad campaign for their new HD Silverado pick-up trucks that includes the comic talents of Patrick Warburton (Max), and Craig Robinson (Al). Two large personalities that fit perfectly with GM’s new ideas for their heavy duty trucks equipped with the new Duramax diesel V8 engine and Allison transmission.
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Audi Bucks The Trend, Will Bring More Diesels To The U.S.

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Audi A3 TDI

The Audi A3 TDI

Americans hate diesels, the automakers tell us. Diesels won’t sell on these shores, they say, because the price of diesel fuel isn’t cheaper than the price of gasoline. Worse, diesel-motored cars cost more than their gasoline counterparts, and we Americans are a stingy lot when it comes to buying sensible transportation. Forget diesels, we’re told, and instead embrace the variety of hybrids that automakers will soon begin forcing on us to ensure CAFE compliance.

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Armored Limo Says, ‘Bring On The Zombie Apocalypse’

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One of the big problems with the coming zombie apocalypse is that you never know when it’s going to go down. When it does, are you going to watch it from your boarded up home? What happens when the power goes out? When the radio stations go down, how will you get your news? What if you could cruise the streets of your ruined city in style, knocking back a gin and tonic in air-conditioned comfort with up to 24 of your family and friends?

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Emission Regulations For Trucks Announced

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Image: morgueFile

The EPA and the NHTSA have announced emission regulations for medium and heavy duty trucks, ranging from heavy-duty pickups through semis. The regulations are the first of their kind, and require new standards to be met by 2018; the first changes go into effect in 2014. Since there isn’t a fair way to set MPG standards across the board for commercial and non-commercial trucks, the new regulations focus on grams of CO2 emitted per ton-mile.

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2010 VW Passat BlueMotion Diesel Goes 1,531 Miles On A Single Tank

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My brother in law lives near West Palm Beach, FL, and every summer he does the trek to the family cabin outside of Traverse City, MI. It’s about 1,525 miles each way, and if he owned a VW Passat BlueMotion diesel, he could make the trip without stopping for fuel. If, that is, the Passat BlueMotion diesel were available in the United States.

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This is what happens when your engine goes KABOOM!!

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Unless you’re into drag racing, road course work or very high performance engines the likely hood of you actually witnessing an engine grenade is very slim. For the guys that build these mills and then test them though, well, they’ve probably seen more of these babies go “pop” then they’d care to discuss. Keep in mind that the tight tolerances used to build today’s engines are so precise that if the specs are off by just a few millimeters bad things can happen. Take this big turbo diesel for example. Once the dyno testing ensues and some considerable boost is fed in, this thing goes BOOM in a very big way. Now just imagine yourself driving down the road and this happening, it may in fact put a serious damper on your day. Oh and for those of you DIY’er’s out there, it’s going to take more then some JB Weld and duct tape to put this sucker back together.

Source: Streetfire.net