EVO Car of the Year 2012: Track Battles

EVO Car of the Year 2012

Porsche vs Lotus, Toyota vs Morgan, BMW vs Porsche as well as a host of other great automobiles battle it out for the EVO Car of the Year 2012. Now while all of these battles are excellent the ones you really want to focus on are the Toyota GT86 vs the Morgan 3-Wheeler, and the McLaren 12c vs the Pagani Huayra. Sure the others are fun, but bang for the buck, these four automobiles should leave you coming away speechless.


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2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Advanced: RideLust Review

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2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Advanced

Thumbs Up: If you want fuel economy and range, this is your car.

Thumbs Down: Nothing here for driving enthusiasts, cheap interior.

Buy This Car If: You care more about spending as little as possible on gas than you do about performance or handling.

This may come as a shock to driving enthusiasts, but the cold, hard truth is this: most people don’t like to drive. For the masses, driving is an act to be tolerated, not enjoyed, and any conveyance that gets them from point A to point B with as little fuss and expense as possible is optimal. Read More…

2012 Toyota Prius C: Ridelust Review

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2012 Toyota Prius C

PRO’s: Great mileage / economy, nicely styled.

CON’s: Simply adequate power, performance and handling.

FINAL THOUGHT: A decent hybrid that you’ll enjoy as long as you’re not a rabid automobile enthusiast.

Believe it or not but the Toyota Prius has been around for 15 long years. It debuted in Japan in 1997 and since that time it’s been the go-to hybrid for those looking to be a bit more environmentally friendly. Now by this time we know all the cars in the Prius family get good fuel economy, but the real question is – are they any good to drive? I was recently given a 2012 Toyota Prius C, the baby of the Prius family and although yes, the mileage is great, the car itself is simply “OK” in my opinion.

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1966 Toyota 2000GT – Jay Leno’s Garage

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1966 Toyota 2000 GT

The 1966 Toyota 2000GT is one of the rarest and most collectible import cars of all time. It was built under a joint venture between Toyota and Yamaha and when released it was touted as Japan’s first real super car. Jay Leno recently had the chance to experience the 150 hp drop-top version (of which only two were produced) of this wonderful machine on his recent trip to Japan. Check it out after the jump.


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Supra Loses Brakes – Goes Flying

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Toyota Supra Crash

There’s seldom a more frightening experience then hauling ass down a straightaway only to realize that you’ve got no brakes at the end. This has happened to me more than once and if anything will make you poop the old pants, this is it. While most drivers will never experience what it’s like to go fast, for those of us who race, there is no better feeling. Sometimes though, when you’re pushing a car to the limit, parts fail and when that happens the only thing you can do is hold on and go along for the ride.


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2012 Scion iQ: Ridelust Review

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2012 Scion iQ

PRO’s: Park anywhere capability, good front passenger interior room, amazing turning radius, great around town mileage.

CON’s: Useless back seats, very little storage, twitchy handling manners.

FINAL THOUGHT: A compromise car that is best left for city folk who don’t do mass amounts of driving or high mileage road trips.

When I first saw the concept of the Scion iQ back in 2009 at the New York International Auto Show I was actually quite pleased. Here was a micro-sized hot hatch that was well designed with the apparent goal of bringing sportiness to the pocket-car segment. Back then the only micro-car sold in the U.S. was the Smart ForTwo, a car which I wholeheartedly detest. Fast forward now to September 2012 and the little iQ you see before you. It’s small, actually quite peppy and an interesting vehicle that raises and eyebrow from all those who see it. The big question though is – is it any good?

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The 700 HP Titan Motorsports Toyota Supra – TUNED

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Toyota Supra Mark IV

When the Gen IV Toyota Supra debuted in 1992 it was big, heavy and extremely expensive. So much so that Toyota had basically priced themselves out of the mid-priced sports car market. However once the movie “The Fast and the Furious” debuted in 2001 and showcased a Gen IV Supra as the hero car, well then, the demand for these overweight coupes skyrocketed. Matt Farah of TUNED recently headed down to Titan Motorsports in Florida to drive a mildly tuned 700 horsepower model to prove once and for all that not all Supra’s are in fact, 10-second cars.

Click on the link to view the video:

“It’s all about soul” – 1974 Toyota Celica TA22

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1974 CELICA TA22

When people think of hot-rods they generally think of cars like a ’32 Ford or ’55 Chevy. However hot-rodding at its core isn’t about the kind of car you have, it’s about the passion you have for modifying it and making it work when it shouldn’t. When the import scene came into being in the early 1990’s old time enthusiasts threw up their noses as to why anyone would modify small, front wheel drive vehicles. The reason however was simple and honest – it’s what the owners had. Click through to check out this wicked little 1974 CELICA TA22 and see what I’m talking about.


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MX-5 against BRZ and FR-S at Twin Ring Motegi

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SubaruBRZ Toyota F86

As of right now the Subaru BRZ and Toyota FR-S are the darlings of the automotive world. They’re front engine rear-wheel drive configuration means they’re a blast to drive. Combine that with a stout Subaru derived boxer-four and a great suspension and well, these little buggers have “track day” written all over them. Best Motoring recently pitted the Mazda Miata against these two new comers at the Motegi Ring in Japan and while they didn’t crush the Miata by any means, they didn’t disappoint either.


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Toyota GT 86 – Drive with Passion

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Toyota GT-86

Can a car with under 200-hp still give you a rip-roaring good time? Toyota seems to think so and in fact they’re banking on it with their new GT 86. Taking notes from the old playbook they’re betting that their Subaru derived 197 hp 2-liter boxer-four can still ignite your go-pedal as well as your senses. Hell, the Mazda Miata’s been doing it for years with under 200 hp, so why not a new Toyota right? Hit the jump for some new GT 86 porn.


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