Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Sweet Video of the New Infiniti M “Virtual Reveal” From Pebble Beach

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We weren’t on hand personally to see the new Infiniti M’s “virtual reveal” this past weekend, but we did swing by the tent later to check out the static display. The new M incorporates a lot of the design language of the sexy Essence concept that we showed you earlier in our coverage of the concept lawn. We were pretty impressed, so we dug up this video of the actual reveal ceremony for you viewing enjoyment. Make the jump to watch the new M in virtual action.

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Pebble Beach Wrap-Up: New Jaguar XJ has Sexy Interior

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Whatever you feel about the new wrapper of the venerable XJ sedan, we think you’d be hard pressed to find fault with the new interior, which is both visually appealing and a tactile delight. We were wowed by the combination of colors and materials that greeted us inside the silver demonstration car on Pebble Beach’s row of manufacturer displays. Make the jump for a gallery and more of our thoughts on the car.

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Pebble Beach Wrap-Up: the Motorcycles

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The motorcycles were a new addition this year to the Concours, and the field was open to British bikes built prior to 1959. The star attraction was the “Bathing Suit Bike,” a Vincent-HRD V-twin that was famous for setting land speed records while the rider adopted a “superman” pose on the bike. That being said, there was something there for everyone, from very old antiques to an amazing enclosed sidecar. Make the jump for a gallery and full press release.

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Pebble Beach Wrap-Up: the Concept Lawn

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We already showed you Jay Leno trying out the Devon GTX on the Concept Lawn, but we thought we’d give you an overview of some of the other cars out there. Click through bellow for a nice selection of the offerings.

SMS Dodge Challenger 570


This heavily massaged Challenger made its hulking presence on the lawn known with its loud purpleish-blue paint and aggressive striping package. Of course, it wasn’t merely fronting; it backed up the visuals with a Lysholm supercharger that blows 3.2 cubic meters of air per minute into the 5.7 liter Hemi engine. It definitely stood out, even next to the eye-catching Bertone Mantide and Devon GTX.

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Pebble Beach Wrap-up: Best In Show is Gorgeous 1937 Horsch Convertible

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P8162070 (Large)

UPDATE: Pebble Beach issued a press release which we’re including after the jump.

You might not have heard of Horsch before, and we don’t blame you – pre-war German cars are kind of obscure by any measure if they don’t have a three-pointed star mounted on the hood. Well, August Horsch was the founder of Audi (both mean “to hear,” Horsch in German, Audi in Latin), but he started out making cars under his own name. This absolutely gorgeous Horsch is a ’37 853 Sport Cabriolet, and the moment we (and anybody else at the show) saw it, it was a foregone conclusion that it would be the best in show. No contest – it was unbelievably beautiful and simply overshadowed everything around it, including the largest collection of Bentley racecars ever assembled. Even folks who don’t even like pre-war classic cars would be hard-pressed to deny that this is simply a work of art. It attracted a huge crowd on the viewing green but we managed to get enough shots to make a gallery for you to peruse below.

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Pebble Beach: World Debut of Bentley Mulsanne

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Ak 2 336

If any of our readership has been putting off their purchase of a Bentley because they were waiting for something fresh for the company, listen up: the Bentley Mulsanne is the newest of the big rigs from Crewe to hit the road, and we caught its world debut at Pebble Beach right on the awards stage. Still powered by a 6.75 liter V-12 (although “significantly reengineered”), this is the new flagship of the resurgent Bentley, which has pretty much flourished under Volkswagen Group ownership. We have a full gallery of hot reveal shots to show you, and a press release, after the jump.

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Pebble Beach: Jay Leno Starts Up the Devon GTX

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AK 1 070

We reported previously that the Devon Motorworks claimed a track record in their brand new GTX sportscar in Monterey . They debuted it yesterday in Monterey where it ran a demonstration lap around Laguna Seca, and today it was here at Pebble Beach. Jay Leno, the comedian and all-around car guy, got a peek at the GTX and was able to start it up and give it a stationary workout. Gallery below.

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Pebble Beach: Gooding & Co. Auction Viewing

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It’s not everyday that a $2.7 million (estimate) car comes across the block, but here at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, it’s perhaps less unusual. That particular car is, unsurprisingly, a Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider, one of the rarest and most desirable of the prancing horses. But the Gooding auction is not just a one-trick pony – as the official auction house of the Concours, they will be auctioning off 169 cars worth millions of dollars in what should be one of the most incredible auctions this year. We were on hand at the pre-auction viewing to give you a backstage look at all of the lust-able cars on display. Our mega-gallery below should give you an idea of what is crossing the block … also check out Gooding’s auction preview page for more information about the cars up for auction.

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Pebble Beach: Porsche Panamera US Debut

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Part of the appeal of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, aside from the impossibly beautiful old cars, are the new car displays. We are at Pebble Beach and caught the 2010 Porsche Panamera’s US debut. Love it or hate it, the Panamera seems like an imposing car in photos – that aggressive 911/Cayenne aggregate front end coupled with the bizarre ‘80s Cadillac Seville drooping tail seem to add up to a very striking overall impression. If you want to see the new Porsche Panamera in the flesh in the US, the only place to do so (for now) is at Pebble Beach. We were fortunate enough to see two examples of the breed, flown directly from the Leipzig manufacturing facility in Germany directly to the event. The two on display were the higher-end trim levels – the “base” ‘S’ model (MSRP $89,900), and the range-topping Turbo. Make the jump for a full gallery of both cars and our impressions.

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Live From Pebble Beach – The Hyundai Equus, Lexus LF-A Racer, and Tramontana

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We’re here at Pebble Beach for the Tour d’Elegance, when all the trailer queens brave the wilds of 17 Mile Drive, a private road that costs $9.25 just to drive on. Not exactly the realm of Lord Humungus, really. Anyhow, on the way to see the parade of rarified metal creak by, we happened upon the Hyundai, Lexus, and Tramontana tents … they’re here to show off their goods to the jaded Bentley-philes. Thankfully they didn’t have to loudly hawk them, roasted-chestnuts-in-a-Dickens-novel-style. The cars speak for themselves.

Equus 1

We have to say we were suitably impressed with the Hyunai Equus in the flesh. We reported last week that Hyundai is serious about bringing the huge sedan stateside, and after spending some time in and around it, we say bring it on.

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