$21,990.00 For A Used Fiero?

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1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

It’s true. A used car dealer in Costa Mesa, CA is offering a used, low mileage (13,500) 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT for $21,990.00. The car is a one owner vehicle and is actually in pretty darn good shape thanks to the owners meticulous care. 1988 was the last year of the Fiero and in true GM fashion, they killed it off right as it was getting good. It was mid-engine, had great balance and was actually a pretty good looking little car. Granted it’s no hot rod by today’s standards, but for back in the day this little bugger moved along pretty damn good. Click through for more pictures.

Source: autokennel.com

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Retro Innovator: Pontiac Tempest

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The Pontiac Tempest is known for its tumultuous 400-cubic-inch V8, for spewing clouds of atomized rubber and partially combusted gasoline, for altering weather patterns and generally being a kick-ass muscle car. But it started life as a funky little economy car created by the legendary John DeLorean. Read More…

Goldberg’s New Ride: Project “ERNREE”

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Bill Goldberg

He beat Hulk Hogan in front of 45,000 people at the Georgia Dome in the WWE, he’s played for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL and he’s one of the nicest (and biggest) full blown car enthusiasts on the planet. He’s Bill Goldberg and he’s just set his sights on building one of the baddest second generation pro-touring Trans Am’s to ever roll on tarmac. You see last year after hosting the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational, Bill got seriously bitten by the pro-touring bug. Already a die-hard muscle car nut, the idea of melding old car styling with new car tech was something that really appealed to him. Plus, since he’d already seen a host of these bad boys in action, it just seemed right that he would jump on the bandwagon to create what he calls, project “ERNREE”.
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Decals, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Decals!

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Pontiac Grand Prix GT

After becoming frustrated with his application of the checkered flag decal from Pep Boys, Vinny decided not to make the same mistake twice, and used his blue sharpie marker instead.

Source: YouDriveWhat

Ridelust Retro: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ

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1969 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ

It had the longest hood of any car in 1969, it was comfortable, luxurious, loaded with options and hauled some serious ass when you mashed the go pedal. It wasn’t a Camaro, Mustang or Charger, nor was it a GTO, Corvette or Barracuda, in fact and for all intense and purposes, it wasn’t even a muscle car. That however didn’t stop Pontiac’s new 1969 Grand Prix SJ from going down in history as one of the baddest executive saloons on the planet. We all know that buying a car is a very personal statement. It gives others insight into who we are, what our economic bracket is and how we view ourselves. If you’re a professional for example, then odds are you won’t be driving up to the office in a Subaru STI with a big wing on the back. However, you may opt for something like an Acura TL. It’s classier, and while not as nimble, it still has plenty of grunt and paints a different picture to the world around you.
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Turbo Chicken: 1981 Pontiac Trans Am

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Some of you may laugh, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Pontiac Trans Am is an icon of American pop culture. From its humble beginnings as a Trans Am series race car, to its starring role in Smokey and the Bandit, the Pontiac Trans Am is the stuff that childhood dreams are made of. Over the years the Trans Am went through a bunch of different changes. In the late 1960’s it was released as Pontiac’s answer to the then new, Chevrolet Camaro. Then in the early 1970’s it evolved into a full blown stump pulling muscle car, with models like the 455-SD Trans Am and Formula 400. By the time the 1980’s came around though, the Trans Am was slow and running on borrowed time. Designers tried everything to keep the public interested, but alas, in 1981 the beloved second generation Trans Am took its final bow and called it quits.
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You’re Doing it Wrong: One “Cool” Pontiac Transport.

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Pontiac Transport

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have to admit, the owner of this mid-90’s Pontiac Transport actually did one hell of a job installing their new A/C unit. The mounting appears to be solid, there’s no tacky filler foam seeping out of the door, and I bet that aside from freezing off the passengers lower extremities, it works like a charm. Pretty impressive stuff if you ask me…

Source: YouDriveWhat.com

American Muscle Car Shootout: Awesome Defined.

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Muscle Car Shootout

A few years ago SpeedTV used to air a show called Dream Car Garage. It was sponsored by Legendary Motorcars of Ontario, Canada and catered to everything from high end exotics, to big block muscle cars. One of the best segments they ever put together was a match up of the baddest muscle cars from the 1960’s and 1970’s. What you have to remember before you press play on these videos though, is that the American muscle car was and is, a mythical beast. Names like Cuda, Chevelle SS, The Judge and Boss made European sport sedans of that era quake in their boots. Not because of how fast, or how well they did (or did not) handle, but because of their in-your-face, take no prisoners, power house attitudes. I own two muscle cars and while I love them with all my heart and soul, I’m always amazed at how fast people think they are. Like I said, these old sleds are mythical beasts, and while other cars out there may out perform them, there will never, ever be anything as cool as an old school American Muscle Car. Click through for a whole bunch of awesome!
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You’re Doing it Wrong: F-Body Custom.

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At some point I think that we’ve all felt that we possess the talent to design our own car. Some of us truly have that ability, while others, like this guy, obviously don’t. What people sometimes fail to understand is that automakers spend millions upon millions of dollars to create automobiles that are not only pleasing to look at, but perform as well. There are those however who still feel the need to push the boundaries of amateur design in the hopes that they stumble upon a diamond in the rough. What you are seeing here though is a piece of coal that should have been tossed into a furnace as opposed to a nice shiny diamond.
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Awe-Inspiring Miura Replica

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The Lamborghini Miura is automotive perfection. Its sweeping lines and brute strength seduce the soul. The howl of its V12 reduces grown men to gelatinous blobs of desire. But few have the privilege of possessing the Miura. Which is why a very fortunate man in Illinois is having this stunning Miura replica built by hand from the chassis of a lowly Fiero. Seriously.

Source: BuildThreads.com

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