Jay Leno and the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

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Jay Leno Bugatti Veyron

It holds 23 gallons of fuel, goes 268 mph and if you mash the throttle and keep it pinned, you’ll be out of juice in 8 minutes. It also cost and est. $3 million and comes with two keys; one for go-fast mode, and the other for super-go-fast mode… awesome right? Car guy extraordinaire Jay Leno is one lucky SOB as not only does he get to drive just about everything under the sun, but he also OWNS just about everything under the sun. In this episode of Jay Leno’s garage, Jay is visited by the boys from Bugatti and they just happen to bring along a their new Bugatti Veyron Super Sport for Jay to play with. The video itself is quite long at over 24 minutes and the Bugatti rep is about as exciting as dry toast, but heh, it is a Veyron so I suppose some of the video had to be uptight. If you want the action fast forward to around the 19 minute mark and see what Jay’s thoughts are on one of the most expensive cars the world has ever seen.
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Hennessey Performance Tunes The Camaro Convertible

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Earlier today, I gave you my take on the 2011 Camaro Convertible, which I found to be good fun with the 312 horsepower V-6. As a public service, I’m bringing you an alternate opinion from Henessey Performance Engineering, where the words “too much” are never spoken in regards to horsepower. If 312 horsepower doesn’t do it for you and even 426 horsepower isn’t enough to keep your interest for long, how does 755 horsepower in an open top Camaro sound? It sounds plenty angry, as you can see in the video below. Read More…

A Kind Of Passion: Vintage Motorcycles

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A Kind of Passion

Ducati, Laverda, Honda, MV Agusta, Yamaha and Bultaco are just some of the names that come to mind when I think about vintage motorcycles. Classic bikes are a labor of love. They’re finicky, sometimes unreliable, but in the end, they provide their owners with a kinship that is seldom matched in the realm of motor sport. Owners of these classic machines tend to know them inside and out. They’re attune to every noise, rattle and smell that these wonderful machines emit and strive day in and day out to keep these rolling pieces of history on the road. This video was shot by Squadra Sutge, a group of classic racing enthusiasts at the Classic Moto 2011 event on the Jarama circuit in Madrid, Spain. The footage, music and gray feel of the video brings forth the true essence of these classic machines in a way that will make you want to start scouring your favorite sales publication for a two-wheeled classic. Click through for the video.
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Callaway Tunes The Chevy Silverado

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Image: Callaway SportTrucks

What do you do if you like to go fast, but still need the ability to haul stuff? You could buy a Ford Raptor, but the truck is set up for desert pre-running, not on-pavement fun. Dodge no longer makes the V10 equipped SRT-10, and the Chevy 454 SS is a distant memory. If your pickup tastes run to something with a bow tie on the grille, Callaway has a bolt-on kit for the Silverado 1500 that adds 135 horsepower and 115 ft lb of torque to the stock 5.3 liter V8, bringing it up to 450 horsepower and 450 ft pounds of torque. In case that’s not good enough for you, Callaway also offers a kit with 540 horsepower and 522 for pounds of torque, which should ensure you get the mulch home from the garden center, pronto. Read More…

Too Much Is Never Enough?

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One Horsepower = Not Enough

Recently, Inside Line ran a story about their long-term Infinity M56 having more than 400 hp (420, to be exact).  The question posed is one I have often wondered about myself.  At what point, if any, does one say “this car has too much horsepower”?  It almost reminds me of razors – remember when they came out with the Mach 3, then the Quattro, then the five-blade Fusion?  At some point, we’ll all be shaving with seventeen blades I am sure of it, but I digress.  When I was a young’n, my engine of choice was Honda; small displacement, around 150 hp, and four little naturally-aspirated cylinders.  The cars were relatively light and there was more than enough power to get me into trouble.  I vivdly remember sometime around 2003 seeing a commercial for the Acura TL boasting 225 hp, a number that honestly blew my mind at the time (remember, I grew up in the era of economy, not muscle cars).  Back then, 420 horses on a family sedan would have been unfathomable.  So what happened? Read More…

