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2011 Ford Shelby GT500: Track Tested

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2011 Ford Shelby GT500

The 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 represents one of the better compromises in the automotive world. It’s still sane enough to drive on the street, despite its supercharged 5.4 liter V8 (good for 550 horsepower) and manual-only six speed transmission. On the flip side, it’s an absolute blast to drive on the track, and it eats up abuse like a puppy eats up slippers. At $49,000 before you check any option boxes, it’s not exactly inexpensive, but it’s at least as attainable as a Corvette. It also avoids getting slapped with a gas-guzzler tax, achieving a quasi-respectable 23 MPG on the highway, so you can feel good about saving the planet as you turn rear tires into smoke.

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Ford Racing Announces Mustang Boss 302S

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The Boss 302S gets the same 5.0 liter V8 as the 302R.

If a Boss 302 Mustang isn’t fast or exclusive enough for you, but you can’t quite swing the payments on a Grand-Am ready Boss 302R, Ford Racing may soon have some good news for you. They’re apparently working on a track-only Boss 302S version, which will slot in above the Boss 302 but below the Boss 302R in terms of both performance and pricing. Expected to be announced at next week’s Performance Racing Industry trade show, the SCCA World Challenge / NASA America Iron legal Boss 302S will have a starting price of $79,000.

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Chevy Releases Details, Pics And Video Of 2011 Camaro Convertible

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The 2011 Camaro Convertible. Photo: © GM Corp.

The 2011 Camaro Convertible will have it’s official debut at this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show, but Chevy’s coughed up pics, details and videos in advance. The drop-top Camaro officially goes on sale in February 2011, just in time for the peak of cabin fever in winter states, when buyers flock to showrooms looking for any sign that spring is on the horizon. Fortunately, Chevy didn’t waste time and effort designing a needlessly complex and expensive retractable hard top; the Camaro makes do with a power folding cloth top, made from heavy duty canvas with an acoustical headliner to reduce wind noise with the top up. The power top’s operation is said to take only 20 seconds from start to finish, which means you can easily go topless at a stoplight without drama. The Camaro Convertible uses a single latch at the center of the windshield header, which allows the driver to put the top up or down without getting out of his seat.
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Shelby’s GT500 ‘Code Red’ Proves There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Horsepower

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Do you own an 800 horsepower Shelby GT500 Super Snake? Are you tired of seeing taillights from Bugatti Veyrons and McLaren F1s? Do you have a donor GT500 Mustang and about $100,000 to spend? If so, I may have good news for you if you’ve got the garage space and a little bit of patience.

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Ford’s TracKey Gives The 2012 Mustang Boss 302 A Split Personality

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If you have a dedicated track mule, chances are good you only drive it to the track and not back and forth to work. If you’ve got a larger budget, you may even trailer it to and from track day events. The reason why is pretty simple: what makes a car fast around a racetrack also makes it unpleasant to drive on the street. Hot cams and abrupt throttle settings may add to track day enjoyment, but they get annoying very quickly on a daily commute in rush hour traffic. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have the best of both worlds, simply by using a different key to start your car?

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Buy It or Build It: That is the Question!

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Lego Mustang

With the current crop of cars on the market I’m beginning to wonder if the idea of building a custom car has lost some of its steam. Not too long ago in order to get a car with some real tire shredding performance and top notch handling you needed to build something yourself or spend big money to get something exotic. Nowadays though its seems that the tables have turned on customizers and builders the world over, as the manufacturers are really starting to turn out some amazing machines. Just stop and think for a moment about what type of performance $40,000 will buy you in today’s market.
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Cars and Coffee Virginia/DC

If you’re in the DC area and want to check out an exceptional collection of exotic and immaculate classic rides FOR FREE, I suggest you head over to Great Falls, VA to the Cars and Coffee event that takes place every Saturday.

SLS AMG at Cars and Coffee VA

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Ford Will Determine Mustang Boss 302 Allocation Via Sales Performance Or Lottery

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Ford Mustang Boss 302

Ford still hasn’t released production figures for the recently announced Boss 302 Mustang, but you can be assured of one thing: they will build less than the public demand in order to maintain exclusivity. If Autoblog is correct, dealer allocation will be determined first by sales performance, with the highest volume Ford dealerships getting 75% of Boss 302 production. The allocation by dealership will depend on 12 months of sales ending in September 2010, but each “high volume” dealership will be guaranteed at least one Boss 302 Mustang.

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Is Shelby Working On A Twin-Turbo, 1,000 Horsepower GT500?

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Mustangs Daily's rendering of the twin turbo Shelby GT500

If 4 Wheels News and Mustangs Daily are correct, there’s something wicked under development at Shelby American. Not content with a mere 550 horsepower from a stock Ford Shelby GT500? Shelby American is said to be working on their own version, which will use twin turbos to produce an estimated 1,000 horsepower at maximum boost from the GT500’s 5.4 liter V8. For those times when slightly less power (and, hence, longer engine life) is desirable, the driver can dial down the amount of boost provided.

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2011 Mustang GT Owners: More Horsepower Now Comes In Roush Flavor, Too

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Just last week we, we told you about three blower kits now available from Ford Racing for the 2011 Mustang GT. In case you prefer your additional ponies from a blower with a Roush badge, I’ve got good news. And, I’ve got some bad news.

First the good news: the ROUSHcharger kit for the 2011 Ford Mustang is now available, and it’s priced at $5,999. The kit includes a 90 day parts warranty, but installation will, of course, void your Ford factory engine warranty. It’ll produce up to 550 horsepower on seven pounds of boost, and the kit includes the supercharger, a 90mm pulley, larger injectors, high flow fuel rails and a twin 60mm throttle body. Compared to the Ford kits, the Roush kit contains more hardware for a lower price, and their seven pounds of boost nets you 550 horsepower compared to Ford’s 525.

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