Call of Duty: Black Ops Jeep Wrangler – Marketing at its Best

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It’s no secret that product placement is prevalent in the world of video games as everything from soft drinks, to aftermarket auto parts are sold here. It used to be that advertisers shied away from games thinking that they wouldn’t capture their core audiences, but boy oh boy how wrong they were. Take this new Jeep Wrangler for example. It was produced in conjunction with Activision to promote the new Call of Duty: Black Ops video game. Jeeps have been staple vehicles in war dating all the way back to WWII with the original Willy’s Jeep, so it was no surprise that a Wrangler would appear in a wartime game.
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Bowler EXR Nemesis: How “Macho” is Done.

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Bowler Nemesis EXR

The only downside about the United States is that we don’t get all the same go fast goodies that the Europeans do. For the most part this is fine until it comes to something that I want, something like this Bowler EXR Nemesis for example. Bowler is a UK based company that tunes and modifies all things Land Rover. Over here in the U.S. modified Land Rovers are all but non-existent aside from the occasional 26-inch wheel bling machines that roll around NY and LA. In the UK though Bowler has carved out quite a little niche for itself by transforming these standard off-roaders into fire breathing powerhouses capable of going just about anywhere.
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Off-Roading 101: How NOT To Climb A Steep Grade

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Mitsubishi Pajero Flip over

So let’s say you’ve finally saved enough rubles to treat yourself to the off-roader of your dreams, a Mitsubishi Pajero (similar to our Montero Sport). Fueled by vodka and the human desire to explore parts unknown, you set off for your local Jeep trail. When this doesn’t prove exciting enough, you decide to go off on your own, like a true pioneer. After all, the Pajero has won Paris Dakar, so it should be able to climb a dirt slope, right?

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Dust to Glory: One of the Greatest Movies You’ve Never Seen.

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If you’re a true petrolhead like we are than you could care less if you’re watching Formula 1, go-karts or some redneck racing a lawn tractor. Racing is racing and regardless of the machine or venue, it packs into it all the adrenaline that one could ask for. Dust to Glory is a documentary about the Baja 1000, the annual off-road race held down in Baja, Mexico. It’s a race that separates the men from the boys, as Baja is a take no prisoners challenge that takes competitors off the tarmac and into some of the harshest terrain on the planet. If this trailer doesn’t get your blood pumping then you’re either stoned or dead – hell, it’s even narrated by Dana Brown. Honestly, this is a movie that you seriously don’t want to miss…

Source: Youtube.com

Jeep Teases SEMA Concepts

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Mark Allen, a designer for Jeep, takes us through the mix of trucks the company will have on display at their SEMA booth in this strangely low-res video. I know you don’t want to steal the thunder from your SEMA exhibit, but is a video we can watch without our eyes bleeding too much to ask?

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Bring A Trailer Find: 1970 Chevy Emergency Response Truck

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I have this weird attraction towards early ‘70s GM pickups. Maybe it’s because we had one at the family garage when I was growing up, or maybe it’s just due to their clean lines and timeless styling. Sure, I’m probably forgetting about how bad the vinyl bench seat and column mounted shifter were, but one day I’ll snatch one up as a project truck and do a ground up rebuild.

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At Least the Alarm Works…

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One of the best parts about owning an SUV or 4×4 is that they allow you to sometimes follow the road less traveled. They’ll take you down the occasional dirt road, through mud and sand and even, if you’re careful, over rocks and through streams. This genius however seems to have met his match when he decided to do a little off-roading on some railway tracks. Obviously the trains conductors are not in a position to remove the vehicle from the ditch in which it lies, so they do the next best thing they can. They simply push it out of the way and in the process, set off the trucks alarm. Finding out the limits of one’s truck can sometimes come with consequences, but the doesn’t change the fact that the owner should have known that he was heading way too far out of bounds.

Source: Streetfire.net

Unlikely Match Up: Monster Truck vs Jet Dragster at the Strip

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Well I suppose it was going to happen eventually. Some slick track promoter finally got the bright idea to match up two of the most unlikely vehicles on the planet. If you’re a monster truck fan then you no doubt know who Grave Digger is. He’s the 1951 Ford panel truck that’s been ripping up arenas and fair grounds since 1981. It packs a 540 CI Merlin V8 that cranks out a whopping 1500 HP of ground pounding power. His opponent here is a jet dragster that probably puts out around 10,000 hp, and no that’s not a misprint. Out of the gate Digger gets the jump, but unfortunately for him his lead is short lived. Hell, the biggest props of the night should go to the organizer for putting on one of the oddest drag races in existence.

Source: Youtube.com

10 Awesome SUVs from the 1980’s.

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Ford Bronco

Back in the early 1980’s there was no such thing as an SUV. There were merely cars, station wagons and trucks that had four-wheel drive. Up here in the Northeast those who knew well enough to buy a four-wheel drive vehicle would simply laugh as the rest of us lay stuck on the side of the road. It actually wasn’t until the mid-1980’s with the release of the compact Jeep Grand Cherokee that consumers actually got bit by the 4×4 bug. Once bitten however people seldom went back to their old ways and more importantly their old two-wheeled drive vehicles. Below is a listing of some 4×4’s (I mean SUV’s) from the 1980’s that can be credited with starting the whole SUV movement that we have today. Even though these babies weren’t overly complex, they did have the ability to get us through the snow and to work on time and they did it without all the electronic gizmos that we have today.
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2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: Virtual Test Drive.

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Mitsubishi is a brand that has been selling cars in the United States since the mid-1970’s. They’ve managed to establish a great reputation for reliability and comfort, however in recent years the company has lost a little of its import glow. Their biggest seller, the Mitsubishi Lancer, is a favorite amongst the import tuner crowd and has a deep an loyal following. Now it seems that the company wants to get creative with the release of their new crossover vehicle the 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, or in some markets, the ASX. Beginning on November 1st, 2010 Mitsubishi will be offering the public the worlds first virtual test drive from the comfort of their own home.
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