2011 Artega GT: Today’s Miura?

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It’s often said that with today’s safety standards, it’s impossible to design a car with the stunning and savage grace of the Lamborghini Miura. Henrik Fisker would say otherwise. This is the Artega GT, the designer’s compact, mid-engined supercar. The thing exudes brutal beauty. Its muscular form terrifies asphalt, threatens twisty roads. Sure, it’s not as graceful and sleek as the Miura, but I think it’s as close as we’re gonna get in this era of hyper safety standards. Performance wise, the Artega GT would give the Miura a run for its money. The 2,400-pound sports car can hit 60 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds and reach a 170 mph terminal velocity—without achieving liftoff. It’s powered by a 300-horsepower, 3.6-liter VW V6, which isn’t the sexiest power plant around, but it gets the job done. Price? A steal at less than $90,000. The Artega GT is supposed to be available late this year. Hit the jump for more pics. Read More…

Fisker to Unveil Karma’s Aluminum Space Frame

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Okay, so it’s not breathtaking news, but it is an excuse to post a photo of the Fisker Karma, just in case you forgot how damn sexy it is. Fisker says it’ll reveal the Karma’s “advanced aluminum space frame” at the Geneva Auto Show. Essentially, Fisker wants you to know that there’s some bad-ass engineering to back up the Karma’s gorgeous looks. The aluminum space frame reportedly gives the Karma “new levels of strength and rigidity.” Indeed. Hit the jump for some more Fisker porn and a shot of the stunning Karma Sunset convertible.

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Biden To Announce Fisker/GM Plant Purchase On Tuesday

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After shaking off the the after effects of a rather grueling weekend, we bring to you the first bit of excruciatingly dull Monday news compliments of back-up vocalist Joe Biden (remember him?). On Tuesday, the lesser-known rock star is scheduled to tour GM’s shuttered Boxwood plant in Wilmington, Delaware plant where he is expected to announce the plans for its future. According to reports, California-based performance EV manufacturer, Fisker, has expressed interest in purchasing the dormant plant from GM and restructuring it to produce Fisker vehicles. If confirmed and the transaction is given the greenlight, Fisker’s plans would create as many as 1,500 jobs and provide a significant boost for the ailing local economy. Read More…

Fisker Karma Fuel Mileage Announced

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The numbers are out, and if you ignore the Volt’s insane 230 MPG claim, they look pretty good. Under the Fisker Karma’s dead-sexy skin is a bang-up combination of mechanical and electric components, including a turbocharged 2.0L GM Ecotec four-cylinder and a mess of batteries and motors. What’s it all good for? Well, according to Fisker’s internal numbers, and conducted to the SAE methodology, the grand total average of city and highway driving is … 67 MPG! That’s a full 17 MPG better than the Toyota Prius’ latest numbers, and it’s far and away the best looking hybrid out there in our opinion. We’ll see how real world mileage and range numbers add up though when the Karma starts racking up real-world miles. Oh, and for those of you counting carbon emissions, it will spit out only 83g of CO2 per KM – that’s about 4.7 ounces per mile for folks who like their steaks in imperial measures. Press release after the jump.

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2010 Fisker Karma Unveiled LIVE At 2009 NAIAS

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Eagerly awaited by both environmentalists and gearheads alike, the 2010 Fisker Karma broke cover at the 2009 North American International Auto Show today poised to strike fear in the hearts of other hybrid vehicle manufacturers. Enjoying only its second year on the market, the new Karma didn’t undergo any significant design changes for 2010, but it does give bigger, wealthier companies a reason to sit up and take note. According to Fisker Automotive founder and former Aston Martin designer, Henrik Fisker, the extremely advanced battery system found under the 2010 Karma’s hood is light-years ahead of the competition. Privately funded by the same venture capitalists partly responsible for building the Google empire, a considerable amount of financial freedom has allowed Fisker to invest heavily in lithium-ion battery development.

While some concept vehicles have boasted similar capabilities, the 2010 Fisker Karma as revealed today is completely production ready and fully capable of living up to its impressive spec sheet. Powered by a 201-hp electric motor, lithium-ion battery pack, and a turbocharged 2.0-liter Ecotec® direct injection, the Fisker Karma’s advanced technology provides for both a whopping 100 mpg fuel-efficiency average and a 260-horsepower performance output. No, your Prius can’t do that.

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New Fisker Karma Images Leaked Ahead Of Detroit Auto Show

Debuting about a month ahead of its scheduled appearance at the Detroit auto show in January, official images of the 2009 Fisker Karma (no, you’re not the only one thinks it sounds like “Fist ‘er Harda”) have been leaked onto the web. While this newest batch of images certainly gives us a generous eyeful of the luxury hybrid sedan’s sleek body, we’re disappointed that Fisker was stingy with the full frontal. For 2009, the Fisker Karma is supposed to have received a modest nose job, but the angles the ’09 Karma was posed at make it impossible to tell. Although typically known for borrowing underpinnings from both Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Fisker Automotive CEO Henry Fisker says the Fisker Karma is underpinned by a chassis completely unique in design. Read More…