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2015 Ford Mustang – Driving

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2015 Ford Mustang

Here it is ladies and gents – the 2015 Ford Mustang and it’s actually driving under its own power. Now granted, it’s not going fast, there are no burnouts and this looks to be only simple promotional footage, but whatever, this thing is HOT!!

Source: TheWorldNewCars

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The way Christmas should sound!

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Christmas Stang

There are a few of us out there who think that Santa’s sleigh should be powered by a blown nitro-burning big-block, and that Rudolph’s nose should be replaced with a pair of angel-eyes from a BMW. Not only do I understand this mentality, but I totally agree with it. You see for us car guys Christmas is not so much a time of giving gifts, as it is a time too build, modify and create. Hot rods, imports and euro-sleds from around the world are enclosed in their garages for the winter just waiting for their owners to lay their hands upon them and upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Some of us live in the land of snow and ice, which mean that our winters are long and harsh. Those in the sunshine belt however are blessed, as they truly can enjoy this holiday season. For those of us who are part of the chosen-frozen, I would like to present you with this Mustang fastback, as nothing says Merry Christmas like a well tuned V8.


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50 Years of Mustang From Stern Pinball

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Stern Pinball Mustang

Stern Pinball has been making pinball machines for decades and to celebrate 50 years of the Ford Mustang, they’ve decided to release their best game yet along with one helluva video to back it up! Click through and check it out.

Source: sternpinballinc

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Affordable Muscle Cars You Must Buy Right Now

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Muscle Cars

If you’re a muscle car fan but think that all of that vintage iron is out of your reach, I’m hear to tell you that you’d be dead wrong. While HEMI Cuda’s or Yenko Camaro’s may not be in your budget, rest assured that there are still some great old cars out there that are not only affordable, but make great drivers as well.

Welcome, to AFTER/DRIVE.


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The Ringbrothers: Petrolicious

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Ring Brothers

If you’re into high-end pro-touring cars then you’ve probably already heard of the Ring Brothers. These two brothers combine design, performance and elegance into vintage American muscle in a way that few others can match. Petrolicious recently cornered these two masters of metal to give us all a little insight into what makes the Ring Brothers so great.


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Roush Stage 3 Mustang: The Best You Can Buy? — /TUNED

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Roush Stage 3 Mustang

Would you ever spend $70k for a Ford Mustang? Other than the completely bonkers Shelby GT500, the simple answer is no. You see the Shelby is a collector car that puts out enough power to pull full-grown adults back into their Momma’s womb, whereas this new Roush Stage 3 Mustang simply doesn’t. More so than that, the sum total of its after market parts isn’t really that great in my opinion. Matt Farah of /TUNED recently got behind the wheel of this overpriced pony and well, let’s just say that him and I are on the same wavelength.


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The Martini Mustang is Loud & Fast Art

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Steve Strope

Steve Strope of Pure Vision Design has built some of the most beautiful hot-rods and pro-touring cars on the planet. His cars have been featured in movies, published in magazines and are sought after by many. One of his newest creations, the Martini Mustang came about due to a “what if” moment, where he imagined Ford and Martini Racing teaming up to dominate rally races across Europe. Listening to Steve is like listening to a little kid who just got his first Hot Wheels car, only with his cars, you get to play for real.


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1968 Mustang Shelby Cobra GT350

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Shelby Mustang GT350

Sometimes all we need to fall in love with a car is a little bad weather, a slick paint job and some good old fashion rock-N-roll.

Check it out after the jump.


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1968 Dodge Charger junkyard find!

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1968 Dodge Charger

They’re few and far between these days, but if you try hard enough you can still find some hidden gems out there. This video was shot last year of a few guys coming across a fully intact 1968 Dodge Charger in the back of a junkyard. For most classic car guys this is like finding Sasquatch or seeing a unicorn. The beauty of this story is that the junkyards owner decided to sell the car so it could be fully restored, instead of simply letting it rot away. Price paid – $4,500.00, not too bad for one of the most iconic muscle cars to ever grace the pavement.


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HERTZ Penske GT – How Adrenaline Drives

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Penske Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang and the Hertz Rental Car agency have a relationship that spans almost 50 years. It started with the 1966 Hertz Shelby GT 350 that coined the term “Rent-A-Racer”. Then in 2006 they were at it again with the Hertz Shelby GT. Now it’s 2013 and this time, Hertz has not only partnered again with Ford, but brought Penske in as well to bring us the Hertz Penske GT. It’s basically a stock Mustang GT with a few bits and bobs out of the Ford Racing catalog. It looks good, sounds great and even though it only comes in automatic, seems like it would still make a great weekend car. Click through and check it out after the jump.


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