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A V-8 Alfa Spider: Blasphemy Or Genius?

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If you want to get a bid in on this car, I’d suggest you hurry since the eBay auction is set to expire on Sunday morning. Up for grabs (and spotted on Bring A Trailer) is a 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider that’s been Frankensteinized: gone is the original 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, replaced by a 5.0-liter V-8 from Ford. The owner doesn’t list horsepower, but given the engine’s 9.0:1 compression and stock cams, it can’t be too excessive. Of course it does rock a 4-bbl carb, Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock heads and a custom exhaust system, so let’s just call horsepower “more than adequate”. Ensuring that the rearend isn’t turned into a pile of metal shavings, the owner has thoughtfully replaced the stock rear with one from a Chevy S-10, and a Borg Warner T-5 five speed handles the gear changes. Read More…

Gorgeous TZ3 Lives!

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A few months ago the sheer beauty of the Alfa Romeo TZ3 by Zagato put you in a coma. Well, prepare your hospital bed, because Zagato says they’re building it. The company plans to put the car into limited production, using Dodge Viper running gear.

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Do You Have Cabin Fever?

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1973 Alfa Romeo GTV

Winter totally blows – there I said it. So far this year in the Northeast we’ve received record snowfalls and temperatures so cold that it feels as though my nipples are going to pop off and roll away. For car enthusiasts weather like this leads us to do stupid things like scour the internet in search of cars and or parts that we simply don’t need. For example, I was searching eBay this morning when I came across this little diddy – a 1973 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV. I love these little cars and from a styling perspective think that they are some of the most attractive machines that Alfa Romeo ever built. This one is located a mere 3,000 miles away in sunny Los Angeles, CA. It’s got dark eggplant paint, a refurbished interior and some minor suspension work. It would also be an absolute hoot to tool around NYC in. Read More…

Bring A Trailer Find: 1986 Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6 Turbo Is 1 Of 35 Built

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Sometimes you develop this strange and unholy attraction to things that aren’t good for you. For some people that’s drugs, for others it’s livestock or midget transvestites. For me, it’s mid-80s Alfa Romeo GTV6s. I’m really not sure why; a neighbor in college owned one, and I remember thinking that it was a cool car. Still, they were overpriced, underpowered and not at all known for their reliability, so the GTV never made my “must own” list back then.

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Pininfarina vs. Bertone: Alfa Romeo TZ2

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The Alfa Romea TZ2 was a legendary GT racer, a tube-framed marvel with a screaming twin-plug, twin-cam four and gorgeous curves courtesy of design house Zagato. Only 100 or so were made, most of them to race. Two, however, were handed over to legendary design firms Pininfarina and Bertone. The resulting cars are perhaps the most beautiful automotive creations ever made.

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10 Classic Imports for Under 20K.

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Classic Import Cars

If you’re like me then one of your favorite pass times is chewing up miles on the road to nowhere. What I mean by that is, you love going out for a drive just because you enjoy the actual emotions that driving brings. For some it’s the action of rowing through the gears, for others it’s the feeling of the wind in their hair, and yet for others it’s simply a great departure from the rigors of everyday life. Owning a classic car is luxury that most people think is way out of their reach. Auctions such as Barrett-Jackson and Mecum have skewed the public’s perception that all classic cars are out of reach and that everything that was built before 1980 is worth in the triple digits. Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that that is simply not so, in fact there are loads of hot little sports cars and roadsters that you can pick up in excellent condition right now for the price of a new Ford Fiesta. Sounds crazy right… well it’s not. Below is a list of 10 amazing automobiles that can be had for below 20K. So, with that being said go take a look at the list and clean out your garage, because I have a feeling there may be a new little fun mobile in your future.
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Top 10 Celebrity Gear Heads.

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Jerry Seinfeld

We’ve all seen pictures of celebrities and their high-end automobiles. We’ve seen Bentley’s, Aston Martin’s, Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s as well as all manner of Range Rover and Cadillac Escalade carting them around. Their cars are treated to only the best mechanics and service that money can buy and are used as little more than props to further fuel their celebrity status. There are however, a very select few who, before fame and fortune, were true gear heads in the dirtiest sense of the word. These are celebs who are not afraid to get a little grease under their finger nails, to lie on their backs and wrench off an oil filter or flog the crap out of a high-end machine on the racecourse. These are the Top 10 Celebrity Gear Heads and we love em’ for bringing a little grit to the celebrity world.
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Cars and Coffee Virginia/DC

If you’re in the DC area and want to check out an exceptional collection of exotic and immaculate classic rides FOR FREE, I suggest you head over to Great Falls, VA to the Cars and Coffee event that takes place every Saturday.

SLS AMG at Cars and Coffee VA

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One of a Kind: 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Mille Miglia

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Victory by Design: Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B

Today’s normal highway speeds generally range from about 60 mph to 80 mph and are attainable by just about every road going automobile out there. How about back in 1937 though when technology and safety features on automobiles were all but non-existent. What must it have been like back then? Traveling at high speeds today is something that I think all motorists take for granted, as today’s cars just do it so easily. Hell, even the slowest Hyundai you can buy today still goes well over 100 mph. Now take a look at the above video of this beautiful 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Mille Miglia, a car that, for its time would reach 150 mph. Former auto racer and automotive personality Alain de Cadenet takes us through the particulars of this simply beautiful and one of a kind automobile.


Well, That WAS A Nice Alfa Romeo

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If you’ve got a soft spot in your heart for hardtop Alfa Romeos, especially Alfa Romeo GTAs, then don’t watch this video. It showcases why hillclimbs are inherently more dangerous than track events, since public roads don’t have wide runoff areas, gravel traps or energy absorbing barriers. When something goes wrong at speed on a public road, bad and expensive things happen.

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