Moscow Drift: Hoonage Spoken Here

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There may be a language barrier between the U.S. and Russia, but “sideways with smoking tires” is a universal language. The drifting in this video was done by Evgeniy Satyukov and Georgiy Stepanyan, who took first and second place in the 2010 Russian Drift Series, respectively. The film was made on a mix of tracks and city streets, and I probably don’t need to remind you that going full hoon in Moscow isn’t a good idea for foreign nationals. In fact, it’s not even a good idea for Russian nationals, unless you know who to tip generously for looking the other way. Video below. Read More…

Formula Drift Hits Abu Dhabi

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The Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s best motorsport venues, and home to competition ranging from endurance racing through Formula 1. You can now add Formula Drift to that list, since the U.S. based series ran an exhibition event there on February 25. The win went to 2010’s Formula Drift Rookie of the Year, Frederic Aasbo, driving a Toyota Supra. Aasbo will also take the seat at Papadakis Racing soon to be vacted by Tanner Foust, who has shifted his focus to the Top Gear America TV series. Video below. Read More…

Tanner Foust says goodbye to Formula D.

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Tanner Foust

Two-time, first ever back-to-back title champion for one of the most popular racing events of the decade, and as one of the most recognized drivers to the sport, Tanner Foust, is temporarily saying goodbye to Formula D. After standing on the podium five times last season during seven events, he has proven undoubtedly that he is a force to be reckoned with. He holds the highest score in both Formula D and D1 and was also voted to be the “Best Representative of Drifting” by his former competitors. He is indisputably one of the best drivers for precision and car control. Since Tanner is saying goodbye to his former crew at Papadakis Racing, it will be interesting to see last years Rookie of the year, Fredric Aasbo, who has since partnered with Papadakis and Team Need For Speed to step up and take the wheel for the upcoming season.

Remote Helicopter Captures Amazing SloMo Drifting

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Helicopter Camera

What is it about cars doing burnouts in slow motion that makes us get all tingly inside? Maybe it’s just the process by which the camera captures the action or the fact that in slow motion we now have the ability to see what is really going on. Either way car enthusiast videos like this one are some of the coolest out there and we can’t get enough of them. Shot by a company called DK Video Productions in Koropi, Greece, these shots were captured by utilizing a TREX 700N remote controlled helicopter with an HCS mount and a Canon 550d camera with 18-55 lens. Filming with remote controlled helicopters is something that in recent years has really been coming into its own. A properly set-up machine would run around $2,500-$3,000, with the camera being about $900. That’s not too bad considering renting out a real helicopter with a pilot for a day would run you exponentially more. What’s really amazing are the professional looking shots that were obtained, which is something that I wouldn’t think possible from a remote controlled unit. Click through to watch the video.
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Epic Drift Battle: Motorcycle VS Car

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Car vs Bike Drift Battle

We’ve all seen drift battles before, two cars battling it out around a closed course with smoke pouring from the tires. They’re fast, powerful and from a spectators point of view, an absolute blast to watch. But how about a drift battle between a motorcycle and a car? That’s something that I had never seen… that is, until now. The video you see below was created by Icon Motorsports and is, to my knowledge, the first legitimate drift battle between a two-wheeler and a four-wheeler. The bike is a 2005 Kawasaki ZX10 with an extended swing-arm and one helluva rear tire on the back. It’s competition is a tweaked mid-90’s Mazda RX-7 with a Corvette engine. Seems fair right? What’s amazing though is that this video is more exciting to me then anything done by Ken Block and it probably cost 1/100th the cost to produce. Either way though, I can almost guarantee that you’re going to like it so click through, hit play and enjoy. Read More…

Driftworks Christmas Movie 2010

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Yes I know it’s after Christmas, but in the spirit of the holidays I thought I would post up one more Christmas video. This time it comes straight from the guys at Driftworks and while I don’t condone what they’re doing, I have to say that it looks like one helluva lot of fun! Enjoy!

Source: Driftworks.com

Semi-Truck Drifting Is Hard On Tires

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Mike Ryan knows a thing or two about going fast in semi trucks: he is, after all, the nine time Pike’s Peak class winner in his custom built Freghtliner race truck. Despite the fact that the truck weighs in at 5 tons, it’ll still turn a 13.2 quarter mile, thanks to the 14.7 liter, compound-turbo Detroit Diesel engine that puts out some 1,950 horsepower. In its current gearing, the truck will top out around 108 miles per hour, but you get the feeling it’s capable of much more with shorter gears. Not bad for an oil burning inline six.

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Drifting Semi Trucks: Wrong or Right?

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Ever watch a sport and think to yourself that it’s simply not right? That’s how I feel about semi-truck drifting. Watching big rigs slide around a race track is like watching a bunch of overweight chicks fight it out for a spot on the dance floor. I mean sure they can dance, but in the end it’s just not an attractive thing to watch. Big rigs, unlike cars, are built specifically to haul large quantities of goods and merchandise from Point A to Point B, so when they’re modified for racing I just have a hard time buying into it. Take this big ole’ Scania tractor in the above video for example. Yes the truck is powerful and yes it’s drifting, but the friggin’ thing is so damn slow that it’s not even exciting to watch. The reason that drifting automobiles works is because of the high speeds, tire smoke and slip angles that the cars achieve during the competition. In short, it’s full of high octane adrenaline and is exciting to watch. Sitting through this however is just painful. Hopefully the majority of the people out there agree with me, because this is one sport that I would hate to see become mainstream.

Source: Youtube.com

Sabine Schmitz gets frisky with CAR Magazine’s Juliet McGuire.

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It’s loading… trust us.

You may know Sabine Schmitz as the Wonder Woman of the Nurburgring, or as some folks like to refer to her, The Hottest Woman On The Planet. Sabine is best known for her skills piloting the Ring Taxi around the Nurburgrings many corners, but when not giving people paid tours around the Ring, she’s out test driving the worlds latest and greatest super cars. For example here we see Sabine taking CAR magazine’s Juliet McGuire for a little run in a BMW M3 Frozen Edition. Ms. Juliet is right on the edge of her seat for the entire ride and truth be told, Sabine looks as though she is totally enjoying making her passenger freak out. All I know is that Juliet McGuire is loving being in the passenger seat of that BMW, and I have a feeling that after that ride she’ll be satisfied in more ways than one.

Source: Carmag.co.za

Foust spanks Block at his own game!

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This past Saturday at Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, California, gymkhana Drift King Ken Block got his ass handed to him at his own event. You see the Gymkhana Grid Series was launched by Block as a way to help bring the sport of gymkhana further into the mainstream media. Competitors such as Tanner Foust and Vaughn Gittin Jr. were on hand not only to support Block, but to compete as well. A problem arose however when drift champion Tanner Foust, not only beat Block at the sport that he made famous, but beat him at his own inaugural event. Now I don’t know about you, but if I were Block I’d be feeling a bit sheepish right now. The video is a bit long but totally worth the watch, it should also be noted that Mr. Foust is a total class act. Click play and you’ll see why…

Source: Youtube.com