Death Wish

Proof positive that big iron is indeed, big iron.

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There are some jobs in this world that I simply have no desire to try out. Heart surgeon is one, and the other is a big crane operator. It seems that every time I see one of these things they’re either falling down, toppling over, or inflicting damage on some sort of expensive structure. Now I know that we need these things, but lets face it, this has to be one of the most dangerous jobs out there. This particular incident took place in Auckland, New Zealand and occurred when this 200 tonne crane attempted to lift a new piece of bridge structure into place. Apparently the crane was placed on a platform that was specifically designed to handle its immense weight, but rains from the previous evening apparently weakened the underlying embankment thus causing it to give way. Watching the ground let loose under the cranes immense weight is pretty scary, especially when you consider that there is an operator strapped inside.


NYC Speed Limit: Do you know it?

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I’ve lived in New York my whole life and grew-up driving on its potholed riddled streets. I’ve ridden bicycles here, commuted to work via motorcycle on these streets and have even been hit by 3 cars – all of which were cabs. For me driving in New York City is like playing Grand Theft Auto, it’s always fun, yet there is something inherently dangerous about doing it. One thing that I honestly never knew though was what the actual speed limit inside the city was. You see there are no speed limit signs posted anywhere, nor are there generally any rules. If you drive in NYC that means you’d better be in full offensive mode 100% of the time or you’ll get eaten alive. Cabs, ambulances, fire trucks, buses, police cars, commuters, hot dog vendors and cyclists all clog up New York City’s road ways at any given point in the day. Hell, we don’t even use blinkers here because all that does is tip off the guy behind us as to what our next move is going to be. I must say though, now that I know the speed limit is a mere 30 mph, I’ll do my best to keep my driving respectable. It won’t be easy, but in the interest of saving lives, what the hell… I’ll behave.


Are You Fearless Enough To Ride A V8 Skateboard?

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Are You Fearless Enough To Ride A V8 Skateboard?

Tony Hawk will be in Australia for the Telstra 500 in early December. What better way to impress the king of skateboarding than with a V8 powered skateboard, built by V8 Supercars? I’m all for the idea, but I damn near killed myself on a human powered skateboard, and I have a hard and fast rule about not driving anything without a seat and a steering wheel.

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Don’t Let Sheep Theft Happen To You

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Thieves Steal Sheep From Moving Truck – Watch more Funny Videos

As this video demonstrates, sheep theft from moving vehicles is a huge problem in other parts of the world. Sheep transport drivers should beware of roving bandits piloting motorcycles with sidecars, and pay close attention when driving up steep grades. If someone can run faster than you’re driving, your sheep aren’t safe. Sheep theft is a preventable crime if you follow these few simple rules:

– Dump trucks are for hauling dirt and gravel, not livestock.
– If you have to use a dump truck, be sure to use a locking cargo cover.
– Use wheel bearing grease on the tailgate bars and top to prevent boarding.
– Don’t allow motorcycles with sidecars, pickup truck or convertibles to tailgate your truck.

Once taken, sheep are virtually impossible to recover since Lojack doesn’t offer a sheep locator service. Some are stolen for wool, some are stolen for meat and still others are stolen for, um, companionship. Or starring roles in Austrian films that can’t be imported to the United States.


Leave It To The Germans To Hot Rod A Segway

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Let’s say you had a death wish, but wanted to tie your demise to your beloved Segway Human Transporter. You could ride one off a cliff at your country estate, but that’s already been done. Besides, you want to go out in a blaze of glory, and you just can’t do that on a stock Segway. What if you built a hot rod Segway, complete with wheel technology straight out of the 1700s? That should get the job done.

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Natural Selection… IS AWESOME!

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After pondering it for awhile, Meredith had finally come to grips with the realization that her new “extended range vehicle” may not be such a good idea after all.


Red Bull Pulls The Plug On The World’s Highest Skydive

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Felix Baumgartner. Photo: Red Bull

On paper, it sounded like a simple enough concept. Felix Baumgartner, sponsored by Red Bull, would pilot a balloon called “stratos” to an altitude of 120,000 feet. One there, he’d step out of the basket and free fall to a reasonable altitude, breaking the speed of sound on the way down. The list of things that could go wrong was extensive, and none of them seemed like a particularly pleasant way to die. Brain hemorrhage, anyone? How about hypoxia?

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You Just Know This Was A Monday

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Epic Truck Service Fail!!!

I spent a lot of years working at the family garage, and the one thing I was always paranoid about was a hydraulic lift failure. I always made sure the safety catch was out and checked the position of the car on the lift regularly, especially if I was hammering or trying to break a rusted bolt loose. We were also careful enough to not service full size trucks on the single ram lift, but some of the full size cars of the sixties and seventies were probably pushing the same weight. In all the years I worked there, we never really had a close call on the lift, and we never had the kind of epic fail seen here.

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Brake Rotor Explosion: OK Kids, Don’t Try This At Home

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Rotor Burns Until It Explodes – Watch more Funny Videos

Where do I even start with this video? There are so many things that could have ended badly, but fortunately for the guys in the video, nothing went seriously wrong. Until the cast iron rotor exploded, that is, sending red hot shrapnel in all directions and very nearly beheading the cameraman. How would you like to explain to your boss, who owns the garage, why there are chunks of scorched brake rotor embedded in the walls?

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Apparently, “Jackass” Airs In Russia, Too

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100 km/h on the wheel

How much vodka would it take before you thought that riding a tire on a snowy Russian road at 62 miles per hour was a good idea? For me, that would be “a whole bunch”, and I’d probably be face down in the snow before it was time to saddle up. We don’t get snow in northern FL, and it’s been a good, long time since I had the opportunity to play with cars on snow and ice. Do I miss it? About as much as I’d miss a soul crushing, Russian vodka induced hangover.