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RUSH: Introducing James Hunt

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James Hunt Rush

He’s been said to have slept with 33 flight attendants in two weeks, partied like their was no tomorrow and drove a Formula 1 car like no other. RUSH is Ron Howard’s new film that follows the 1976 Formula One season, and more specifically, the battle between playboy driver James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth) and his fierce rivalry with tactician Niki Lauda. The latest trailer concentrates solely on Hunt, and his self-absorbed style of racing. Check it out after the jump.

Source: via Jalopnik

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Rush: Trailer 3 / GAME ON!

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RUSH Ron Howard

Ron Howard’s upcoming film “RUSH” tells the true story of the famous Formula 1 battle between drivers James Hunt and the brilliant Niki Lauda. Where Hunt was a flamboyant playboy with raw talent, Lauda was more of a methodical technician of speed. Both drivers were outstanding with two completely different styles of driving, and if the film is anything like the trailer below, we’re all in for one helluva thrill ride!


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Tom Cruise Learns to Drive the Red Bull Racing F1

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Tom Cruise

It must be nice being Tom Cruise, as not only are you a world famous movie star, but you’re granted access to some of the greatest toys the planet has to offer. For instance, showing up to Willow Springs Raceway in a Red Bull helicopter (Tom is flying of course) and then having the chance to jump into a million dollar Formula 1 car for some quick laps. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not jealous (yes I am) but I’ve think I’ve chosen to follow the wrong line of work.


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Alexander Rossi in the Lotus 49 at COTA – Road & Track

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Alexander Rossi

If you were to ask any professional racing driver if they were afraid of any car, the probability of them saying “Yes” would be very small. Alexander Rossi, the reserve driver for the Caterham F1 Team is no exception. At 22-years old he’s one of the youngest in the sport and looks to have a long, fruitful career ahead of him. However just for shits and giggles Rossi was recently given the opportunity to climb behind the wheel of a machine that was 24 years his senior. The car was Jim Clark’s 1967 Lotus 49, and while new to Rossi, he wasted no time in flogging it around the new Circuit of the America’s in Austin, TX. Check out Road & Track’s video below.


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F1 Car in Lincoln Tunnel – Full Edit

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Red Bull F1 Lincoln Tunnel

I can tell you from experience that one of the best parts about being a native New Yorker was ripping through the Holland, Mid-town and Lincoln tunnels at full-tilt with the exhaust of my 1968 Dodge Charger bellowing off the walls. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Red Bull decided to do the same thing with their Formula 1 Car. It must be nice to have the clout to shut down the entire tunnel and pull a stunt like this.

Bravo Red Bull, bravo!

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Dan Gurney: A Man With Steel Stones

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Dan Gurney Eagle

Few people in motorsports have accomplished as much as the legendary Dan Gurney. He’s competed in Formula 1, NASCAR, Indy car, the Trans Am racing series, Sports Car World Championship Events, the British Saloon Car Championship Series as well as just about every other motorsports series on the planet Earth. He ran in a time when racing technology was in its infancy and drivers won events with sheer horsepower and will. His Eagle Formula 1 car of the late 1960’s for example weighed in at 1170 lbs, had a Gurney Weslake built V12 that made 395-410 bhp at 11.000 rpm and went almost 200 mph. By today’s standards the car was a coffin on wheels, but back in 1966-1968, it was one of the most advanced racing machines out there.

Source: Road and Track

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What F1 Drivers Do In Their Spare Time

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In town for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Red Bull Renault driver Mark Webber takes in some local culture by riding a camel, trying his hand at a little falconry, and by dune bashing in the UAE desert in an Infiniti QX56. The QX56 is Infiniti’s full-size SUV, and it comes jam-packed with the luxury amenities you’d expect from Nissan’s luxury brand. There’s rich leather seating, a climate controlled interior (complete with ventilated front seats) and a 400 horsepower, 5.6-liter V8 to ensure you don’t get bogged down in the soft stuff.

In our mind, dune bashing is best done in a sand rail or other purpose-built buggy, but those don’t generally come with air conditioning (or an enclosed cockpit). Besides, sand rails aren’t built by a company that helps fund Mark Webber’s weekly paycheck, so the QX56 seems like a reasonable alternative after all.

It’s Tough Being Nico Rosberg

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Nico Rosberg: F1 star, creepy stalker dude, or both?

Being an F1 driver isn’t as easy as it looks. In addition to piloting the fastest cars on the planet for a living (while trying to not upstage your famous teammate too much), you have to be seen at all the right parties, wearing all the right clothes. Unlike rock stars, who have fixers (i.e., roadies) to arrange “dates” with groupies, F1 drivers, it appears, have to hunt down their own fans before going heels-to-Jesus. Read More…

The First F1 Car Laps India’s Buddh F1 Circuit

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In preparation for tomorrow’s first-ever Indian Grand Prix, here’s a video showing you the new track. Red Bull Renault junior driver Neel Jani got the honor of being the very first driver to pilot an F1 car around the new track, which explains why his speeds were modest. The very first rule of racing is “don’t stack the race car,” but that’s superseded by “don’t be the first guy to stack a race car on a brand new track that hasn’t been raced on yet.” Read More…

F1 Coming To Weehawken, NJ

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Red Bull Renault's Sebastian Vettel at Monaco. Image: Nick J. Webb

Go ahead and check your calendars, but we assure you this isn’t an April Fools Day post. The rumored NYC area Formula 1 race has now been confirmed, so get set to hit the swamps of Jersey to spectate at the June 2013 Grand Prix of America. It won’t be at Liberty State Park and it won’t be in Jersey City; instead, the venue has moved north, and will be held on a street circuit in Weehawken, NJ (one town over from Hoboken, in case you’re not familiar with the local geography). Read More…