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eBay Deal of the Week: 1968 Cadillac Eldorado

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Now here is a car that you truly don’t see everyday. This is a 1968 Cadillac Eldorado and I’ve got to say that it is a stunning piece. Most people overlook the ’68 Eldo because it was a departure from the long-finned style that made Cadillac famous. This example packs a 472 cu-in V8 that’s rated at 375 hp. It’s front-wheel drive and puts the power down through a 3-speed automatic transmission (can you say torque steer). The current owner has added a rebuilt carburetor from Autoline, electronic ignition and a new distributor, otherwise the car is said to be in perfect working order. Click through and check out more pics after the jump or go directly to the eBay ad below.

Source: EbayMotors.com

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1946 Willys Jeep vs John Deere Gator: Dirt Every Day

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1946 Willys Jeep

If you’ve driven any of the new side-by-side off-road machines, then you know that they’re an absolute blast. They provide us with decent power, reliability and great off-road manners. The same can be said for the old Jeep’s of yesteryear. Be it an old Wrangler or Willy’s, these machines have not only stood the test of time, but have one thing up on the side-by-sides – they’re street legal. Dirt Every Day recently got hold of a 1946 Willys Jeep and a new John Deere Gator to see just which was more fun when the tarmac ends.

Source: MotorTrend.com

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Bullitt 1968 with Shot-for-Shot Remake

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Bullitt Chase

If you were born after 1985 then the odds of you having ever seen the movie Bullitt are quite slim. The movie featured Steve McQueen as detective Frank Bullitt and featured one of the best car chases in automotive history. Herve Attia, an avid McQueen fan, recently took a trip to San Francisco and re-filmed all the locations in the 10 minute and 53 second chase. The results of which are pretty outstanding.

Source: Youtube.com

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eBay Deal of the Week: 1976 BMW 2002

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If you’re looking to get into the classic car hobby and want a fun little runabout, the BMW 2002 is a perfect place to start. The 2002 is considered by many to be one of the first true sports sedans on the market. The glass-house cabin means outstanding visibility, and thanks to the updated M10 4-cyclinder engine, you can rest assured that power will never be a problem. The one you are viewing here is a 1976 model (the last year of the 2002) and has been lovingly refurbished by its owner. Is it perfect? Well, no. But that doesn’t mean it’s far off. Click through and check out the owner provided video or go directly to the eBayMotors ad below.

Source: eBayMotors.com

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Drivin’ Dirty w/ Bryce Menzies – Keep It On The Track

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Red Bull

If you would’ve asked me 15 years ago if a soft drink company would be the largest supporter of extreme sports in the world, I would have laughed at you. However the only ones who are laughing now are the guys over at RedBull. They not only support, but help grow just about every extreme sporting event known to man. They’re marketing superstars and a brand that every athlete strives to be a part of. Check it out after the jump.

Source: RebBull.com

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Need For Speed Full Length Trailer

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Breaking Bad

There have been many films over the years that have tried to encroach in on the Fast and the Furious franchise, however very few have succeeded. In the upcoming film NEED FOR SPEED, Aaron Paul (of Breaking Bad fame) stars as a man framed for a crime he didn’t commit. His goal – get out of prison and settle the score with the man responsible for his false conviction.

Hmm… sounds like the A-Team meets The Fast and Furious 2 to me.

Source: Youtube.com

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eBay Deal of the Week: 1971 Chevrolet Custom C20

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If you stop and think about it, there really isn’t anything exciting about a work truck of any make or model. However this 1971 Chevrolet Custom C20 of Ongaro & Sons Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning is a pretty trick piece. The suspension has been upgraded with components from a 1977 1/2 ton C10 which include: the rear end, front control arms with new bushings added, and disc brakes. The truck has been lowered with the following work being done recently: cut front springs, rear flip kit, rear shackle kit, frame C-notched, front and rear shocks, and a shock relocation kit. The rims are 18″ billet aluminum with custom made adapters for stock hubcaps. Granted this truck may not be for everyone, but in my opinion it’s definitely one to take a look at.

Source: eBayMotors.com

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Wes Anderson

If you’ve never seen anything directed by Wes Anderson than you’re missing out on one of the best directors of the last 20 years. His visual style ranges from engaging to hilarious and his story telling abilities are second to none. “CASTELLO CAVALCANTI” is a short film directed by Anderson that shows us what happens when Castello Cavalcanti, a vintage Grand Prix driver, crashes into a statue in his ancestral Italian home.

Source: Prada.com

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STAR CARS- Mad Max Machines @ Wasteland Weekend

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Mad Max Wasteland Weekend

Believe it or not, but every year in Southern California fans of the cult film MAD MAX gather for what is simply known as, “Wasteland Weekend”. Think of it as a mini Burning Man event, except without the naked hippie chicks, good music and weed. In fact basically it’s just a bunch of comic book loving adults prancing around in costumes pretending to be Mel Gibson before he went all bat-shit crazy on us. Check it out after the jump.

Source: Youtube.com

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Off Road Racing

It’s finally happened. I must now figure out how to go off-road racing and this video is the reason why. It has finally convinced me that off-road desert racing is by far the coolest form of motorsport there is. Sure F1, WRC and even MOTO GP all provide a massive thrill factor, but if we’re being honest, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING cooler than watching a full-on trophy truck run through the bumps at over 100 mph. You want awesome? Well then, here it is! Check it out after the jump.

Source: TubaArtFilms

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