Roland Sands Design BMW S1000RR Drag Bike!

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Roland Sands Design

Having your identity defined by your athletic ability is something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand when you’re at the peak of your career, life is sure to be a wonderful thing. But what about when it ends – what then? Roland Sands was a professional motorcycle racer, however when his career ended he struggled with what came next. What he found was that he didn’t have to reinvent himself, but rather utilize the skills he learned as a racer and designer to form his own design, motorcycle and apparel company.


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The Greatest Show On Earth: 2012 ‘ISLE of MAN’

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2012 Isle of Man TT

So, you think you’re a great motorcycle rider do you? You think that because you own leathers, a nice helmet and maybe do 2 or 3 track days a year that this puts you in some kind of elite club. Well, think again, because what you’re about to see is something that will shatter any preconceived notions of what you think “fast” is. The following footage was shot during the 2012 Isle of Man TT and it’s some of the most exhilarating, terrifying and flat-out insane scenes we’ve ever laid eyes on.


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Kawasaki vs Audi RS6 on the autobahn.

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Autobahn Run

Back in my younger (and dumber) days, running flat out on the open road on two-wheels was something that we’d do just about every weekend. Our runs however were somewhat illegal, whereas the race you’re about to see between a Kawasaki liter bike and an Audi RS6 was performed well withing the spectrum of the law as it took place on Germany’s autobahn. Both parties are no doubt maxed out, but in my opinion it’s the guy on the bike that really deserves the props.


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Riding Better with Jamie Robinson — RideApart

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RideApart on DRIVE

There’s no question that riding a motorcycle can be one of the most rewarding experiences of ones life. However, if not done properly it can also be one of the most tragic. As someone who’s been riding for the better part of 20 years I can tell you from experience that learning proper technique is essential for your safety and the safety of others. This week on RideApart on DRIVE, Jamie Robinson takes some green riders to the racetrack and helps them not only get better acclimated to their rides, but shows them the in’s and out’s of bike control in a nice controlled setting. Check it out after the jump.


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You’re Doing it Wrong: Motorcycle Burnout

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Natural Selection

Ever wonder what possesses grown men to do certain things? Take this guy for example. It’s as if he was sitting in a lounge chair one day and thought to himself:

“Lets take a big-bore Honda sport bike, point it at my genitals and then, because I feel like Superman, see if I can keep it in place while holding it at wide open throttle. Yeah, that’s a great idea!”

Turns out he may have been wrong.


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Cadwell Park: Two Wheels Flying High

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2012 British Superbike

High-flying two wheeled action that was filmed during this years British Superbike season at Cadwell Park. It’s been set to Rage Against the Machine and is totally friggin’ BITCHIN’!

Click through and enjoy.


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Yamaha R1 vs Porsche GT3 RS… ON ICE!

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PorscheGT3 RS vs Yamaha R1

I’ll preface this by saying tests like these are utterly and completely pointless. I mean how often does a Porsche GT3 RS go up against a Yamaha R1 on a frozen lake bed? Ok sure, maybe it happens somewhere in the frozen North, but for us West coasters, it’s something we’re never likely to see. However, just because it doesn’t happen here it doesn’t mean that we like it any less. I’m just impressed that someone actually took the time to stud a pair of R1 tires as that alone impresses the hell out of me.


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Prepare to be only marginally impressed…

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Tunnel of Fire

Leather jacket – CHECK! Fireproof gloves – CHECK! Bluejeans… umm… check?

Yep, apparently that’s all the protection required when you try to flambe’ yourself on a motorcycle in India. This is rider Shabir Ahluwalia, and he’s just achieved a new record of 224 feet 8 inches running a motorcycle through a tunnel of fire. The people over at Guinness World Records were on hand with their clipboards and a bottle of water to verify that the lack-luster stunt was official and that Mr. Ahluwalia now has his own little place in the history books. Click through for the video and prepare to be only marginally impressed.

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You’re Doing it Wrong: Upside Down Edition

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“Keep the rubber side down”; this is a pretty common term amongst motorcyclists for a variety of reasons. Obviously self-preservation is one, but the second and more economically friendly answer would be to keep your machine in one piece. Racing however drastically reduces the chances of this happening, just as jumping out of a plane greatly reduces your chances of living to a ripe-old age. Some people though just like to push the boundaries, and when this happens all hell can break loose.


Rolling Heavy on a Kawaski ZX-10 at Nürburgring

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2011 Kawasaki ZX-10

If you’ve ever run flat-out on a motorcycle then you know that the margin for error is slim-to-none. In fact one miscalculation in judgement can in some cases, get you killed. Both Kurt and myself have years of experience behind the bars and can tell you first hand that riding a motorcycle is one of the most rewarding experiences that one can have. However, there is a big difference in riding along for a Sunday stroll and riding balls-out on the racetrack. The following video is of rider Tim Röthig, a test rider for Bridgestone as he muscles a 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10 around the Nürburgring in 7:50-secs. Granted there are cars out there that have lapped the ring in far less time, but I’ll be damned if their drivers have been as connected with their machine as this man. Click through for the video and be prepared to hang on for one crazy-ass ride.
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