eBay Deal of the Week: 1964 Lincoln Continental

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1964 Lincoln Continental

When you think of modified muscle, cars like the Camaro, Charger and perhaps even the Nova come to mind. A 1964 Lincoln Continental though – that one’s a bit of a stretch. There are however those who would disagree with me and in fact I’ve found one such owner on What you are viewing is perhaps the most tricked out 1964 Lincoln Continental in existence. From the full Air-Ride suspension to the supercharged 351 Windsor V8 that’s been stroked to 427 cubic inches, this old Lincoln is truly a sight to behold. Famously known for its suicide doors, the 1964 Lincoln is one of those rare cars that is an icon of the automotive world. This one in particular, clad in cherry black paint, really stands out and is a machine that I think anyone would be proud to own.


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Lincoln Motor Company’s Glory Run

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Lincoln Motor Company

When you think of the Lincoln Motor Company, luxury automobiles are unfortunately not what comes to mind. However from the early 1920’s up until the early 1960’s, Lincoln was still a contender in the luxury car market. They built cars that were high on quality and technology with every creature comfort you could imagine. However after the gas crises of the 1970’s these big American luxo-yachts went down hill and never truly recovered. Now it seems that Lincoln is revamping its image with the help of a few gems from the old garage. Click through and check out their latest ad and take notice of how they’ve left out everything from 1965 onward.


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eBay Deal of the Week: 1979 Lincoln Town Car

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1979 Lincoln Town Car

Back in the 1970’s the production of the great American road yacht was in full swing. Cars like the Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and Chrysler New Yorker were everywhere sporting their big V8s and dead cow interiors. As I was thumbing through eBay this morning I discovered this little gem. A 1979 Lincoln Mark V Towncar Collector Series that is simply gorgeous. Now granted, those born after 1980 will probably want nothing to do with this thing, but I’ll be honest here and say that I’d own this sucker in a heartbeat. This 1979 Towncar is clad in ultra rare Cotillion White paint, sports a brand new white landau vinyl roof and mint condition factory blue Kasman cloth interior. Power comes from a 400 cubic inch V8 with ice cold A/C and a front grill that includes special gold inserts. With only 58,000 miles from new, this Lincoln is truly a time capsule that has many more great years left in it.

Click through to check it out or go directly to the eBay ad by clicking here.

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2011 Lincoln MKX Premium: RideLust Review

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2011 Lincoln MKX Premium

Thumbs Up: Stellar interior, great content for the price.

Thumbs Down: Vague, over-boosted steering.

Buy This Car If: You want a domestic luxury alternative to the Cadillac SRX.

Like Rodney Dangerfield, Lincoln can’t get any respect. Ford’s luxury brand spent years mired in mediocrity, and now that it’s stepped up its game no one seems to know about it. Perhaps it spent too many years living in the shadow of now defunct Mercury, or perhaps it’s trapped in a time warp between its traditional (and aging) customer base and the younger luxury buyers it hopes to attract. Quirky styling aside, the Lincoln products I’ve driven offer a solid build quality and a surprising amount of content for the price. Read More…

1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III: A Guilty Pleasure

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1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m Italian, or perhaps that I’ve lived in the Boroughs of New York City for so long, but I can’t help but admit that I’ve wanted a 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III in the worst way. No joke, I would drive this sucker every day and love every minute of it. You see cars like the Continental Mark III we’re build in the age of the super-pimp. They combined luxury, style and power making them one of the last great land yachts ever created by an American manufacturer. The Mark III was powered by a massive 460 cubic-inch V8 that pumped out 365 hp and a stump pulling 500 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 mph was in the high 7-second range and its top speed was almost 140 mph. Open the doors and you were treated to acres of leather interior along with just about every other convenience you could ever want. In short, this car was American luxury defined. Sadly, the odds of me getting one are actually quite small, as it would probably be grounds for divorce, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love these suckers with all my of New Yorker heart.

Man vs. Machine: Who’s the Better Parker?

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Self Parking Cars

If you’ve ever lived in an urban area then you know that parallel parking comes with the territory. For some it’s a skill that comes naturally, for others though it can be their worst nightmare. To help inept motorists out manufacturers are now building cars that have the ability to park themselves, an option that is in my opinion, one of the biggest wastes of money out there. First off it will add about $1,000.00 to the price tag of the car and second, it’s just another piece of technology that can break once your warranty runs out. How about this, instead of going out and spending a grand on a parking, why not just learn how to do it yourself. I mean hell, you’re already driving the damn car so why not just learn how to park it as well and save yourself some cash.

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Know Your Roll: 1953 Lincoln

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1953 Lincoln Capri

Passion. That’s what it takes to own an old street rod. They take time, patience and in the end, a love for all things automotive. Some may think that these are just cheap old cars that are held together with duct tape and zip ties, and let’s face it, sometimes they are. More than that though these cars are a lifestyle choice that are kept in service by a certain demographic of people who simply don’t give a shit about modern conveniences and would rather live life on their own terms. This bagged 1953 Lincoln is a perfect example of this, and in our opinion is f*ckin’ brilliant.

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Ford Recalls 1.1 Million Pickups For Failing Gas Tank Straps

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The 2003 Ford F-150. Image: Ford Motor Company

Ford has announced a major recall of over 1.1 million F-150, F-250 and Lincoln Blackwood pickups to replace the gas tank retaining straps in states where corrosion due to road salt is a potential issue. At risk are 1997-2004 F-150s, 1997-99 F-250s and 2002-03 Lincoln Blackwood models, but the trucks are only being recalled in northern states where the use of road de-icing chemicals is common. Read More…

Regal Roadster’s 1939 Lincoln Zephyr

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1939 Lincoln Zephyr

There’s just something about cars from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s that’s magical. Seeing those cars today makes one think about a time when life was less complicated, when automotive innovation actually meant something, and when the spirit of the open road was alive and well here in the United States. The 1939 Lincoln Zephyr is one of those cars and when viewed in person the only thing it evokes is pure emotion. Today’s automobiles, while packed with reliability and technology simply don’t, in my opinion, possess the same amount of style and flare that their bygone brothers do. It’s a shame really, but in a society where cost is key and styling is secondary, automotive manufacturers really have no choice but to compromise on everything. That’s where custom shops like Regal Roadsters of Madison, WI come into play. These guys recently took the aforementioned 1939 Lincoln Zephyr and get this… fitted it with an Aston Martin V12 engine, full airbag suspension and Magnaflow exhaust. We think the result is simply stunning, but just to make sure click play on the video and decide for yourself.
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Best Car to Drive in a High Speed Pursuit

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What would you do if, say, you were being pursued by Nazi SS who wanted to kill you (because, you know, they’re Nazis)? Or what if your daughter was captured by evil communist lackeys who then drove off into the sunset with her? Or how about if the zombie apocalypse happened and the undead masses learned how to drive cars in pursuit of your moist, delicious brains? There are many everyday scenarios just like these that will make it MANDATORY that you get involved in a high speed chase. In order to prepare for such inevitabilities, it’s important that you get the right car. But what car is that?
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