Those Amazing Motorcycles

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Amazing Motorcycles

10 to 15 thousand miles per year. That’s what I used to ride when I was into motorcycles. There was a time that there were the dominant force in my life and served not only as transportation, but as my getaway from the everyday. However immersing the rider in mechanical serenity is only one aspect of motorcycling. The other is their ability to take you places that few cars would ever dare.


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Why We Ride: Rolling Free

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Rolling Free

Having logged over 100,000 miles in the saddle of various motorcycles, I can tell you that if I had one way in which to travel that this would be it. Those that don’t ride will never understand the feeling of freedom, exhilaration and pure connection to the road that riding offers. The fact is that most people are afraid of motorcycles. They hear of horrid accidents and think that most riders have a death wish, when in fact it’s totally the opposite. Ever hear the phrase, “Live to Ride, Ride to Live”… well, it’s 100% true. Motorcycles make you feel alive. They bring to light every sense in your body and offer an almost out of body experience when your cruising down the road on that perfect sunny day. Sure there’s an element of danger in riding, but hell, that’s part of the fun. If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle then please do yourself a favor and try it just once. If you don’t like it, then fine, however don’t simply dismiss it because of what others say as you’ll be missing out on one of the greatest experiences of a life time.
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Elevate / A Motorcycle Film: by Jmills Entertainment

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Elevate: A Motorcycle Film

If you were to ask me what I missed most about racing and riding motorcycles, I’d have to say it would be the feeling of true freedom that they provide. They’re marvelous machines that stimulate the body, mind and soul in ways that can’t be explained. For those that ride, you get it. For those that don’t, you should. Are they dangerous? Absolutely, but f*ck it, so is crossing the street. What I’m getting at is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re riding a hot pink 50cc Vespa, a tuned 200 mph sport bike or a high flying dirt bike. All that matters is that you’re out there riding. The below video was done by Jmills Entertainment and captures exactly what I’m talking about. Now I’m not saying to go out there and start trying to land triples on your first outing, but experiment. By an older bike, learn the basics and experience what guys like myself and Kurt have known for years – motorcycles are good. Click through for the vid.
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Off Road Racing, Czech Style

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Take the sport of observed trials, throw in massive four, six and eight wheel drive trucks, add a complete disregard for the environment and you get this utterly hoontastic sport from the Czech Republic. Tree in the way? No problem, just drive over it. Mud bog? Cool, just keep the go-pedal mashed to the floor.

Judging from the amount of black turbo-diesel soot belching into the atmosphere, this league may single-handedly be responsible for global warming, the hole in the ozone layer and the die-off of honeybees. It may be politically incorrect to admit this, but damn, that looks like fun.

Two thumbs up to BangShift for finding this video.

Andre the Giant on an ATV

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