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Missed Wörthersee? No Worries, We’ve Got You Covered

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Nothing makes women hotter than an alligator skin Audi with scissor doors...

If you’re a VW or Audi fan, chances are you’ve heard of Wörthersee. It’s a lake in southern Austria, but it’s also home to the largest annual gathering of VW and Audi fans in the world. It’s best described as “Sturgis meet Sprockets”, if you get the reference to the old Saturday Night Live skit with Mike Myers. Picture thousands of heavily drinking Germans, Austrians and other Euros, turning their collective freak knobs up to 12, and you get the picture. It’s fun for families, too!

VW and Audi typically roll out some impressive new cars and concepts at the event, and this year was no exception. VW launched their 35th anniversary GTI, which comes loaded and packs 235 horsepower instead of 200. Audi rolled out their A1 clubsport quattro concept, and we salivated. Who wouldn’t jones over a car the size of a shopping cart, with 500 horsepower and quattro AWD? Don’t expect to see it in showrooms any time soon, but just knowing it exists is good enough for me. Enjoy the video below. Read More…

New Hyundai Genesis Coupe Coming To Detroit Auto Show

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The 2011 Genesis Coupe Image: Hyundai Motors

When Hyundai announced that only their V-6 Genesis sedan would be getting a bump in horsepower for the 2011 model year, Genesis Coupe fans cried “foul”. After all, more horsepower in a car with sporting intentions is never a bad thing, and the current Genesis Coupe’s 3.8-liter V6 only makes 306 horsepower. That’s not exactly “class leading”, especially when rivals Ford and Chevy have bumped the output of their own V-6 engines in recent years. Read More…

Meet The New BMW 1 Series

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The 1 Series Sport (L) and Urban (R). Image: BMW

BMW’s new 1 Series won’t officially debut until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing details in advance. First to break cover are the five-door hatchback models, built on the same platform as the new 3 Series. On the plus side, the new 1 Series hatchbacks have significantly more interior room than the outgoing coupes, and their hatchback design is a nod towards practicality. On the down side, larger means heavier, and the new crop of 1 Series cars is available only with four cylinder engines. In traditional BMW manner, the new cars will be front engine, rear drive. Read More…

Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals 2011

Triumph TR4 and TR3

BCW MG TD Replica
Recently, I attended the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals show at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania. Held every May, this show features a vast array of meticulously maintained classic British, European and Japanese cars, exemplary examples of their more modern kin, as well as a beautiful collection of kit cars.  As far as sheer variety in makes, models and years, hands down, this show can’t be beat.

This has become something of an annual treat for me as I can think of few better ways to spend a weekend than by gazing at a gleaming sea of jaw-droppingly stunning automobiles, many of which I guarantee you won’t find at other shows. Plus, participation is open to anyone with an import or a kit car – all you have to do is register, make your car pretty and show up. It’s a great opportunity to display your cherished ride and meet other aficionados of your favorite marques.

I used to come down to show my Saab and hang out with the Saab contingent that makes it out every year. But even though I have a Subaru now, it’s just so much fun that I continue to make the trip to Carlisle (my WRX was parked over by the lone DeLorean, if you happened to be there). Volvo, BMW and Audi clubs also traditionally have a large showing so the weekend is packed with the cars you love, cars you haven’t seen before, your friends from the forums, barbeques – it’s a good time for everyone.  So, if you’re not too far out from Pennsylvania, I definitely recommend heading out there next May to check out the Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals. To tide you over, provided for your viewing pleasure are some of my favorite cars of the weekend. Enjoy!


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Memorial Day Car Show Super Gallery

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Memorial Day Car Show Gallery

For those of you who are unaware, Memorial Day here in the United States is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. It’s a day to honor all those who have fought and died protecting the American way of life. Filled with family, friends, and of course, the BBQ’s, this day is a time for reflecting and relaxing. One other element, aside from the hundreds of Memorial Day parades that happen throughout the country, are the countless weekend car shows. Here car enthusiasts kick off the season by dragging their old sleds out of the garage, dusting off the cobwebs and then heading down to their local Sunday morning cruise for all to see. I headed on down to my favorite cruise spot at 6:30 am this past Sunday morning and was greeted by no less than 300 or so of the most beautiful antique and custom cars that the NY area has to offer. Everything from classic Triumph’s and Porsche’s to modern day Chevy’s were all present and accounted for. It was a day filled with great weather, great people and most of all, great cars. Click through for the gallery and enjoy.
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Jaguar’s C-X75 Hybrid Supercar To See Production

