Got A Smart Car? Here’s One Suggested Use.

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If you’re a regular reader, you probably already know that Mike (Mr. Angry) hates the Smart car, probably even more than I hate the continuously variable transmission. I like to think of myself as more open minded, and believe that there’s nothing at all wrong with the diminutive commuter car from across the pond. Nothing, that is, that an engine and transmission swap would fail to address, and I’ve seen some pretty insane Smart cars powered by Suzuki Hyabusa engines. Want a 200 horsepower, turbocharged-‘Busa-powered Smart with a five speed gearbox? There are companies out there who’ll build you one if you’ve got the vision. And, of course, the cash.

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Smart eBike: Electric Innovation for When You’re Tired of Peddling.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t bicycles invented as a human powered mode of transportation with the added benefit of keeping your fat ass in shape? Over the past year I’ve been seeing battery powered bicycles buzzing all over NYC and for the life of me I can’t understand why. Ok fine, for the Chinese Food delivery guys I can see the applications, but for everyone else who owns one I’m just taking it to mean that they’re just flippin’ lazy. Apparently Smart, maker of the crappy ForTwo micro car has now decided to jump on the electric bike bandwagon as well by developing their own electric two wheeler dubbed the eBike and debuting it at the Paris Motor Show. After watching the video you can see that the eBike is extremely well made and packed with some nifty technology like a hub-mounted electric motor as well as iPod integration. Let’s face it though, this is supposed to be a bicycle, not a scooter so what the hell is Smart doing building one of these? The way I see it, this bike will appeal to the same hipster urban-ites who purchased the original Smart Car. Sure it’s cool, but at the end of the day it’s not going to help you lose those saddlebags you’ve been carting around on that big ass of yours. My opinion… save the money, go buy a Schwinn and do some real exercise. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


Smart E-Scooter Concept to Debut at Paris Motor Show.

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Smart E-Scooter

Now this is something that makes sense. Smart, the maker of the itty bitty ForTwo micro-car is now said to be delving into the world of two wheels with the upcoming E-Scooter concept. The E-Scooter is said to be powered by a lithium-ion battery that will give the little scoot a range of up to 62 zero-emission miles, while at the same time providing its riders with some new innovative safety features. The E-Scooter was developed with some help from Mercedes-Benz, and with an electric motor integrated into the rear wheel and zero emissions, the E-Scooter (if made into a production ride) will most likely become a favorite amongst those in urban environments.
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Smartcar sales plummet as U.S. consumers realize they suck.

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Smart ForTwo

Two years ago I was given a Smart Fortwo to road test for a week and to say that I thought it was a monumental pile of crap would be an understatement. Yes it’s small, and yes you can park it just about anyplace, the problem is that after parking it, too many of its owners simply walk away from it without setting them ablaze. When Smart first entered the U.S. car market they brought with them a great ad campaign, the promise of amazing fuel economy and a fun little car that would make you feel happy when you drove it. The ad campaign worked because in 2008 Smart sold 25,000 of these little buggers to people who bought into the hype before ever having driven one.
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Hybrid Sales Stumble, Smart Car Sales Implode

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2010 Toyota Prius

A 2010 Toyota Prius. Photo: IFCAR

Registrations of hybrid vehicles in the United States have fallen some 17% between 2007 and 2009, according to Carscoop. While some of this drop can be explained by the ongoing recession, the decline of hybrid registrations is steeper than declines in other vehicle types. Industry research company R.L. Polk explains that part of the decline is due to changes in state laws, which now exclude hybrid drivers without a passenger from HOV lanes in several states. Other reasons included the obvious response: hybrids aren’t much fun to drive, and handle worse than the economy cars of yore. The Honda CR-Z may have a positive impact on that sentiment, and I can tell you that it was the first hybrid I drove that I didn’t absolutely hate.

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Is A New Smart Roadster In the Works?

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A 2006 Smart Roadster Collector's Edition

Autocar and Autoblog seem to think the answer is yes, and I say that’s a good thing. Especially if the mid-engine, rear drive roadster graces our shores this time around. In case you’re not up on quirky European sports cars the size of go-karts, the Smart Roadster was a drop top (or removable roof) “sports car” version of the iconic Smart car. Like the Smart, it was underpowered (in non-Brabus tune, it featured a maximum rating of 81 horsepower) and over-priced (equivalent to the larger, better equipped Mazda Miata).

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Smart ForTwo Electric Drive: An Expensive Way To Save The Planet

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2011 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

Funny, it doesn't look more expensive than a BMW 335d.

Smart, the microcar built by Daimler and popular everywhere in the world except the U.S., will launch an electric version of their two seat urban commuter this fall. Dubbed the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, the pocket sized eco-mobile will feature a maximum range of 82 miles per charge, with a recharging time of 3.5 hours. It will also feature a whopping price tag; available only for lease, the monthly cost will be $915, or $600 per month once you factor in the federal EV tax credit.

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Public Transportation or Car???

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In many of American cities, it is just more viable to take public transport with gridlock traffic consuming the cities. But even if you don’t live in the city, public transportation may be a great choice, not only to help the environment but to also save yourself a considerable amount of money. Not only would we not have to pay for the the car itself, the gas that powers our cars to get us from home to work and back again, but you may also avoid tolls and car maintenance bills. We can also avoid the monthly car insurance bill as well and when the average cost of a car insurance premium in 2009 was $1,800, that breaks down to be $150 a month. That is $150 we can save or even use to buy something more important.

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Brabus Ultimate High Voltage Exhausts Our Synonyms For Boring


Apparently sourcing inspiration from a generic beige socket plate, the tuning experts from Deutschland have introduced to us the Brabus Ultimate High Voltage Concept. Underpinned by the comically compact smart fortwo and co-developed by the master electricians over at Tesla, the Brabus Ultimate High Voltage is the biggest performance upgrade on a city vehicle we’ve seen since that kid from the bike messenger shop down the street started wolfing down Power Bars.

Boasting a design scheme rivaled in its dearth of creativity only by the Velcro Stride Rite’s your Grandpa wears and featuring a similarly uninspiring 82-horsepower 206 lb-ft lithium ion battery pack, Brabus brags the Ultimate High Voltage is capable of sprinting from 0-35 mph in 3.7 seconds, and 0-62 mph in 9.8. To prevent any oblivious pedestrians from being mowed down by all that silent white-knuckle speed, Brabus outfitted the Ultimate High Voltage with an artificial sound generator designed to mimic the exhaust note of a snarling V8. Read More…

Electric-Looking smart fortwo Finally Gets Powertrain To Match

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smart fortwo electric 11

Starting in November of this year, Daimler will be producing prototypes of the smart fortwo electric drive. Select pilot cities will include Berlin, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Pisa, Rome and an unnamed selection of locations in the US. Large-scale production will start in 2012. Powered by a 30 kW motor producing 120 Nm of torque, an overnight charge will provide a maximum range of 72 miles. 0-60 times are slightly faster than reading Atlas Shrugged. Hit the jump for the pics and the press.
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