RUSH: Introducing James Hunt

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James Hunt Rush

He’s been said to have slept with 33 flight attendants in two weeks, partied like their was no tomorrow and drove a Formula 1 car like no other. RUSH is Ron Howard’s new film that follows the 1976 Formula One season, and more specifically, the battle between playboy driver James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth) and his fierce rivalry with tactician Niki Lauda. The latest trailer concentrates solely on Hunt, and his self-absorbed style of racing. Check it out after the jump.

Source: via Jalopnik

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Mad Max opening chase: Immortal Awesomeness!

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Mad Max

It’s been copied in films, music videos and video games and will forever go down in history as one of the best car chases ever filmed. Mad Max came out in 1979 and brought with it an automotive rawness that has yet to be duplicated in any other road movie. The films opening chase sequence is nothing short of sublime and was filmed entirely at speed by director George Miller. The cars were Australian built Holden Monaro’s set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The stunts were outrageous and the adrenaline that shot off the screen to this day still gives all that view it goosebumps. This is the opening chase scene from Mad Max, and it is, simply put, awesome…


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Do the DRIVE-In!

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Drive In Movie

A few weeks ago my Wife and I had a wonderful thought. You see I’d heard that there was a drive-in movie theater not far from my home and since I hadn’t been to one since the late 1970’s, I figured “What the hell” and we decided to go. We took our 1992 Chevrolet Caprice wagon, a behemoth of a machine that for some unknown reason, I love to death. The movie was Despicable Me 2 and the parking lot was packed solid. Minivans, pick-up’s, wagons and the odd-sedan covered the lot. There were folding chairs, pop-corn and kids laying on truck roofs with blankets. People were talking, eating and having a jolly old time and for a moment, I felt like I was 7-years old again. The drive-in movie is becoming a lost commodity here in the United States. They take up a lot of room, don’t make much money and at days end, the outcome of the profits is largely dependent upon the weather. However if you have one near you, just go. The experience was wonderful, the laughter contagious and for low-low price of $7, you too can feel like a kid again.

Baja Social Club: Teaser

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Baja Social Club

There are times in the lives of certain individuals where their actions make history. Sometimes they set the stage for the bigger picture and other times they act as cause for inspiration. Four decades ago a group of racers decided to pave the way for the historic NORRA Mexican 1000 off-road race. Baja Social Club takes a look back at racing legends Jim Riley, Rick Johnson, Boyd Jaynes, Walker Evans and dune buggy inventor Bruce Meyers in a film that is sure to be as entertaining as it is enlightening. Check out the trailer after the jump!


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Rush: Trailer 3 / GAME ON!

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RUSH Ron Howard

Ron Howard’s upcoming film “RUSH” tells the true story of the famous Formula 1 battle between drivers James Hunt and the brilliant Niki Lauda. Where Hunt was a flamboyant playboy with raw talent, Lauda was more of a methodical technician of speed. Both drivers were outstanding with two completely different styles of driving, and if the film is anything like the trailer below, we’re all in for one helluva thrill ride!


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DRIVE: A Car Chase Montage

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The Chase

It’s a known fact that some of the worst movies in existence feature some of the best car chases ever created. Films like Bullitt, Vanishing Point, The Wraith and To Live and Die In L.A. are terrible from a script standpoint. However add in a good car chase, and BOOM! Instant classic. The following is a montage of some of the best chases ever recorded on film and I’ve got to say that the way it was put together is pretty damn impressive.


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Dodge & The Fast and the Furious

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Dodge Daytona

It’s no secret that Dodge has had a long standing relationship with the Fast and the Furious movie franchise. From Dom’s 1970 Charger to the new Challengers and other Dodge products, Chrysler is banking on the fact that the F&F will continue to help bolster brand recognition with automotive enthusiasts throughout the world. The new film, Fast & Furious 6 is no exception and continues this tradition by incorporating some new Alfa Romeos into the action. Ralph Gilles, SRT CEO sits down for the cameras to tell us about the ins-and-outs of this relationship.


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Battle of the Spocks: Audi S7

Audi S7

Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. Two Spocks of different eras brought together for a battle of speed and wits in Audi’s new commercial for the 420 horsepower S7 sedan . Quinto, our new Spock, returns for his second film in the upcoming “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, while Nimoy is a veteran of seven motion pictures and will forever be our #1 Spock. And while Quinto adds a wonderfully youthful flair to the character, let’s just say that there’s no replacement for tried and true experience.


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Mad Max Interceptor

For those of you petrol-heads that are unaware, there is a new Mad Max movie slated to come out in 2014. The fourth installment of the franchise entitled “Fury Road” will star Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, and is sure to reignite the passion for one of the greatest movie cars in history. Recently though I came upon “Mad Max Renegade”, a tribute video to the franchise and one that should tide fans over until the real thing comes out. It’s well shot, fun and of course contains a replica of the original Interceptor. Check it out!


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Fast & Furious 6 – Extended First Look

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Fast & Furious 6

BOOM! Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster are all back for the 6th, that’s right 6th installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise. This time though the boys and girls are taking their vehicular hijinks overseas where we’re assured some good old fashion kick-ass fun. Here’s the deal – if you’re looking for super-accurate depictions of cars doing normal things then runaway now. However if you want kick-ass action that’s centered around some of the coolest cars in existence then look no further. Fast & Furious 6 is set to open on May 24th and to be honest, we can’t friggin’ wait!!


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