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2013 Chevrolet Malibu 2LZ: RideLust Review

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2013 Chevrolet Malibu 2LZ

Thumbs Up: Takes styling cues from the Camaro, inside and out.

Thumbs Down: Takes styling cues from the Camaro, inside and out.

Buy This Car If: You’re looking for a solid value in a domestic family sedan.

Chevrolet sold a boatload of its previous Malibu sedan, which critics panned for not being as stylish, refined or well-equipped as the competition. The engineers at GM’s mainstream division took that criticism to heart when they set about designing an all-new Malibu for the 2013 model year. It’s better-looking and far more refined than the model it replaces, but that may be where the good news ends for Chevrolet. Read More…

Track Tested: 1987 Buick Regal Grand National

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Buick Grand National

Back in the mid-1980’s, if you wanted a real muscle car you had but one choice; the Buick Grand Nationals built from 1984-1987. These machines were unconventional to say the least and at first buyers didn’t know what to make of them. You see the Grand National was based on Buick’s mundane Regal sedan, a car that was about as exciting as toast. Then there was the issue of the turbocharged six-cylinder engine as opposed to a rip-snorting V8, a major no-no in the muscle car world. However once enthusiasts got a taste of the Grand National’s performance, they dove in with both feet and in the process made it one of the baddest cars ever to come out of Detroit.


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2013 Mustang GT California Special: Ridelust Review

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2013 Mustang California Special

PRO’s: Great power, interesting options thanks to the “California Special” package, outstanding 5.0-liter engine.

CON’s: High rear spoiler, soft suspension, lazy automatic transmission.

FINAL THOUGHT: An expensive Mustang that hides its true potential with body makeup and funky interior gimmicks.

Over the past few months I’ve been inundated with new Ford Mustangs. I’ve had a 2013 V6 Performance Pack, a track pack equipped 2013 GT Base and just recently, a 2013 Mustang GT California Special. There hasn’t been one Mustang that’s been “better” than the other in as much as each one has appealed to a different audience. You see while most cars have just one market segment in mind, the Mustang is one of the few automobiles that appeals to just about everyone.

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2012 Ford Focus Electric: Ridelust Review

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2012 Ford Focus Electric

This is the 2012 Ford Focus Electric, a variant of Ford’s already stellar Ford Focus. It’s got all the same bells and whistles as the normal Focus sans one very important detail; a gasoline powered engine. The Focus Electric is Ford’s answer to the Nissan Leaf as it’s a full-on electric car. The Focus and Leaf are about the same size and have a similar range, but the Focus has the ability to recharge in about half the time of the 2012 Nissan Leaf. I’ve been playing around with this car for about a week, and I can tell you that at this writing, I actually like it quite a bit.

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2013 Ford Mustang V6 Premium: Ridelust Review

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2013 Ford Mustang V6 Premium

We are here today to speak about the 2013 Ford Mustang V6 Premium. A car that, for all intents and purposes, used to be classified as something of a full-time rental or chick car. It used to be that you bought the V6 ‘Stang because either you couldn’t justify or afford the price of the GT, or you just didn’t want to pay the extra moola’ for fuel. As a red blooded American male I was a bit skeptical of Ford’s new V6 pony, however after spending some time with it, I came away with some pretty good thoughts.

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1955 Ford Thunderbird: Back in Black – BIG MUSCLE

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1955 Ford Thunderbird Big Muscle

It’s been in the same family for the better part of 50 years. Been modified with performance and weight savings in mind, and is one of the sleekest looking cars we’ve ever come across. This 1955 Ford Thunderbird is no secretaries car, but a purpose built award winning street machine that was built in a time before resto-modding old cars was all the rage.


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1971 Camaro: Mary Pozzi, Queen of Grip – BIG MUSCLE

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Mary Pozzi, Queen of Grip

For its season opener BIG MUSCLE hangs out with the Queen of Grip herself, Mary Pozzi. We traveled to Northern California to meet up with Mary, husband David and her highly modified LS2 powered 1971 Chevrolet Camaro. We talked racing, car set-up, touched on her SCCA autocross championships as well as her inclusion in Sony’s upcoming Gran Turismo 6. Then we took out her stunning prized Camaro for an all day flog in the California canyons.


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2013 Ford Escape SEL: RideLust Review

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2013 Ford Escape SEL

Thumbs Up: A quantum leap forward from the old Ford Escape.

Thumbs Down: The sticker climbs quickly as you pile on the options.

Buy This Car If: You’re shopping for a compact crossover with a strong blend of style and content.

When the question of “what compact SUV / crossover should I buy” used to rear its ugly head, one answer that never popped into our minds was the Ford Escape or its fraternal twin, the Mazda Tribute. It wasn’t that either was a bad vehicle (although Ford’s build quality used to be hit or miss), it’s just that both were frozen in time, saddled with a bland box-on-box design and an uninspired interior that screamed “rental car.” Read More…

2012 Chrysler 200S: Ridelust Review

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2012 Chrysler 200S Review

PRO’s: Beautifully done interior, wide variety of standard features on the “S” model, sub-30K price, BIG POWER!

CON’s: Wooden brake pedal feel, torque steer.

FINAL THOUGHT: Finally, a great alternative for those looking to breakout of the plain vanilla mold offered up by the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

As of this count 15,190,702 people have watched the ad that Chrysler released for its new 200 back in February of 2011. It featured Eminem, the broken down city of Detroit and portrayed the Chrysler 200 as some sort of tough, back street bruiser that could have only been built in the motor city. Now while the majority of us simply saw the 200 as a revamped Chrysler Sebring, Chrysler wanted to paint a different picture. This is a new 2012 Chrysler 200S in deep cherry red, and while it’s no back street bruiser, it is a car that surprised the hell out of me in the week that I spent with it.

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2013 Ford Flex SEL: Ridelust Review

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2013 Ford Flex SEL Review

PRO’s: Great styling, tons of usable space, comfortable room for 7 adults, above average visibility.

CON’s: Under bolstered seats, standard V6 is underpowered for AWD option, high price when you start adding options.

FINAL THOUGHT: A great vehicle if you’ve got a large family, need space, all weather versatility and high style.

If you were a kid from the mid-1940’s to the mid-1980’s then the odds of you being shuffled around by your parents in a station wagon were pretty damn good. You see before the minivan and the SUV came into the picture, wagons were the shizznit. In fact it hasn’t been until recently that manufacturers are taking a second look and wondering if they should revisit a formula that worked so well for over 40 years. For most people the word “minivan” or “station wagon” are dirty. I mean they’re driven by people who are old, have no fun and are martyrs to their children, right? Well, not really. You see at days end these big behemoths of the open road were people movers and served a purpose that few other vehicles could match. It’s now 2012 and although wagons are few and far between these days, that hasn’t stopped some manufacturers from re-imagining what the wagon should be.

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