1959 Daytona 500: When Balls Were Made of Steel

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Richard Petty
*Yeah… that’s a convertible.

If you’ve ever driven a car built before 1970 then you know damn well that they’re about as safe as an ox cart. There are no crumple zones, no airbags and the brakes were from the Flintstone era. Back in the late 1950’s safety was more of an afterthought as drivers simply had one thing on their minds, winning. It was a time of learning and experimenting in NASCAR and because of this safety for both the drivers and the crowd was more of an afterthought than anything else. The following is video of the 1959 Daytona 500. The cars were huge, the technology was nonexistent and the sheer will of the drivers was something that continues to amaze us to this day.


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Should Kyle Busch be banned from racing?

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Kyle Busch Crash

It’s often said that racing is a gentleman’s sport, however this past weekend Kyle Busch proved this was indeed, incorrect. You see Busch has a temper, so much so that it seemingly gets him into hot water just about everywhere he goes. For instance, this past weekend at Texas Motor Speedway Busch intentionally plowed fellow driver Ron Hornaday’s truck into the wall after he was rubbed by Hornaday just moments earlier. The contact was simply malicious and because of this NASCAR suspended him from Friday’s race as well as the weekends races in the Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup series.

So, the question is this; should Kyle Busch, a man with known malicious behavior towards other drivers, be booted from racing all together, OR should he be allowed to continue because he adds an element of unpredictability to the sport. Whatcha’ think?

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Danica Patrick To Quit IndyCar For NASCAR’s Nationwide Series

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Patrick wins at Motegi, Japan, in 2008. Image: Morio

In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, underachieving IndyCar driver Danica Patrick will switch to a full time ride in the NASCAR Nationwide Series for 2012. Patrick will race a full schedule for Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his JR Motorsports team next year, although she’s expressed interest in competing in the Indy 500 on Memorial Day weekend. Preparation for the 500 race generally takes the entire month of May, which would conflict with three scheduled NASCAR Nationwide events. JR Motorsports is eager enough to sign Patrick that they’re willing to work out a solution agreeable to all. Read More…

Travis Pastrana Breaks Ankle, Foot In X-Games Crash

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This just in: freestyle motocross is a dangerous sport, and it’s best not to participate when you’ve got your NASCAR Nationwide debut coming up in a few days. That’s advice that adrenaline junkie Travis Pastrana didn’t heed, and the result is a broken right ankle and foot, and torn ligaments in his hand. The damage occurred in an opening-night crash at this year’s X-Games 17. Pastrana was attempting to stick the landing on a corked 720 when the bike came down on his foot; the ligament damage in his hand occurred in practice for the stunt. Read More…

128 in a 45 mph Zone: Way to go Kyle Busch!

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Kyle Busch Speeding

One would think that when your day job consists of driving around banked ovals doing 200 mph that maybe, just maybe, you’d see fit to back it down a little on the street. Apparently NASCAR superstar Kyle Busch doesn’t think so however as he was recently clocked doing 128 mph in a 45 mph zone in a loaner Lexus LF-A just south of Troutman, NC. Clocked by Chris Stone, an Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Sgt., Stone stated that,

“I didn’t even know what kind of car it was,” Stone said. “I hit my radar button and it read 128.”

Believe me when I tell you that in a car like the LF-A 128 mph can come up within the blink of an eye, however 128 mph in a 45 – that’s a bit much. Even though Busch stated, “I take responsibility for my actions and I can assure you that something like this will never happen again,” it doesn’t change the fact that he may still be in some very deep doo-doo. I mean hell, he was after all doing almost 3 times the posted speed limit. Busch was cited for excessive speed, careless and reckless driving.


A Visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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As painful as it may be to admit, the biggest spectator sport in the United States is in fact, NASCAR. With crowds averaging around 99,000 per event, the NASCAR faithful have cemented themselves in automotive history as the uber fans of American motor sports. As most of you know NASCAR got its roots from the good old days when moonshiners would soup up their transport cars in order to make them fast enough to outrun the revenuers. Those moonshiners then began to brag amongst themselves as to whose car was faster, then a few races ensued and PRESTO – NASCAR was born. Our friends over at just happen to take a little side trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame down in Charlotte, NC whence on their way to the Continental Tire Challenge and Rolex 24 at Daytona Speedway. Up on their arrival they looked around and then interviewed NASCAR historian Buz McKim, who gave them a great history lesson on how the boys of the big ovals came to be.
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Dodge Awards New Challenger to NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski.

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Keselowski 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8

Being a race car driver definitely comes with some stellar perks. For one, it’s a dream job as you make your living ripping around the best race tracks in the country. Then there’s the fame, the money and the girls, which also help lend to the jobs appeal. It’s a pretty good gig if you ask me and one that I would gladly take on if given the opportunity. NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Brad Keselowski had the honor of piloting the No. 22 Discount Tire/Ruby Tuesday Dodge Charger from Penske Racing, and by the looks of it, he made the most of it. Keselowski was recently crowned the 2010 Champion, and to celebrate his win in the series Dodge Motorsports’ Bryan Viger awarded Keselowski with what Dodge calls, “The Biggest Trophy In NASCAR”, in the form of a 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 that was build by the “Mopar Underground” team at Chrysler.
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F1’s Lewis Hamilton To NASCAR?

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Hamilton in the MP4-25. Image: Morio

In a bizarre twist of fate, Lewis Hamilton, the F1 wunderkind and star driver for McLaren Mercedes, will jump ship and head to NASCAR. Conveniently, Tony Stewart will give up his NASCAR ride and take Hamilton’s seat in last year’s McLaren MP4-25. The catch? Both are exhibition drives, courtesy of NASCAR and F1 sponsor Mobil 1. Both drivers will get the full “arrive and drive” treatment, complete with engineers and pit crew support, but don’t expect either driver to set record lap times. Read More…

Can You Name The Racer By His Helmet?

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OK, sports fans, here’s a challenge for you. Without going to the internet, how many of the helmets below can you associate with the racers who wore them? I’m going to make it particularly hard by mixing up the racing series; some are from F1, some are from IndyCar (and its predecessor, Champ Car), and there are even a few NASCAR helmets thrown in for good measure. Some ore (relatively) recent, while others go back a few years. I’ll throw you a few clues along the way, but I’m not going to give away any answers. Up for the challenge? Reply with your best guesses and I’ll publish the answers towards the end of the week. Read More…

Travis Pastrana Learns To Drive A Stock Car

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By now you’ve heard that Travis Pastrana has given up on rallying for a career driving stock cars. He’s partnered with Michael Waltrip racing to campaign a Toyota in NASCAR’s Nationwide series, the same series that IndyCar’s Danica Patrick failed to make progress in last year. Pastrana bought his way into the team, so he gets my respect for putting his money down upfront, instead of just hiring on as a big name driver. The video has its amusing moments, like when Pastrana says, “visually, it’s not that quick, but you see the car dancing everywhere.” Trust me, every dancing racecar I’ve ever been in felt plenty quick behind the wheel, regardless of what it looked like to spectators.

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