Going To SEMA? Chevy Will Show You How An LS-9 Motor Goes Together

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Corvette buyers ordering a Z06 or ZR-1 Corvette can pay $5,800 for the privilege of flying to Michigan and building the motor with their own two hands. Critics have panned this: Viknesh Vijayenthiran at Motor Authority, for example, is perplexed why anyone would pay for a motor twice. I, on the other hand, completely understand it, and if I were in a financial position to buy a new Z06 or ZR-1, I’d check the option box to put the motor together myself. There’s just something significant about being their for the birth of your car’s motor: if I have to explain it, you’re not going to understand.

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Jeep Teases SEMA Concepts

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Mark Allen, a designer for Jeep, takes us through the mix of trucks the company will have on display at their SEMA booth in this strangely low-res video. I know you don’t want to steal the thunder from your SEMA exhibit, but is a video we can watch without our eyes bleeding too much to ask?

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SEMA Preview: Trans Am and Camaro from HPP.

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Trans Am

Next week the Las Vegas Convention Center is going to be overwhelmed with cars and trucks from the automotive aftermarket. You see it’s SEMA time once again and companies are getting ready to bring out their creations for the world to see. One such company is HPP (Heide Performance Products), a company that you may remember brought us their interpretations of the classic Plymouth Superbird and Dodge Daytona. Well this year HPP is back at SEMA, but this time they’ve jumped on the GM bandwagon with their new renditions of a classic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and Chevrolet Camaro.
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Chrysler Preps for SEMA 2010 in Las Vegas.

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There is only one week left until the SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV which means anyone whose anyone in the aftermarket parts business will be there in full force. Custom cars, hot rods, engine builders as well as both TV and radio personalities will be out in droves. Keep in mind though that SEMA is where the manufactures like to go buck wild as well, as they use SEMA to show off their latest and greatest. Chrysler for example will be there showing off such models as the 2011 Redline Charger concept, the Dodge Durango Citadel black and tan, the 2011 Dodge Challenger 392 “Inaugural Edition” that we wrote about yesterday and my personal favorite the Fiat 500 GT. Dodge is known for creating concept vehicles that are big on style and personality. My hope however is that they offer the same stylistic options used on their concepts for purchase to the general public. The 2010 SEMA show is poised to be one of the best ever, so make sure you check back with us all next week for updates on the latest and greatest from the aftermarket!


T-Tops Are Back: Celebrate The 1980s For Only $6,500

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Do you long for the 1980s, when you spent your weekend nights cruising the boulevard with the Scorpions or Night Ranger blasting from your t-top Camaro? Yeah, I don’t either, but now you can add a t-top conversion to any new Camaro coupe. Developed by Drop Top Customs, the kit will makes it’s debut at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Autoevolution says that installation will set you back $6,500, plus your donor Camaro.

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Reinvent the Wheel? It’s possible…

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Back in the mid 1980’s we started to see a trend pop up on automobiles all over the world. It started off slow at first but as this trend picked up steam it created an industry that changed the look of the automobile forever. Some of you may, or may not agree with this, but the fact of the matter is, 25 years later, that trend is still here and going stronger than ever. I’m talking about the multi-billion dollar industry of aftermarket wheels.

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’34 Ford Ecoboost Hot Rod Challenges “No Replacement For Displacement”

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Perhaps one of the most tired cliches in the industry is “no replacement for displacement” and while the saying if often true, it does not change the fact that after hearing it approximately 4,553 times you begin to seriously entertain the idea of committing felonious acts of assault. Such was largely the case with the repetitious argument Ford put forth at SEMA this year with their 1934 Ecoboost V6 Hot Rod – if that engine had one unit of horsepower for every time “replacement” and “displacement” were used in the same sentence, it wouldn’t be street legal. Fortunately, the hot rod itself was just impressive enough to compensate for any minor annoyances presented by the PR department and by the time you finish the virtual walk-around, all will be completely forgiven. Read More…

Propane Powered 1956 Ford F-100 Does Hank Hill Proud

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Thanks to the custom propane-powered engine, Steve Hale’s 1956 F-100 hot rod is one of the most extremely badass yet remarkably fuel-efficient vehicles I’ve seen to date. To highlight the conservation ideology demonstrated by the latter feature, Hale chose to construct the F-100 out of copper – which makes for a very interesting design aesthetic to say the least. Fortunately, the dazzling metallic paint is complimented nicely by the copper and manages to escape the ire usually reserved for over-the-top SEMA jobs. As a matter of fact, so impressive is the entire execution I’m even willing to forgive the inclusion of the obligatory suicide doors. Read More…

AMP=D Electric Makes Going Green A Rewarding Experience

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True, although today could have been spent exploring the new and innovative technologies used by various firms to further the development of environmentally-friendly vehicles, I’m easily distracted by throaty exhaust notes. Unfortunately, the burgeoning aftermarket industry is only more than happy to accommodate my insatiable appetite which brings me one of this year’s only SEMA vehicles on the planet that will not cause severe retina damage: AMP=D Electric’s 1933 Ford Hot Rod. Since RideLust was not personally represented at SEMA this year and the individuals that did attend are forcibly protecting their exclusive images, the only coverage RL is able to provide is one lone, superbly edited, incredibly informative video. Poor, poor you. Read More…

Toyota Tacoma ATG Provides the Ultimate Break From Reality

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A contradiction if there ever was one: the Toyota Tacoma All Terrain Gamer. Contrary to what one might immediately conclude, the biggest design flaw here was assuming that any gamer enthusiastic enough to need three in-dash TV screens would ever be interested in something as physically taxing (and so full of sunshine! AUGH! IT BURNS!) as off-roading. The second mistake is harder to specify as the entire vehicle itself seems to be an exercise in questionable judgment – which doesn’t stop me from irrationally lusting after it.

True, all outward indicators suggest that it’s a bigger Microsoft-bred horror than their current operating system (which I use, because you insufferable Apple elitists don’t make the Mac any more attractive), but look! It has gullwing doors! It also has a green Plexiglas-covered TRD-tuned 304 horsepower 4.0-liter Supercharged engine, which Toyota claims (without a trace if irony) perfectly enables the adventurous gamer to traverse even the most rugged landscape. The rugged landscape where? Outside Mom’s basement? Read More…