Today’s Science Lesson: How Headers Work

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If you’ve ever turned wrenches on a car or a bike, chances are good that you’ve upgraded an exhaust system at one time or another. The cheap and easy way to do this is to replace the muffler, or (better yet) the exhaust system from the catalytic converter on back. The real horsepower gains come from replacing stock exhaust manifolds with headers, then replacing the entire exhaust system with a less restrictive one. Dyno data shows this to be an effective way to add horsepower to almost any vehicle, but do you know why this works? The video below shows how it works and even (briefly) explains why; think of it as science class for those of us with dirt under our fingernails. Read More…

Frozen Assets Makes Winter Worthwhile.

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Frozen Assets

I think I have just found the cure for cabin fever! This is an ice dragster that belongs to the Frozen Asset race team out of Minnesota. The concept is simple; take a Spitzer dragster chassis, insert one big honkin’ 2000 hp Pro Line twin-turbo V8 and a rear-trac complete with full spike regalia and you’ve got what is perhaps the baddest machine ever to have run across frozen H20. The pilot of this nut-ball machine is a gentlemen by the name of Paul Groth, he’s the lunatic that back in the 1980’s took the Budwiser Sno King to a top ice speed of over 200 mph using a blown big-block Chevy. The fabrication was done by Performance Concepts of Mokena, IL and by the looks of it they did an outstanding job. Now I’m all for going fast but I like good old fashion tarmac, not a surface that goes against everything that a good pair of brakes stand for. Click through for the video.
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Too Much Isn’t Enough: Lingenfelter’s Latest CTS-V Upgrade

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Horsepower and art combined. Image: Lingenfelter

If you’ve been holding back on buying a Cadillac CTS-V because 556 horsepower just wasn’t enough for you, Lingenfelter Performance has your back. Go ahead and buy that CTS-V, then have it shipped to Lingenfelter in Decatur, IL, for the full-meal-deal LPE package install. The net result will be over 700 horsepower at the crank, and 623 rear-wheel horsepower. The full LPE package will also give you 617 ft lb of torque at the rear wheels, which ought to make light work of turning those expensive Michelin Pilots into tire smoke. Read More…

Muscle From Across the Pond: British Rod Run 1977

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You may not know this, but over in the UK, American hot rods and muscle cars have a huge following. Since their inception the Brits have been importing them to get their own taste of some big block muscle. Charger’s, Camaro’s, ’57 Chevy’s and countless Fords have been raced and modified to suit their owners tastes, just as they have been over here for years and years. The above video shows a run that took place back in 1977 in the UK. It was put on in conjunction with the National Street Rod Association (NSRA) and had in its attendance some of the coolest modified street rods out there. Hot Rodding is a hobby that truly knows no borders and is in fact popular in just about every part of the world where cars are present. The above video is a bit on the grainy side, but in my opinion it just lends to the true feeling of what the hot-rodding culture represents.


2012 Chevrolet Camaro to get beefier V6!

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Camaro LFX V6

Just recently I posted up a full review of the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS, a car that I thoroughly enjoyed. Its 312 hp V6 was a bit peaky, but still provided all the power that most could want, while costing thousands less than its V8 counterpart. For 2012 though things under the hood may be changing for the base model Camaro in the form of a new 3.6-liter V6 that supposedly makes between 325-330 hp. Labeled the LFX, the engine is a DOHC unit with variable valve timing (VVT), spark-ignition direct-injection and E85 capabilities. If this mill does find its way into the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro it’ll be just another shot fired across the bow of Ford in the pony car wars.

Other specs for the 2012 Camaro include:
• New Carbon Flash Metallic (aka Black Granite) color (2SS and 2LT only)
• 45th Anniversary Appearance Package (2SS and 2LT only)
• 3 sets of 20″ wheel designs (likely one for 45th anniversary package)
• Rear view camera (2SS, 1SS, 2Lt, and 1LT)
• Suspension system special ride and handling (FE4) (2SS coupe, 1SS coupe only)