Toyota Prius VS AMC Gremlin: ROADKILL

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Gremlin VS Prius

The Toyota Prius and the AMC Gremlin. Two cars that get absolutely no respect in the motoring world. Both are ugly, slow and a joke to just about everyone who lays eyes on them. Motor Trend’s Freiburger and Finnegan recently got both of these sh*t boxes together for a mileage shootout and track challenge and then, in typical ROADKILL fashion, topped it off with a killer (and heavy) ending.

Check it out after the jump.


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1969 American Motors AMC Rebel SST Station Wagon

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Rambler Wagon

Up until 1984, the year Chrysler’s minivan came out, station wagons were the select mode of transportation for the American family. They were big, powerful and with room for 8 (in most cases) these behemoths of the open road transported millions of families from Point A to Point B in absolute comfort. The 1969 American Motors AMC Rebel SST Station Wagon was one such beast, however with an advertising campaign like the one you’re about see, I’m in shock they sold even one.


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1969 AMX Jimi Day

When the American Motors Corporation (AMC) released the AMX back in 1969 the motoring world didn’t know what to make of it. It had two seats like a sports car, a solid live axle and a raucous V8 like a muscle car, and styling that could’ve gone either way. Owner Jimi Day has been a long time fan of the AMX so when he got the opportunity to construct his own he pulled out all the stops, went buck-ass wild, and built what is arguably one of the best AMX’s on the planet Earth.


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The Right Seat: Navigating The Silver State Classic

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*Photo courtesy of Jim McIlvaine

What if… it was a beautiful, cool and crisp Sunday morning…

What if… you owned a fast vehicle…

What if… you had 90 miles of deserted Nevada Highway before you… and…

What if… Jimi Day invited you to navigate for him for the 25th Anniversary Silver State Classic Challenge in his 1969 AMX fondly known as AMXess?


If you were me, you would double check that he was serious (yes, he is), you would double check your calendar (yes, you will miss the Reno Air Races, again), and double check with your husband that he wouldn’t mind (he is thrilled for you), and you would start packing.

*Article by guest contributor Saroja Cunningham.

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Why being a car guy sucks.

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1972 Ford Galaxie

It would’ve been so much easier if I was just into video games or something because there are times when being a car guy totally sucks. You see I don’t just like cars, I love them. In fact every aspect of my life revolves around them. I write about them, build them, race them, film them… hell, they encompass everything I do. Who knew that back in the day when I was playing with Matchbox and remote control cars that it would turn into an obsession that has taken over my life. The problem is this; I want everything, but the fatal combination of a writers salary and lack of space prevent this from happening. Sure being in the industry helps, as we get to drive press cars and go to different automotive related events, but still, that doesn’t change the fact that I jones for something different in the garage on a daily basis. Take this near perfect 1972 Ford Galaxie 500 that I spied recently on eBay. Folks, if I had the money this sucker would be in my garage tomorrow. Sure it’s big and cumbersome, but it’s a classic piece of American iron that I would love to use as a daily driver. Maybe it’s because it’s different, or maybe its because cars like this remind me of my childhood growing up in the 1970’s. Whatever the reason though, road yachts like this always get my blood pumping.

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AMC Eagle: The Original Crossover Vehicle

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AMC Eagle

The Subaru Outback, Nissan Murano, Cadillac SRX and Honda CrossTour are all vehicles that combine the all weather utility of an SUV without the girth of a full sized truck. Nowadays automakers are calling these vehicles crossovers in the hopes that the buying public will think that they’re getting the latest and greatest. However, if you look back throughout the annals of automotive history, you’ll notice that there was one little car maker that brought the concept of the crossover out over 30 years ago. AMC (American Motors Corporation) recognized the need for a family sized utility vehicle that had the all-weather prowess of a full-sized truck, but without the size. In the early 1980’s AMC released the Eagle, a wagon that combined the best of both worlds in a package that Americans could wrap their arms around. Now granted, Subaru had their DL wagons out in the late 1970’s, but they were small and packed in about as much luxury as a burlap sack.
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American Muscle Car Shootout: Awesome Defined.

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Muscle Car Shootout

A few years ago SpeedTV used to air a show called Dream Car Garage. It was sponsored by Legendary Motorcars of Ontario, Canada and catered to everything from high end exotics, to big block muscle cars. One of the best segments they ever put together was a match up of the baddest muscle cars from the 1960’s and 1970’s. What you have to remember before you press play on these videos though, is that the American muscle car was and is, a mythical beast. Names like Cuda, Chevelle SS, The Judge and Boss made European sport sedans of that era quake in their boots. Not because of how fast, or how well they did (or did not) handle, but because of their in-your-face, take no prisoners, power house attitudes. I own two muscle cars and while I love them with all my heart and soul, I’m always amazed at how fast people think they are. Like I said, these old sleds are mythical beasts, and while other cars out there may out perform them, there will never, ever be anything as cool as an old school American Muscle Car. Click through for a whole bunch of awesome!
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Custom Wheels: What you need to know!

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Proformance Wheels

It seems like just about every car on the road today has a set of aftermarket wheels. Some look fantastic, while others are just nightmares. A good set of wheels can change the look and feel of your ride, increase performance and enhance it’s value, but this is if, and only if they are chosen correctly. Over the years wheel and tire sizes have increase dramatically. For instance, back in the 1960’s most cars came stock with 14-inch wheels and hubcaps, the 70’s went to larger 15-inch wheels and then in the 1980’s we saw the emergence of 16-incher’s. It wasn’t until the 1990’s though when the aftermarket wheel scene really took off. All of a sudden we had 17, 18 and 19-inch wheels and then in the first part of the new millennium we saw the introduction of the DUB or 20-inch wheel. I remember when I first saw a 20-inch wheel on a car and was like, what the f*ck was that! Back then it wasn’t all that common, but today they’re all over the place. For those who are uneducated in the process, there are few elements when buying wheels that you really need to look at. First you need to define the application for which the wheels are going to be used, second is to determine your fitment parameters and lastly you need to pick out a style that suits your ride.
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The Golden Age: Trans Am Racing 1968-1972.

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Trans Am Racing

Back in the mid-1960’s the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) formed the Trans-Am Racing Series that pitted production based vehicles against each other in head to head competition. Trans-Am Racing was unbelievably popular and is still considered by some to be one of the best series ever to have been put together. Picture full-on muscle cars like the Plymouth Barracuda, AMC Javelin, Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro racing head to head on some of the best circuits in United States. These were the days when racing was racing. There was no traction or stability control and no anti-lock brakes. Hell, these cars ran on leaf-springs and in doing so showed us that the old muscle cars of yesteryear truly could go around corners if properly set-up. I was visiting over at, a web site that is dedicated to making full-on corner carvers out of vintage American muscle, when I came upon a thread containing some wonderful old photographs of Trans Am racing in its heyday. These photos were taken by Dave Friedman and give us a little insight into how amazing this series really was.
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Top 20 Cars Named After Animals.

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Mercury Cougar

Over the years automakers the world over have used animal names to describe their newest cars. These names are supposed to immortalize the true essence of these cars and portray to their owners the automobiles inner spirit. More often than not however these names are ill-seated at best and unfortunately at the end of the day, don’t do the poor animal any justice at all. Below is a listing of 20 cars that have taken their names from members of the wild kingdom. Some are appropriate, others, well… not so much. Either way though you can’t blame the manufacturers from trying to put a little personality into their rides.
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