Cash for Clunkers

The Five Sweetest Car Deals, and Five They Hope You Fall For

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Every aspect of auto ownership costs money. The upside is that there are countless establishments competing for your cash, with myriad incentives to get business. Take advantage of how low they are willing to sell themselves to call you their customer: also included in this article, the five worst car ‘deals’ to watch out for while shopping this season.

1. Toyotathon Shareathon

If you’re buying a new Toyota, tweet it! Tweeting about a new Toyota during their Toyota Shareathon can score you a $500 debit card. You gotta tweet by December 15th, and you have to pick up your new ride by January sixth, but it’s the easiest $500 you’ll ever make.
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Bring on the BEATERS!!

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There is something to be said about owning a beater. They’re not pretty, generally don’t run well and are most likely the farthest thing from a performance vehicle that one can imagine. The general public views them with looks of disgust and considers them road hazards. What they don’t realize however is that to those of us in the automotive know, our beaters are our full-on prize possessions.

The beater is a ride that laughs in the face of all that is beautiful in the automotive spectrum. They love parking on city streets and live for door dings and crappy weather. The beater is a beast that does what all high-end garage queens strive to be, that being… useful. Go to any Home Depot or the local train station and see for yourselves how many Mercedes and BMW’s you see in the lot – the simple fact is, not to many. They don’t live here… this is the beaters playground.

God knows over the years I’ve had my share of beaters. Everything ranging from a 1981 Mercury Capri (remember those), to a clapped out rusted Dodge Dakota pick-up truck, to my all time favorite… a 1997 Mercury Villager mini-van… man do I miss that thing. They were all great vehicles that did exactly what they were supposed to do. They gave me the freedom to park, go and do anything I wanted without the worry of something happening to them. So, with that being said, let’s here about the POS you’ve got in the driveway… I flippin’ love these things so post them up and be proud of your pile.

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2009, A Year In RideLust Review


As a bittersweet farewell to one of the most tumultuous years in automotive history, RideLust presents to you a re-cap of all the biggest industry events in 2009…and a few that slipped in under editorial bias.

Rick Wagoner, Bob Nardelli, and Alan Mulally spent weeks feigning humility and destitution in three piece Brooks Brothers suits in an attempt to wrangle a billion-dollar loan from an apparently benevolent Uncle Sam. Eventually, the government acquiesced and agreed to bail out both General Motors and Chrysler so as not to interrupt their steady production of poorly built, aesthetically unappealing vehicles.

Stunt double Ben Collins outed himself as Top Gear’s infamous masked driver, The Stig, potentially blowing the sweetest gig on planet Earth. Rather than kill him off, Top Gear attempted to counter the rumors by fingering (::snicker::) legendary racer Michael Schumacher as The Stig. Gearheads in America with an Internet connection that’s too slow to cope with downloading the weekly BBC broadcast still don’t give a rat’s ass.

There was some sort of F1 scandal involving Renault intentionally throwing the Singapore Gran Prix, but we were too immersed in our rally obsession to care. Just Google it or something.

As per their plan to cut costs and pretend to pay back taxpayers, GM made the logical decision to axe one of the only remaining brands that consumers still cared about, Pontiac. Shortly after the announcement, rumors began to circulate that the late John DeLorean’s company was interested in purchasing the rights to produce the Pontiac Solstice. The idea, much like the DMC-12, was short lived.

Drawing heavily from the blatantly phallic styling of the Ambiguously Gay Duo’s car, Porsche released it’s first 4-door sedan, the Panamera.
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Used Car Values on the Rise, Says KBB Report

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focus 1

More grist for the mill in the ongoing debate about the aftereffects of Cash for Clunkers and the current recession: Kelley Blue Book reports that small car sales unexpectedly rose in September, after tumbling precipitously when gas prices stabilized. This is despite the fact that the Cash for Clunkers program ended on August 24th, and that overall sales of new cars have been down after the program. This also contradicts a recent survey among new car buyers that suggested that large numbers of the C4C buyers who purchased small cars were unsatisfied with their purchase and would buy a larger car next time.

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Alliance Credit Union Offers Cool $5 Grand For Ugliest Car

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In Wilmington, North Carolina, Alliance Credit Union will be rewarding the egregious aesthetic taste of Mr. Saintard at the awards ceremony for the first Ugly Car Contest. Aimed at helping one lucky driver ditch his jalopy in the charitable spirit inspired by the Cash for Clunkers program, Alliance opted to bestow one lucky (or unlucky, depending on your perspective) winner to receive a $5,000 cash prize to be put towards the purchase of a new car or a gallon of Bondo and a few cans of spray paint.

While it doesn’t seem to be in miserable enough shape to warrant a five grand prize – especially not when compared to the other truly hideous contestants – Mr. Saintard’s scratched up Saturn apparently offended the senses of enough voters to earn him the crowd favorite and Alliance’s Grand Prize. Hit the jump to check out photos of few of the more, ah, deserving vehicles. Read More…

Auto Sales Plummet After Clunkers Program

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The Cash for Clunkers news coming out over the last few days has felt like a bit of a rollercoaster. Yesterday reports hailed the program for raising new car average gas mileage significantly. Today, the news is that overall new car sales have declined to pre-Clunkers levels, but that’s not the whole story. The real story is that among the individual manufacturers, there are some significant winners and losers. GM and Chrysler were hit the hardest, suffering a 45% and 42% decline from the same time last year, which is significantly off their sales numbers during the Clunkers program.

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Cash For Clunkers Leads to Highest New Car MPG

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Clunkers Used Car Dealers

The continuing saga of the Cash for Clunkers plan has gotten more interesting as new reports emerge that suggest that the program has actually increased the average gas mileage of all new cars sold during that period to a record 23 MPG. That’s an 8% increase from 21.2 MPG in August 2008 and the best numbers recorded since gas hit $4/gallon back in the dark days of 2007. So should we celebrate or sagely shake our heads? More after the jump.

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Dealers Prepare For Massive Post-Clunker Sales Slump

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Now that Department of Transportation appears to have made good on their promise that all dealers would receive their Cash for Clunkers rebate by the end of September, it seems as though a new problem has arisen. According to sources, thanks to the massive buying spree spurred by Cash for Clunkers, and its abrupt end 4 weeks ago, September promises to yield the worst sales numbers in nearly 30 years. By the end of the month, the Seasonally Adjusted Annualized Rate (SAAR) of sales is expected to be at 8.4 million which, despite the crisis that mired the industry for 2008 and most of 2009, is the lowest the SAAR has fallen since December 1981. The reason, analysts say, is simple. Read More…

Did Cash for Clunkers Actually Work? Maybe …

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There’s been a lot of speculation about the effectiveness Cash for Clunkers (C4C) in light of the massively dysfunctional dealer reimbursement scheme, and it seems like that batch of screw-ups threw the entire program into question. Up until this point, the major unanswered question was, did Cash for Clunkers draw “new” buyers, or did it simply help folks who already were going to buy a car? A new survey suggests that the so-called “incremental buyers” who were not thinking about buying a new car before C4C was introduced went out and bought new cars through the program. And not just a couple of them – as many as 30%. Click through for more on what this means.

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GM To Boost Production Of Popular Models, Call Back Workers

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Gorged on tasty government cheddar and encouraged by the sudden surge of consumer activity facilitated by the Cash for Clunkers program, GM has announced it may be revving up the production of four key models. According to GM, sales of the Chevy Camaro, Chevy Equinox, Cadillac SRX, and, defying any rhyme or reason, the Buick LaCrosse, have greatly surpassed expectations and may force GM to blow the dust off a few of their shuttered factories. Read More…