Ruffles Commercial: B-Movie Magic

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Ruffles Cup

Big companies spend millions of dollars every year with ad agencies in order to convince the public that their product is better than the competitors. Sometimes the agencies knock it out of the park, and other times they fall flat. What never ceases to amaze me though is the imagination that some of the ad executives show when it comes to game time. The following is a ad for Ruffles new Tangy Honey Mustard potato chips. And while we’re posting it because of the awesome rides featured (1968 Charger, 1976 Volare, 1968 Barracuda) I’m not quite sure it hits the mark.


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SRT: Body & Soul Campaign

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SRT Body And Soul

If you were to ask the adolescents of today which they’d rather have, a new car or a smartphone, you may be surprised at the answer you’d get. As a kid, I distinctly remember that the only thing I wanted was my drivers license. SRT’s new advertising campaign gives us all, young and old, a little shot in the arm and reminds us that, even though technology is a wonderful thing, it’s nothing if it doesn’t stir the body and soul.


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What’s your secret automotive obsession?

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Sport Fury 1970

Here you have it, the car I have been lusting after for about 15 years. This is a 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury, and in my eyes it’s one of the coolest road-sleds ever made. About the size of a Chevrolet Suburban, the ’70 Sport Fury is one of the cars that you either love or hate. Men seem to gravitate towards it, while women are generally repulsed. The fuselage styling, considered to be cutting edge in the 1970’s, gives the car a wonderfully aggressive look. Combine that with a blacked-out grille and the option of a 7.2-liter 440 cubic inch V8 with a Six-Pack set-up, and we’re talking about a car that has “EVIL” written all over it.

So, let’s hear it – what’s the one car that you’d eventually love to have in your garage?

eBay Deal of the Week: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda HEMI

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1969 Plymouth Barracuda

When most muscle car enthusiasts think of the Plymouth Barracuda, they generally think of those models built between 1970-1974. I mean lets face it, in person they’re visually stunning machines and have been the most sought after by muscle car collectors the world over. The 1st and 2nd gen Barracuda’s built from 1964-1969 unfortunately get little respect, however it seems the one we found on eBay seeks to change that. Known as “SICFISH”, the 1969 Barracuda you see here has been treated to 200k (not a misprint) in upgrades by the builder. For starters this pro-stock lookalike packs a 604 CI 800 hp fuel-injected HEMI. Then there’s the fully customized interior, chassis and suspension. This is not some cobbled together project in someones garage, but an outstanding hot-rod that’s sure to provide the new owner with more excitement than they can possibly handle.


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eBay Deal of the Week: 1967 HEMI GTX

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1967 Plymouth Belvedere HEMI

Now here’s a car that could be just at home at the drag strip as it could be parked in your Grandmothers driveway. This is a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX that’s equipped with a 426 HEMI V8. It’s one of the best “sleeper” cars we’ve seen to date and we’d imagine that it would be a downright weapon in the right hands. From a stylistic perspective the 1967 GTX was never really much of a looker, which in this case lends to the cars overall appeal. Options include a 727 TorqueFlite transmission, bucket seats with center console and of course the 426 HEMI. Believed to have been sold new in Texas and with 94,745 miles showing on the odometer, this old Belvedere is one of the coolest old rides we’ve seen in quite some time. Click through for more pictures or check out the full eBay ad here.


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eBay Deal of the Week: 1966 Plymouth Satellite HEMI

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1966 Hemi Plymouth Satellite

The Plymouth Satellite has never been on the high end of the collector scale as far as MOPARS go. I mean sure, they’re great cars and all, but the bodies build from 1965-1967 seemed to have always lost out to those built from 1968-1970. Sometimes however a diamond in the ruff pops up and when that happens it’s best to jump on it. Presented before you is 1 of only 503 1966 Hemi Satellite 4-speeds ever built. It has 32,301 original documented miles and is in astonishing original condition. Finished in glossy red paint with black interior, the car is a total sleeper, as it sits on factory 14-inch wheels with wheel covers. Click through for more photos and make sure to check out the full eBay auction below.


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Jack White’s “Freedom at 21″

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Jack White's Freedom At 21

If you took a 1970 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda, a buxom patrol woman and some wicked guitar riffs from musical superstar Jack White, then the odds of you ending up with a kick-ass music video are pretty damn good. Therefore I think that we should all be thankful that Jack White decided to beat us to the punch and do it all for us by way of his new video “Freedom at 21″. Click through and check it out.


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Triple Black Attack: 1970 440 6-Pack ‘Cuda – BIG MUSCLE

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1970 Plymouth Cuda

Each and every muscle car enthusiast has that one experience that has helped define the way in which they view the automobile. For Northern California’s John Cross that experience came by way of riding in the back of his cousins 1970 440 6-Pack Plymouth Cuda’ when he was a kid. It was a car that provided him with memories, stories and of course, a goal – that being, to one day own the very car which got his engine running all those years ago. It’s now 2012, 42 years after that first faithful ride in the very Cuda’ you’re about to see. This time however it resides in John’s garage, not his cousins, which can mean only one thing… Sometimes dreams do come true.


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Jay Leno and a very special Plymouth Duster

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Jay Leno's Garage

Every muscle car out there has a story behind it. There’s the story of the owners, the builders and of course the endless miles that they’ve traveled throughout the years. Jay Leno recently paid tribute to Paul Annunziata, the builder of this particular 1975 Plymouth Duster. This is a car that not only had special meaning to Mr. Annunziata, but to Jay as well. Click through to view the reasons why.


Start em’ Young: Alex Stark’s 1971 Plymouth Duster

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Alex Stark 1971 Duster

Ask any 14-year-old girl what her favorite car is and the odds of her saying a Plymouth Duster are slim-to-none. You see while most young girls are flirting on Facebook, Alex Stark was in the garage with her Dad restoring her very own 1971 Duster. As a child she fell in love with the Matchbox car version and thanks to her Dad (and a lot of hours in the garage) she now has the real thing. Obviously she’s still too young to drive, but just imagine how great that first ride is going to be in a few years once she’s old enough to get behind the wheel.


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