Geneva Motor Show

Pagani Huayra: Unpronounceable Goodness

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Stunning car, unpronounceable name. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get the name of Pagani’s latest supercar out of my mouth. Is it pronounced “Hoo-A-rah”, or is it more along the lines of “Hoy-ra”? I’m not even going to venture a guess, but I’ll say this: toss me the key and let me spend a day driving it, and I don’t care what you want me to call it. Pagani seems to understand that supercars should be designed and built with passion, and that sometimes subtle technology is better than in-your-face technology. From what I’ve seen, the Huayra’s interior is a work of art, befitting a car that costs as much as six McLaren MP4-12Cs. Enjoy videos of the car in action, and in the studio, below. Read More…

Saab’s PhoeniX Rises From The Ashes

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It’s no accident that Saab chose to use the name “PhoeniX” for both their latest platform and the concept car unveiled this week in Geneva. The Phoenix, after all, is the mythical creature that rises from the ashes of destruction, and Saab now looks poised to pull off the exact same trick. A year ago, no one knew if Saab would even find a buyer; now they have, and that buyer (Spyker) seems focused on both preserving the marque and moving it into the future. To that end, the PhoeniX concept looks both futuristic and retro at the same time, with more than a little styling influence from cars like Saab’s Sonett III of the early 1970s. The videos below give a little more detail on the creation of the car, as well as what Saab has in store for the future. Read More…

Eccentric Motors: The World’s Greatest Car Shows

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Car shows are always popular choices for automotive designers and manufacturers to debut their latest and greatest creations. They’ve been known to debut cars that run off everything from grass clippings to jet fuel, as well as cars so small that they’re only meant for one person. Some of these machines are ingenious and light years ahead of what the market is ready for, however thanks to cars shows we have the opportunity to gain a glimpse into the future of the automobile. Below is a list of events from around the world that should fulfill the needs of just about every automotive enthusiasts.
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Wiesmann Spyder: Part Roadster, Part Running Shoe

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If a car is small enough to make a first generation Miata look spacious, doesn’t include such luxuries as a windshield or a roof and has absolutely zero storage space, does it even qualify as a car? If that same vehicle packs a 420 horsepower V8 into its sub-2,200 pound chassis, do you even care what it’s called, as long as you get to drive it? In this case, I’m talking about the Wiesmann Sypder, the latest creation from the eccentric German constructor. Unveiled as a concept (with no immediate production plans) at this week’s Geneva Motor Show, I’d certainly sign on the dotted line to strap one on. Read More…

Mazda Minagi Concept Premiers In Geneva

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Image: Mazda

We first told you about Mazda’s Minagi concept in January; back then, it was nothing more than a design rendering, but Mazda’s been working overtime to roll out a Minagi concept vehicle in time for this week’s Geneva Auto Show. Designed to be a replacement for Mazda’s aging (and Ford-sourced) Trubute SUV, the Minagi is the first Mazda vehicle penned under their new Kodo design language. Meant to personify the “Soul of Motion”, the Kodo styling is a lot less goofy than their outgoing design, and that should definitely help bring customers back into showrooms. Designed as an “urban SUV”, the Minagi blends the handling that Mazda is known for with their new Skyactiv engine and transmission technology, for maximum fuel economy. Read More…

Fiat 500 Coupé Zagato Concept

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Fiat 500 Zagato Coupe Concept

Let’s get one thing straight, the new Fiat 500 Coupé Zagato Concept is cute, but the chick standing next to it is dead sexy. Just imagine how many of these little bad boys Fiat would sell if the sales consultants at dealerships looked like this. Fiat’s new little coupe is actually quite nice looking, in fact I like it more than the actual 500, even if it does remind me of a VW Beetle from the side. From the chopped dual-bubble roofline, to the sporty lower front valance, to the little ducktail spoiler out back, this little concept is a very nifty little car. Power comes from Fiat’s TwinAir two-cylinder turbo that makes 105hp and which, according to Fiat’s press release, maximizes the “fun to drive” element, while at the same time reducing fuel consumption and emission levels.
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Is This The FT-86 We’ll See?

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FT-86 II Concept

The FT-86 II Concept. Image: Toyota Europe

Toyota chose to roll out their latest FT-86 concept at this week’s Geneva Motor Show. Called simply the “FT-86 II”, the latest iteration of the much awaited FT-86 is probably close to what we’ll see in production form, at least in terms of overall styling. Base models probably won’t have HID headlamps, and I’d be willing to bet the LED driving lights don’t make it to production on entry level cars, either. The body kit shown will likely be optional (which is a good thing, since I think it’s hideous), and I’ll bet base models will come sans rear spoiler. Remember, Toyota’s original goal for the car was to produce an affordable sports car with decent power and superb balance; in today’s tough economic climate, affordable performance has to equal few amenities. Read More…

Xenatec Maybach Cruiserio Coupe Makes Geneva Debut

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Maybach Cruiserio Coupe

If you’re in Geneva for the 2011 Motor Show (you lucky bastard), don’t look for the Xenatec Maybach Cruiserio Coupe on the show floor. Auto show introductions, after all, are for common vehicles, much like your doctor or (God forbid) your plumber would drive. Cars for the elite and fat of wallet should be debuted in a more exclusive setting, away from the chaos of the unwashed masses, and the the Xenatec Cruiserio Coupe certainly falls into this category. If you want a first hand look, head on over to the gardens of the “La Réserve” hotel and look for the specially constructed pavilion; that’s where you’ll find the Cruiserio, in a setting more befitting of the cars stature. Read More…

Chevy Debuts Cruze Hatchback In Geneva

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2012 Chevy Cruze Hatchback

Image: © GM Corp.

It’s OK for you to like the five door hatchback version of the Chevrolet Cruze, which gets unveiled at next week’s Geneva Auto Show, but don’t plan on buying one here. Hatchbacks play a critical role in brand strategy in Europe, where they account for 65% of compact segment sales. Americans, we’re told, don’t like hatchbacks, so Chevrolet has no plans to bring the Cruze 5 door hatchback to this side of the pond. If you ask me, that’s an odd strategy, because it concedes the market to companies that do sell hatchbacks here. We’re getting the all new Ford Focus in the spring, and the Hyundai i30 hatchback will replace the current Elantra Touring in the not-too-distant-future. We’re even getting a couple flavors of hot hatches to choose from, including a new VW Golf R and the much anticipated Focus ST. Read More…

Morgan Brings Back The Past

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The Morgan 3. Image: Morgan Motor Company

If you know anything at all about the Morgan Motor Company, it’s probably that they’re steeped in tradition. No matter what the rest of the world does, Morgan continues to produce hand built automobiles, most with ash wood frames, for customers who appreciate them. Morgans aren’t the fastest automobiles, they’re not the best handling and they’re not the most luxurious, but that doesn’t seem to impact their sales in the slightest. As if the company wasn’t quirky enough, they’re now borrowing a page from their own history and re-launching a three wheeler. Read More…