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Opening GP Brasil 2013

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Formula 1

Ever wonder what Formula 1 racing would look like if you could follow it from its inception via a child’s imagination? If so, then great.

Now click through and check it out.


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Never Fart in Mini Cooper

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OK fine, this photo is juvenile and in poor taste but you’ve got to admit that this is exactly what would happen if you started ripping em’ in your MINI Cooper.


Road Rage… Yeah, it’s awesome.

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Nick Khoo Road Rage

If you drive a car then I can guarantee that at some point in time you’ve experienced road rage. Granted it’s not something to be proud of, but there does come a time when everyone, regardless of sex simply loses their shit because of a stupid move that someone else pulls. The question though is how do we handle it. In my case there have been times that I’ve wanted to throw a grenade through the window of the car next to me, however the thought of going to prison and the fact that I don’t have any grenades usually sways me from going in that direction. Regardless though, I know that we all have dreams of doing in that particular individual that pushes us over the automotive edge. Animator Nick Khoo was kind enough to show us his vision of road rage, and I’ve to say that I’m pretty impressed…


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Bugatti Builds Aston Martin Cygnet Fighter… Well, Not Really.

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I like this thing! This is one of those rare occasions where a customized import actually looks pretty damn good. It looks as though the owner started out with a Honda Civic hatch and then decided to give it the full-on Bugatti Veyron treatment, which, in some strange way really works. Granted the wheels still have to be color matched, but the overall execution is downright cool. Who knows, maybe Bugatti should take some queues from this guy if they ever decide to go the Aston Martin Cygnet route and build a budget Bugatti.


Bullitt: starring Stang McQueen

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Hey Disney, if you’re listening you’d better give this guy Danyboz at a call because he just came up with an idea that trumps everything ya’ll have done so far. I mean talk about a cool concept. Take two of the most iconic cars ever, the 1968 Dodge Charger R/T and 1968 Mustang Fastback, give them the full-on CARS animation treatment, and then recreate the iconic chase scene from the movie Bullitt in a new animated San Francisco-ish backdrop. Hell, you can even throw Mater in there for good measure. Danyboz has created a host of CARS themed automobiles that you can view by clicking on either the above or below link. He’s covered everything from Nascar to the Batmobile and done so in a way that will peek your imagination and bring out your inner child. I simply love artwork like this as it makes me feel like I’m 6-years old again. Seriously, take a look at this guys stuff, you’ll be glad you did.


Ridelust Time Waster: Fast Car Frenzy Flash Game!

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Click to Play!

Finding a good time-waster out there in internet land can sometimes be a bitch. Thankfully though you’ve got guys like us that help to do that job for you. The above game, Fast Car Frenzy is a 3D flash racing game that should be good for a least 20 minutes of wasted time during your work day. But alas, if you get bored then have no fear because in case you didn’t know has already compiled a listing of some of the best flash games on the net for you. Click here for Part 1 and here for Part II.

Don’t worry, you can thank us later!

Sunday Auto Video Hysteria

It’s Sunday!  Time to relax, grab a beer, work on your car, do anything the hell you want to do because it’s the WEEKEND!  The world is your oyster.

Here are some fun vids perfect for Sunday relaxing.  Sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy.

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Drift Sumi-e: As Japanese as it Gets

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Fuse the sublime Sumi-e art of Feudal Japan with the sublime tire shredding art of contemporary Japan and you get Drift Sumi-e, quite possibly the most Japanese driving game for iPhone ever. Unlike other driving games that put you behind the wheel, Sumi-e drift lets you draw your racing line through each beautifully drawn drift course, then watch the action unfold. You can take snapshots to document your drifts and send them to your friends. The app looks fun and is a steal at only $.99.

Source: Drift Sumi-e

Ten Automotive Artists that will blow your mind!

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Turning your passion into a career is something that very few people on this earth get to do. Whether you enjoy medicine, automobiles or accounting it simply doesn’t matter. Artists have always amazed and intrigued me. They see things differently than you or I and through their own vision of creativity, get to show the rest of the world their vision through whatever medium they choose. We’re all on this website because we love automobiles and they fulfill a part of us that would otherwise be left empty.

This next list is not a listing of who’s who in the art world. It is more so a list of artists who present us with their amazing visions of what the automobile is to them. Now take a look at some very cool visuals and make sure you pay their sites a visit because this is only the tip of their creative icebergs.

1. Christophe Desse

Dodge A-100

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Swede Builds Batmobile Using ’73 Lincoln Continental, Lots Of Bondo

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In Sweden, a virgin with a 1973 Lincoln Continental and a cool $1 million spent about 5 years crafting a full scale replica of the Batmobile. Now, perhaps we’ve been spoiled by years of high-resolution studio photographs of some of the most beautifully engineered cars in the business, but to our discerning eyes the Swedish Batmobile looks a little, uh, shop class. It took the guy 20,000 hours to build though, so despite our penchant for going for the jugular we’re going to stymie the snarky criticism before it starts and simply give credit where credit’s due. Nice job, Sven.

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