Want A Jeep Wrangler Pickup? Now You Can Build Your Own

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The Mopar JK-8 kit, and a completed truck. Image: Chrysler Goup LLC

You can’t buy a Jeep Wrangler pickup, but if you have a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, $5,499, a paint booth, a welding rig and better than average bodywork skills, you can now build your own from a Mopar kit. Of course your local Jeep dealer would be happy to do the work for you, but I’m guessing that will be expensive. Read More…

The Unimog Turns 60

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Image: Daimler AG

It’s hard to believe, but Mercedes=Benz’s uber-utility vehicle, the Unimog, turns sixty in 2011. Originally designed for use in farming and agriculture, the Unimog has been produced in dozens of variants throughout the years and is embraced by military and civilian owners alike. In Germany, ‘Mogs are used for everything from roadwork through fire fighting, and you can’t drive through a German town without seeing a few in action. In America, most are ex-NATO military trucks, imported for their durability and go-anywhere capabilities. Unimogs, like cockroaches, will easily survive the end of the world. Read More…

Demolition, VW Amarok Style

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I’d be the first to admit that this video is more hype than substance, but I’d also be the first to admit that I’d love to be behind the wheel of one of the Amaroks in this video. The VW Amarok, in case you don’t know, is their compact pickup truck sold almost everywhere except the United States. Why don’t we get it here? “Too expensive,” is VW’s reply, since it would have to start at about $30k in the states. That kind of money buys you a 4wd Toyota Tacoma, and it even buys you a full size pickup if you don’t mind skipping some amenities. The fact that the Amarok is available with both gas and diesel engines only makes me want it more in the States, and I have to think that there’s a market for a compact turbodiesel pickup here. Watch the video below, then feel free to start petitioning VW to import the Amarok TDI. Read More…

Bremach’s T. Rex: An EV Alternative To The Unimog?

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Image: Bremach USA

If you wanted a go-anywhere truck to haul you and your stuff out where the busses don’t run, Mercedes-Benz’s Unimog is perhaps the best choice in the world. What if you’re concerned with saving the planet, even after the zombie apocalypse, and you prefer your heavy duty 4×4 truck in EV flavor? Until now, you were out of luck, but Bremach is looking to change that with their T.Rex. Sure, you can still get it in fossil fuel versions (one variant comes equipped with a 6.0 liter Chevy V8), but tree hugging survivalists can also opt for a hybrid version, a compressed natural gas version or a full-on EV model. Read More…

SportChassis P4XL: A Ride Fit For King Kong

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SportChassis P4XL
*Photo Credit: StupidDope.com

Over the years I’ve come across some pretty ostentatious vehicles, but this sucker takes the cake. This is the SportChassis P4XL from Freightliner and it’s the vehicle for those with severe insecurity problems. It used to be that the Hummer H1 was the biggest and baddest 4×4 you could buy, but compared to the SportChassis P4XL, the H1 is like a Tonka toy. What you get with the P4XL is basically a full-sized big rig with limited 4×4 capabilities, loads of interior cabin space and a footprint the size of Montana. For instance the P4XL has a 174-in. wheelbase, 100-in. width and is 264 inches from front to back – that’s stupid big. It’s also four wheel drive, but with a weight of 6.5 tons it’s not exactly fit for any real off-roading. What the P4XL does do however is make a statement by basically telling the world that you simply don’t give a shit about anyone or anything.
Read More…

Reader’s Rides: Taylor’s 2009 Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

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2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited

Taylor's very tasteful 2009 Rubicon Unlimited.

Remember my piece on “Rides For The Coming Zombie Apocalypse”? Taylor’s 2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited definitely fits the requirements, and I have to admit that I’d take this over my own FJ Cruiser as the ultimate end-of-the-world ride. His Rubicon will get you anywhere you need to go; more importantly, it will get you back home again and he’s only at Stage 1 of his build. So what does Stage 1 include? Read on to find out and to see more pics. Read More…

King Of The Hammers: The Ultimate Off Road Race?

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Image: Pirate 4x4

What do you call a desert race that combines hard core rock crawling and high speed blasts across open desert? One that taxes not only a driver’s ability, but the ultimate mechanical limits of the uber-heavy duty trucks they race? Such a race really does exist, and it’s called “King of the Hammers”. Run annually in the southern California desert, the race is a week long spectacle that draws serious off-road racers and fans alike. Not just a race, the event includes dinners, seminars, vendor displays and even a golf tournament. The highlight is, of course, the King of the Hammers race, held on the second-to-last day of the event. Video below. Read More…

Ram 1500: Code Name “Adventurer”

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Ram Adventurer

It looks like RAM is taking a page from the import worlds playbook by offering a soon-to-be-released Ram 1500 pickup designed for first time buyers who want to customize their trucks. Possibly to be called the Adventurer, the new truck takes some marketing ideas directly from the new Ram Tradesman that we wrote about earlier by offering a lot of truck for little money. The guys at Ram know that most young buyers will modify their trucks shortly after purchase, so it makes sense to offer them a great inexpensive platform for which to start with.

A blurb from Chrysler’s Press release states:
“We know we have the formula right,” said Ram Truck President and CEO Fred Diaz. “Now we just need a great name that promotes pride of ownership. This new Ram model will be an attractive alternative for a younger or first-time buyer looking for performance at an affordable price. Case in point, it will have more horsepower and a lower base price than our competitors’ entry-level performance cars with the added benefit of versatility and capability.”

Not only do I think that this is a great marketing strategy by Ram, but I have a feeling that it’s going to lure A LOT of potential buyers away from Ford and Chevrolet. Don’t be surprised however if you see them following suit with low budget performance trucks in the near future.

Source: Chrysler

Ridelust Fail: Zip, Bang, BOOM!

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Jeep Boom

After owning my share of hot rods and custom cars, I can tell you that one very important piece of equipment that is always required is a simple fire extinguisher. Custom built cars are far more likely to go up in flames then a factory built production piece. Shoddy wiring, failed grounds, fuel leaks as well as a host of other problems can lead to catastrophe. If you’re prepared however mishaps can be avoided. The guys in this custom built off-roader are a perfect example. They’re obviously participating in some sort of hill climb and are doing fairly well until their engine takes a dump. Soon afterward a small fire brakes out, then a loud pop and then KABOOM! That sucker goes up in smoke and almost takes the co-driver with it. If they would’ve had a bolt-in extinguisher however, this whole mess could have been avoided. Oh well… maybe next time. Read More…

For Volkswagen, Third Time’s a Charm

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Nasser Al-Attiyah VW Dakar Rally

Car class champion Nasser Al-Attiyah

For the third year in a row, Volkswagen claimed top honors at the 2011 Dakar Rally, which wrapped up this weekend. In fact, the turbo-diesel Race Touareg 3 utterly dominated the car class of the rally, giving VW the podium for the second time since last year’s victory in the Touareg 2.

The winner, Qatari driver, Nasser Al-Attiyah, became the first Arab driver to win the Dakar Rally. Al-Attiyah is currently a driver for the Barwa Rally Team in the Production World Rally Championship, and was the 2006 PWRC champion in a Subaru WRX STi. He finished second overall in the 2010 Dakar Rally to VW teammate and WRC champion, Spaniard Carlos Sainz, by a nail-biting two minutes and twelve seconds.  Sainz was off to a strong start early in the 2011 race, but his car suffered mechanical problems which hurt his chances at the title. Sainz finished third overall in the car class. Read More…