EQUUS, Luxury American Muscle Car?

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Equus 770

Let’s get this right out in the open. This car, the 2014 EQUUS BASS770, is a new take on the American muscle car. It’s got the body of a 1965 Mustang (kinda), a front end that looks like it came from a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner and the engine and suspension out of a Corvette. Oh, and it also costs – wait for it… $250,000. Seriously, they spent some coin on it! Now, is it worth it? Honestly, I have no idea. It does however have one of the best marketing videos out there! Check it out after the jump.


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Laguna Seca this weekend!

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Cork Screw

It’s about time… I’ve been going through speed withdrawals since my last track day and this coming Sunday can’t come soon enough. This should be a good one as I’m finally ditching the stock and worn out Pirelli P Zero tires on my 2013 Mustang GT w/ the track pack. It’s not a crazy car mind you, but considering it was purchased with the sole purpose of being a track rat, I can’t complain as it does its job quite well. The Pirelli’s racked up a total of 9 track days running in the advanced group, and even though they look like there’s still tread (and there is) they’ve been heat cycled to death and are now like driving on a set of lunch trays that have been smeared in nasal discharge (i.e. – boogers).

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Pro-touring Car or New Car?

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Mustang Corkscrew

I was reading at post over at that raised the question: “Should I build a Pro-touring car OR purchase something new”. Since this is something that recently went through, I decided to throw out a decent (albeit a bit long) answer. For those of you that are in this predicament, well… I hope this helps.

“Our old cars are wonderful machines. They have styling that can’t be matched, can be made to perform wonderfully with enough time, talent and money, and at days end will always make you feel good. However, think about what goes into making that happen. Think about the countless hours of trouble-shooting problems and chasing ghosts like squeaks, rattles, vibrations and electrical issues. People get frustrated, lose and then regain interest, but ultimately, everybody is still always, in some way wrenching on their cars.

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Nitro Warriors 2 – AFTERBURNER

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Nitro Warriors 2

Nitro Warriors is a stop motion animated car chase that first appeared in 2012. It featured an old Mach 1 Mustang running from the police in a very James Bond-ish style. Now, almost 1 year later, Nitro Warriors 2 is out and with it we’re treated to more amazing stop motion animation, a very creative imagination, and an ending that just keeps us wanting more.


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MAIER Racing: 1966 Mustang Coupe – /BIG MUSCLE

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Maier Racing

If you’ve ever driven a bone-stock mid-1960’s Ford Mustang, then you know that these little cars make wonderful cruisers. They possess movie-star good looks and turn heads everywhere. Drive them hard though and you’ll soon realize that what lies beneath that sheet metal is usually in need of some serious improvement . Mike Maier of Maier Racing is the owner of this stunning blue 1966 coupe, a car that was supposed to have been bought as a play toy for him and his wife. However when you grow up in a racing family, leaving things alone is generally not an option. Little by little the Mustang evolved away from the family hot-rod and into a test bed for new parts. More importantly than that though, it’s now one of the baddest street ‘Stangs on the planet. Most people will tell you that “Bigger is always better”… one drive in the Maier Racing ’66 coupe however may make you rethink that statement entirely.


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1967 Mustang: California Drag ‘Stang – /BIG MUSCLE

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1967 Ford Mustang

In the world of muscle cars there are few as iconic as the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. It’s stunning body lines were made famous by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt (he drove a ’68) and since that time, it has become one of the most sought after muscle cars in existence. This particular car was, is, and will always remain (according to owner Greg Smith) a down home California drag car. From the Fenton slotted wheels and 393 Windsor stroker, to the Mickey Thompson drag slicks out back, one look will tell you that this car is all business.


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Dynoing Barbie Power Wheels

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Power Wheels

To all you fathers out there – if you have a son or daughter under the age of 6 years old and have yet to buy them a Power Wheels electric car, then you’re doing it wrong. As die-hard car enthusiasts we must do everything we can to ensure that our way of life is secure, and if that means spending some hard earned coin on crappy electric cars for the kids, then so be it! BR High Performance feels this way as well. So much so that they’ve actually taken the liberty to dyno a 2013 Barbie Mustang in the hopes that it will get you excited.

Hell, it worked for me! Check it out after the jump.


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You’re Doing it Wrong: Dyno Fail

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Shelby GT 500

An automobile dynamometer is a machine that measures the amount of horsepower that a vehicle puts out based on the exertion of force that’s distributed through a mechanical roller. Generally these machines are built into a shop floor somewhere, but there are dynamometers that are in fact, portable. I’ve seen these contraptions at car shows, and while they are quite accurate, they look to be sketchy as hell, something that the owner of this Shelby GT500 found out first hand.


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Mustang Mach 1 Reunion

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Ford Mustang Mach 1

It may sound a bit strange, but if you were to tell most people that you can have a relationship with your car, just as you do with say a dog or person, they probably laugh in your face. Automobile enthusiasts however see things differently, as our cars represent not only our freedom, but our memories. Take your first car for instance. You may not know where it is, or what’s become of it, but I can guarantee you’d like to see it again. One lucky father recently got this chance when his son actually hunted down, and bought back his old Mustang Mach 1. The car was far from perfect, but if you think that mattered to his Dad, well, you’d be dead wrong.


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eBay Deal of the Week: 1985 Mercury Capri GS

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My first car was a 1981 Mercury Capri. It had four different tires, a wee-tiny 4-cylinder engine and one blown speaker in the center of the dash that was connected to a stock AM only radio. The car was a total shit-box, but to me it was the greatest thing ever. Unfortunately I ended up crashing it soon after I got it, but for some odd reason I still miss it. Now obviously in the mid-1980’s the Mustang GT 5.0 was the King of the block, however if you were a bit sly, you would’ve opted for the Mercury Capri GS. It packed the same 5.0L mill as the Mustang, but came equipped with a wicked bull-nose front end and an awesome aero-style hatchback. The one you are seeing here is bone stock, has a mere 29,000 miles on the clock and if I had the money I would’ve purchased it by now. These old fox bodies are becoming harder and harder to find in stock shape, so if you’re smart, you’ll scoop this sucker up immediately!


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