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Upcoming Event: 2011 One Lap of America

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2011 One Lap of America

If you live in the Northeast then you know that Mother Nature has been a total bitch this year. She’s nailed us with five snow storms and freezing temperatures that will ensure that we’ll have snow on the ground until April. What that means is that all of us up here in the land of the chosen frozen have nothing to do but look forward to this years crop of upcoming events. For example, car show season is in full swing which is great, IMPA test days are coming up and every now and again we’ll get a day that’s over 30 degrees. For me though, I’m just looking forward to my vacation. Now most people like to spend their time off either at the beach or traveling. Me… I’m a road trip guy, which means right now I’m looking forward to this years 2011 One Lap of America.
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Blind Man Laps Daytona

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Mark Riccobono on track in Daytona. Image: NFB

Mark Riccobono shared a dream with many other guys in America: he wanted to lap Daytona Speedway, specifically the challenging Daytona road course. Unlike many of us who simply lack the funds to do so, Riccobono had one other challenge to overcome: he’s been blind since the age of five. This weekend, ahead of the Daytona 24 hour race, that didn’t stop him. Driving a laser-rangefinder equipped Ford Escape Hybrid, Riccobono not only lapped the 1.5 mile Daytona road course, but he even successfully avoided obstacles deliberately placed in front of him, or thrown from the van he was pacing. By the end of the lap, Riccobono even passed the pace van. Read More…

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Successfully Tests at Sebring.

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If you’re a faithful follower of Ridelust (like you should be) then you know that we’ve been following the development of Cadillac’s new CTS-V Coupe race car. Visually the car is simply bad ass and should strike fear into the hearts of those who see it in their rear view mirrors. The pictures you see here are of the car testing this past Monday at Sebring International Raceway in Sebring, Fla. The car will be driven by Johnny O’Connell and Andy Pilgrim and is currently readying itself for the SCCA World Challenge GT series that takes place this coming March. Below are a bunch of photos, so make sure to click through and enjoy! Read More…

Wait, THAT’S A Caterham?

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Meet the Caterham SP/300R, the latest track day terror from the builders of the Caterham 7. Like the Caterham 7 and it’s variants, the SP/300R has limits best explored in the safe confines of a race track. Unlike the Caterham 7, you won’t be driving the SP/300R to the race track, since the current version is not road legal. Caterham feels that there’s enough demand for “track only” cars to go this route for the car’s introduction, although a road-going version is said to be under consideration. Read More…

Slow In, Fast Out Works Much Better

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How To Crash an Evo!

Toronto Motorsports Park allows cheap lapping on weekday summer nights. Oddly, it also doesn’t require any prior training or safety equipment, as evidenced by this video. The driver claims that his brake fluid boiled, resulting in a loss of braking ability at the end of the first straight. I’m not buying it, since it looks like he was way too focused on passing the Rabbit down the front straight to worry about things like braking markers or turn in points. Besides, what’s the sense of turning in when you’re carrying that much speed? Unless you’re in an F1 car, that’s only going to cause massive understeer and loss of control. If your brakes truly are gone, it’s better to go straight off in a corner than to go off sideways or backwards.

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2011 Mustang GT: Track Driven and Driver Approved.

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2011 Ford Mustang GT

One of the best parts about being part of the automotive industry are the people you get to meet. From the general enthusiast, to the company executives to the celebrities, we are very fortunate to be in a position where we can truly experience the industry as a whole. Another bonus are the friends you make along the way. Take my buddy Roger Garbow for example. Roger is the founder of Full Throttle Marketing, an automotive and motor sports marketing firm in Connecticut. He crashed his first hand-built go-kart at 8-years old, and was once pulled over by a NYC Police officer while driving a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup race car on 11th Avenue in New York City (true story). So when we met it was a no brainer that we’d eventually become good friends. Roger emailed me about a recent experience that he had thrashing a new 2011 Ford Mustang GT around the corners of Monticello Motor Club’s 4.2 mile circuit up in Monticello, NY. He was also kind enough to put together a little synopsis of his day, complete with video. Oh… and just for the record, the Mustang GT really is as good as he says it is.
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Experience The Evolution of the 911 At Porsche’s Driving Experience

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The Porsche 911 is one of the world’s most iconic sports cars. It’s had a development history that spans some 45 years, so there’s absolutely no denying that the car has grown consistently more capable as it’s evolved. Still, if you’re a true Porschephile, you’d want to know how various generations of the 911 compare to one another, on a race track, driven sequentially. If you’re willing to travel to Silverstone, in the U.K., Porsche now gives you the chance to drive three versions of the 911 back to back.

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Caterham Plans New Track Car, Not Based On The Lotus 7

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A Caterham 7. Image: sjmmarsh

No road-going car in the history of the automobile sums up the Colin Chapman philosophy of “adding lightness” better than the Lotus 7, which lives on to this day in the form of the Caterham Roadsport and Superlight series. The cars weigh next to nothing, since luxury amenities are limited to things like seats, a steering wheel and a windshield. They’re considered to be among the best track-day toys you can buy, but they’re less than pleasant to drive on the roads to and from the track. Worse, they’re ugly as sin, since aesthetics were never considered in the vehicle’s design. Headlights and turn signals are tacked-on afterthoughts, as are the front fenders. The nose of the car is a giant grille, which gives the Caterham the appearance of a shell-shocked amphibian. Sure it’s fast, but it’s as sexy as John Madden in a dress.

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The Heroic Days of Motor Racing 1902-1951.

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Automobiles are safer now than in any other time in history. Built in roll cages, crash boxes and crumple zones as well as airbags and all manner of safety restraint systems are in place to keep occupants safe from harm. In the early days speed ruled the roost and driver safety was more of an afterthought than anything else. Racers would run flat-out at speeds upwards of 100 mph in some of the most archaic machines ever made, all in the quest for victory. There were no seat belts, fire retardant suits or helmets for drivers to wear and because of this being a race car driver was one of the most lethal sporting events one could partake in. The above video shows us just how the pioneers of motor sports won, lost and sometimes even died. Be warned, some of the images are graphic, but once you see them I think you’ll be amazed at how far we’ve come in terms of the technological advancements that have been made to the automobile over the last 100 years.

Source: Youtube.com

How Close Is Gran Turismo 5 To The Real Thing?

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I’ve never been a believer that racing sims make you a better driver in real life; conversely, being good behind the wheel of a real car doesn’t mean you’ll be fast in the virtual world. Sure, video games may help you learn the line around a particular track, but they lack the visceral feel of driving a real car in anger and can’t teach you things like threshold braking, heel-toe driving or matching revs on the downshift. Denis Malevanyi is one of those rare individuals who excels in both worlds, as this video, found by Autoblog, clearly demonstrates. Malevanyi throws a real E92 M3 and its virtual counterpart around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and it’s truly amazing how well the videos synch up. Real world or virtual world, Malevanyi can drive.

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