Road & Track Comparo: Challenger 392 Vs. Shelby GT350

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Aside from the fact that both of these cars are coupes, I’m a little puzzled at what else they have in common. Sure, both put out tire-shredding amounts of horsepower and both will run the quarter mile in respectable times, but that’s about where the similarity ends. The Challenger 392 is a “factory custom” version of the newly updated Challenger, and it celebrates the legendary 392 cubic inch displacement of past Chrysler Hemi engines. The Shelby GT350 is a tuner version of the Mustang, built in limited quantities at “if you have to ask you can’t afford it” pricing. One works well on a racetrack, while the other is a bit portly for track day fun. There’s a reason why sumo wrestlers generally don’t compete in 1,000 meter Olympic track and field events, after all. Read More…

MEGA Shootout: GT-R vs Z06 vs GT500

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Motor Trend Shootout

First off I have to give a HUGE hat tip to Motor Trend for putting this comparison together and secondly, thank you, thank you, thank you for enlisting the help of Randy Pobst as the test driver. Pobst’s is not only an amazing driver, but his descriptions of these amazing machines is also dead-on balls accurate. Pitted against each other are the 2012 Nissan GT-R, 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and the 2011 Shelby GT500. The goal was to bring together three big horsepower performance cars that cost under $100,000 and have them go head to head in a full-on preformance battle. The Shelby Mustang is the cheapest at $55,330. It comes stock with 550 hp, a live rear axle and a traditional 6-speed manual gearbox. Then there’s the $98,000 Corvette Z06 with the performance package. It’s got 505 hp, is the lightest of the bunch at 3,200 lbs. and takes the most talent to drive quickly. Last but not least is the just under $92,000 Nissan GT-R. It’s all-wheel-drive, has an amazing double-clutch automatic gearbox and is also the easiest to drive. The video is about 20 minutes long and is completely worth watching in its entirety. Mr. Pobst does a great job, and gives us some true honest opinions on three off the coolest cars in the sub-100k market today. Click through for the video.
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2011 Shelby GT350: Burnouts for the masses…

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2012 Shelby GT350

Seeing a Mustang do a burnout is like watching Lindsey Lohan being dragged back into court, it just seems right. Unlike that dirty train wreck (Lohan) though, the Mustang has evolved into one pretty serious machine over time. The one pictured here is the new 2011 Shelby GT350, which means it’s lighter, faster and has better suspension and brakes then a standard Mustang GT. It’s also got some new funky bodywork which is a take it or leave it look in my opinion. This smoke show has been brought to us courtesy of the guys over at Hot Rod Magazine. Rob Kinnan is the man behind the wheel, and does a pretty good job incinerating the rear tires on this supercharged pony car. He also comments on the aforementioned bodywork and the fact that the GT350 has a pretty decent ride. Just keep in mind that if you’re interested in one of these beasts you’d better be prepared to pay at least $27,000 over the price of a base model Mustang GT. Click through for the video.
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Shelby Shows Limited Edition GT350 In Chicago

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2012 Shelby GT350

Image: Shelby American, Inc.

The last time you could order a drop-top Mustang convertible with a Shelby GT350 badge was 1970, but Shelby American will change that for 2012. The company is building a limited run of Shelby GT350 Mustangs, and only 350 will be built in either the coupe or convertible body style. New color options for 2012 now include both red and blue, but the traditional white with blue stripe color scheme also remains available. The GT350s are “post title” cars, which means that you ship a brand new Mustang GT off to Shelby American for the conversion. How much it costs depends on how fast you want to go and how many option boxes you check off on the build sheet. Read More…

1963 Shelby Cobra DragonSnake Sells For $875k

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Chassis 93, the winningest Cobra in history. Image: Mecum Auctions