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Image: Flickr user SbastienRondet

When Jaguar showed their visionary C-X75 Concept at last year’s Paris Auto Show, I’ll admit that I had a hard time taking the car seriously. Sure, it was a stunner, but it was also shown as a non-functional turbine-electric hybrid, and history has not been kind to turbine powered automobiles. Remember the 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car? How about the GM Firebird Concept from 1953? Gas turbine engines may be ideal for vehicles like helicopters, but their complexity, power delivery and heat output make them less than ideal for road-going vehicles. I guessed that the C-X75 would never see production, but it turns out I was only half right. Read More…

Let Serene Show You The New York Auto Show

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This concept is brilliant, and I wonder why no other auto show thought of this first. Hire a stunning, leggy blond, put her in skin tight dresses that show off her, um, assets, and have her give you a highlight reel of the New York Auto Show. As you may have guessed, it’s chock full of sexual innuendo, but you have to expect that from videos like this. Sadly, RideLust doesn’t have the budget to hire someone with Serene’s talents, and neither Mike nor I can pull off a sheath dress and five inch heels. That said, I think this series has more life than just the New York Auto Show; speaking for me, I’d watch Serene take us on a tour of a sewage treatment plant, a Shriner’s convention or even a trade show for morticians. Enjoy the extended coverage from the New York Auto Show below. Read More…

Maserati Announces GranTurismo MC For North America

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Image: Maserati

Did you feel cheated when Maserati showed their GranTurismo MC Stradale at last year’s Paris Auto Show? The range-topping coupe appeared to be destined for European customers only, but Maserati has had a change of heart. We’re not getting the exact car the EU gets, but what we are getting is close enough to keep most U.S. enthusiasts happy. First, Maserati is dropping the “Stradale” name, so North American cars are simply called the GranTurismo MC. On the outside, the cars are identical, and that’s a very good thing since the coupe is a stunner. Inside, North American cars get the back seat that the GranTursimo MC Stradale omits, and buyers on this side of the Atlantic can get any transmission they want, as long as it’s an automatic. Maserati has opted to use the ZF automatic transmission from the GranTurismo, instead of the sequential-shift version found on the European MC Stradale. Why? Chalk it up to “buyer preferences” on this side of the Atlantic. Read More…

Mitsubishi Prices Their i EV

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The 2012 Mitsubishi i. Image: Mitsubishi

Want to buy your own Mitsubishi i, their funky cartoonish EV set to hit the market in the U.S by year end? Mitsubishi has released pricing and order details for battery powered urban commuter. The base model, called the Mitsubishi i ES, starts at $27,990 before you factor in the federal tax credit. Even the base model gives you speed-sensitive steering, LED tail lights, a heated driver’s seat, air conditioning with a micron particle filter, remote keyless entry and a 4 speaker, 100w audio system. Base models come with a 120V, 8 amp charging cable, which allows for overnight charging. Read More…

A Nissan Leaf… Race Car?

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The Nissan Leaf NISMO RC. Image: Nissan Motors

There are no electric-only automobile racing series in the United States at the current time, and a quick glance at the specs for the Nissan Leaf NISMO RC (for “Racing Competition”, not “Remote Control”) gives you an idea why. Even stripped of all unnecessary components, the Leaf NISMO RC still weighs in north of a ton. It’s quicker from zero to sixty than a standard Leaf, but it still takes nearly seven seconds to get there, before topping out at a maximum speed of 93 miles per hour. Under “racing conditions”, the Leaf NISMO RC is only expected to run for around 20 minutes per charge, which would make a Nissan Leaf spec series ideal for those suffering from attention deficit disorder. Still, I have to give Nissan a thumbs up for thinking in this direction; as it stands today, the Nissan Leaf NISMO RC isn’t much of a race car, but it is a testbed for improving the current road car. Sooner or later, racing will include electric vehicles, and Nissan is wise to get in at the forefront, instead of spending years playing catch up. Read More…