2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport: RideLust Review

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2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport

Thumbs Up: Great fuel economy, epic manual transmission

Thumbs Down: Oddly-high passenger seat, limited manual gearbox availability

Buy This Car If: You want a Mazda3 but need the practicality of a crossover

Crossovers, to quote from Mazda’s very own ad for the CX-5, are the rolling embodiment of compromise. They typically offer little of the off-road capability of body-on-ladder-frame SUVs, yet fail to deliver fuel economy on par with midsize sedans. Ride quality tends to be too soft or too harsh, with few landing in the sweet spot in between. Worse, most crossovers offer zero entertainment behind the wheel, which makes them vehicles of necessity, not vehicles of choice. Read More…

2012 Mazda3 i Touring SkyActiv: RideLust Review

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2012 Mazda3 SkyActiv

Thumbs Up: A fuel-sipping hatchback that’s fun to drive

Thumbs Down: Optional footwell lighting can’t be turned off

Buy This Car If: You need a car that delivers impressive fuel economy with being boring

Fuel economy is now among the top considerations when purchasing a new car, as Americans are beginning to realize that the days of cheap gas aren’t coming back this time around. If you see driving as an inconvenience, and view cars only as a way of getting from one place to another, there are plenty of fuel-efficient hatchbacks and compacts to choose from. They may serve up decent fuel economy, but from a driver’s perspective they’re the culinary equivalent of steamed white rice. Read More…

MX-5 against BRZ and FR-S at Twin Ring Motegi

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SubaruBRZ Toyota F86

As of right now the Subaru BRZ and Toyota FR-S are the darlings of the automotive world. They’re front engine rear-wheel drive configuration means they’re a blast to drive. Combine that with a stout Subaru derived boxer-four and a great suspension and well, these little buggers have “track day” written all over them. Best Motoring recently pitted the Mazda Miata against these two new comers at the Motegi Ring in Japan and while they didn’t crush the Miata by any means, they didn’t disappoint either.


Read More…

Mazda’s Takeri Concept Hints At Next Mazda6

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The Mazda Takeri concept. Image: Mazda

It’s no secret that the current Mazda6 is overdue for a replacement, and sales of Mazda’s midsize offering have been unimpressive in recent years. That’s a shame, because the Mazda6 was class-leading when the previous generation debuted in 2002. Over the years, Mazda has seemingly lost focus with the Mazda6, to the point where it’s no longer competitive with offerings from Ford, Toyota or even Hyundai. Read More…

Good News, Mazda Fans: CX-5 To Come In Diesel Variant

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Mazda's upcoming CX-5. Image: Mazda

If you’re a fan of diesel engines and want an alternative to the VW and Audi TDIs, I’ve got some good news for you. Autoweek quotes a “source familiar with Mazda’s development plans” as saying a diesel-powered version of their CX-5 crossover will hit these shores in 2013 as a 2014 model. It will likely be powered by Mazda’s 2.2-liter, direct-injection turbodiesel, which should be good for about 160 horsepower and 310 ft-lb of torque. Read More…

Sayonara To The Rotary Engine: Mazda Ends RX-8 Production

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The 2011 Mazda RX-8 GT. Image: Mazda Motor of America

Mazda has produced the rotary engine for use in its vehicles since 1963, but that streak has now come to an end with the demise of the Mazda RX-8. A victim of tightening emissions requirements, high gasoline prices and low consumer demand, the RX-8 has now officially ended production.

Sales in Europe were halted back in 2010, when the RX-8 was unable to comply with the stricter Euro-5 emission standard. The RX-8 soldiered on in the United States (and in other markets), but Mazda managed to sell just 1,134 RX-8s here in 2010. That’s not nearly enough to justify production, and Mazda knew the time had come to pull the plug on the RX-8. There’s still some 300 units in U.S. inventory, which at the current rate of sales represents a 118-day supply. Read More…

The Automotive Bucket List: Five Cars You Have To Drive

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Image: IFCAR

Whether you admit to it or not, we all have some sort of a bucket list. There are things in our minds that we have to do, regardless of whether or not we’ve put them down on paper. When it comes to cars, there are certain models you have to drive at least once in your life; some are sports cars, some aren’t, but all have a certain amount of hype about them. The good news is that most can be snapped up on the used car market for blue-collar wages, as long as you’re willing to do some digging. I’ve driven all of the cars below and have even owned most of them, so I’m well versed on why they’re included. Read More…

Mazda’s Goal For The Next MX-5? 1,760 Pounds

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The 2011 Mazda MX-5

Mazda’s original MX-5 Miata adhered to a sports car philosophy proven by automakers such as Maserati, Lotus, Porsche and Alfa Romeo: if you build a car light and nimble enough, power output is of secondary importance. The original MX-5 wasn’t fast in a straight line, but the car could carry an amazing amount of speed into corners, even in stock trim. Many “manly cars” grew accustomed to seeing MX-5’s whistle by them on a track, especially tight, technical tracks that favored corners over long straights. Read More…

2012 Mazda5 Grand Touring: RideLust Review

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2012 Mazda5 Grand Touring

Thumbs Up: If you like to drive but need a minivan, here’s your ride.

Thumbs Down: Would benefit from more horsepower.

Buy This Car If: You want a sedan but need a minivan.

Life, it’s said, is what happens while we’re busy making other plans. The same philosophy would apply to the purchase of a minivan, at least if you consider yourself a driver. Coupes and roadster are fun, sedans and SUVs can be fun, but minivans and crossovers are generally purchased out of need, not desire. Mazda refuses to accept that convention, and that’s good news for anyone who likes to drive but finds themselves in need of practical transportation. The Mazda5 isn’t a sports car, but it is an entertaining-to-drive compact minivan that will accommodate four adults, two kids and the trappings of modern life. It may be a compromise, but it’s a compromise that most drivers won’t mind making. Read More…

Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals 2011

Triumph TR4 and TR3

BCW MG TD Replica
Recently, I attended the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals show at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania. Held every May, this show features a vast array of meticulously maintained classic British, European and Japanese cars, exemplary examples of their more modern kin, as well as a beautiful collection of kit cars.  As far as sheer variety in makes, models and years, hands down, this show can’t be beat.

This has become something of an annual treat for me as I can think of few better ways to spend a weekend than by gazing at a gleaming sea of jaw-droppingly stunning automobiles, many of which I guarantee you won’t find at other shows. Plus, participation is open to anyone with an import or a kit car – all you have to do is register, make your car pretty and show up. It’s a great opportunity to display your cherished ride and meet other aficionados of your favorite marques.

I used to come down to show my Saab and hang out with the Saab contingent that makes it out every year. But even though I have a Subaru now, it’s just so much fun that I continue to make the trip to Carlisle (my WRX was parked over by the lone DeLorean, if you happened to be there). Volvo, BMW and Audi clubs also traditionally have a large showing so the weekend is packed with the cars you love, cars you haven’t seen before, your friends from the forums, barbeques – it’s a good time for everyone.  So, if you’re not too far out from Pennsylvania, I definitely recommend heading out there next May to check out the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals. To tide you over, provided for your viewing pleasure are some of my favorite cars of the weekend. Enjoy!


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