If you spent much time watching the Mecum Auction from Kissimmee, FL, this weekend, one thing was readily apparent: historically significant cars still sell, even in a down economy. Case in point was Shelby Cobra number CSX2093, which was the 93rd Cobra built and one of just eight with the DragonSnake competition package. While most Cobras were built for road racing, DragonSnake Cobras were built for drag racing, as the name implies. None was more successful than chassis number 93, which was originally owned by Jim Costilow and raced by Bruce Larson. During its competition years, this particular DragonSnake racked up seven NHRA National event wins, and took the 1966 NHRA World Championship. The new owner recognized the significance of the car, and coughed up $875,000 to change the title to his name. Read More…

2011 Ford Shelby GT500: Track Tested

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2011 Ford Shelby GT500

The 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 represents one of the better compromises in the automotive world. It’s still sane enough to drive on the street, despite its supercharged 5.4 liter V8 (good for 550 horsepower) and manual-only six speed transmission. On the flip side, it’s an absolute blast to drive on the track, and it eats up abuse like a puppy eats up slippers. At $49,000 before you check any option boxes, it’s not exactly inexpensive, but it’s at least as attainable as a Corvette. It also avoids getting slapped with a gas-guzzler tax, achieving a quasi-respectable 23 MPG on the highway, so you can feel good about saving the planet as you turn rear tires into smoke.

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2010 Rides ‘n Smiles Was Epic Fun For Drivers And Passengers Alike

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Being a journalist occasionally has its perks, especially for members of the Southern Automotive Media Association (SAMA). Every year, on the Saturday following Thanksgiving, SAMA hosts an event at Miami Homestead Speedway for pediatric cancer patients, their families, and the doctors and nurses who treat them. Called “Rides ‘n Smiles”, the event puts kids into sports cars and race cars, and SAMA members get the opportunity to drive them around Homestead Speedway’s road course at safe but entertaining speeds. At the end of the day, the patients get a bag full of donated prizes, a certificate welcoming them into the “100 Mile Per Hour Club” and sore cheeks from laughing and smiling so much.

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Retro Rocket: 1964 Chevrolet / Bill Thomas Cheetah.

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Back in the early 1960’s Chevrolet was looking for a way to compete against the Shelby Cobra on the racetrack. They wanted a car that was lighter, handled better and had a near 50/50 weight distribution. To accomplish this feet Chevrolet enlisted the help of Chevy performance guru, Bill Thomas and designer Don Edmunds. To get the performance numbers necessary to compete with Shelby, Thomas and Edmunds constructed a car that weighed in at just over 1500 lbs, had a wheel base of only 90-inches, a mid-engine fuel-injected design and a top speed of over 210 mph – in 1964! Another element of the Cheetah that is pretty amazing is the absence of a traditional drive shaft. You see the engine was set so far back in the chassis that the transmission was bolted directly to the rear end by way of a u-joint. That meant that the driver was basically sitting on top of the cars exhaust and back wheels at the same time. Not an overly comfortable place to be if you ask me.
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Shelby’s GT500 ‘Code Red’ Proves There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Horsepower

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Do you own an 800 horsepower Shelby GT500 Super Snake? Are you tired of seeing taillights from Bugatti Veyrons and McLaren F1s? Do you have a donor GT500 Mustang and about $100,000 to spend? If so, I may have good news for you if you’ve got the garage space and a little bit of patience.

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Jim Morrison and a 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Mustang

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Jim Morrison of The Doors was one of the greatest front men in all of music. He was idolized and worshiped as some sort of musical god. Me personally, I didn’t see it, but then again I think that David Lee Roth was the greatest musical front man ever, so what the hell do I know. Regardless of his musical stature though it seems that Morrison was also a bit of a car connoisseur, as can be seen here in a film shot in 1969 with some friends. The film, as with everything that Morrison did, makes no real sense so to speak of. In the film you’ll see him drinking and driving, doing donuts in the desert and basically acting as some sort of counter-culture schmuck. I guess that’s one of the reasons he’s no longer with us. The footage however is simply amazing from a quality standpoint, and hey, if you’re going to beat the snot out of a vintage Mustang in true rock star fashion, it may as well be a 1967 Shelby GT 500.