What’s Your Longest Oil Change Interval?

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Oil Sludge

The two most important parts of a car are generally the most neglected. First and foremost are the tires. Seriously, most people could give a shit what kind of rubber they put on their rides even though they fail to realize that tires are what keeps them on the straight and narrow. The second thing is their oil. Now granted the old adage of changing your oil every 3,000 miles doesn’t really apply on today’s cars as they’re usually good for around 5k per change. However I know some people who haven’t changed their oil in 15,000-20,000 miles!! People that’s like the equivalent of eating a stick of butter and a pound bacon everyday and thinking that your heart is not going to eventually explode. Oil is the lifeblood of any car and to ensure your rides longevity it must be tended too regularly. I know the most I’ve gone is about 8,000 miles, but what about you guys… what are your thoughts. Are you still in the 3,000 mile club or do you simply not give a shit and change it once every 2 years…

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Mustang Fans: Build A Unique Ride With Ford’s New Customizer

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Ford's Mustang Customizer website. Image: Ford Motor Company

If you’re a Mustang fan, don’t click on Ford’s absurdly addicting Mustang Customizer Website unless you have some serious time to kill. The site lets you build your own Mustang, in V6, GT, Boss 302 or Shelby GT500 trims, changing a surprising number of external appearance items. Want a custom color, not in the Ford catalog? No problem, just mix your own. Want a Mustang GT with a Boss 302 grill and Shelby wheels? it’s just a click of the mouse away. Read More…

Five Tips To Save You Gas

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Ouch. Image: Paulo Ordoveza

If you’re like most Americans, chances are good you’re heading out on the roads over the Memorial Day weekend. Oddly enough, gas prices seem to be coming down instead of taking their usual skyward trend on the first weekend of the summer vacation season. That may be a good sign, but gas is still damn expensive; in fact, it’s doubled in price since 2009, and I’d be willing to bet that most of our incomes haven’t kept pace. Short of trading in your current ride for something more fuel efficient, what can you do to reduce your gas bill as much as possible? Below are five tips that can save you money at the pump. Read More…

No Paint Booth? No Problem

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Image: Jay Leno's Garage

One of the biggest challenges faced by backyard car restorers is paint. Good paint jobs cost serious money, which is fine if you’re restoring a high dollar ride, but what about those of us with more modest tastes, like a 1972 Ford Pinto? The car is easy enough to wrench on, but even the though of a same-color respray gives me a cold sweat since I don’t have access to a spray booth or sterile environment. There’s not much of a market for restored Pintos, so farming out for a pro-quality paint job is a money-losing proposition. If I were building a race car that would soon be trading paint anyway, I could probably do a passable job in the garage with an airbrush and a compressor. If I actually wanted to sell the car, the only cost effective option would be to do the prep work myself, then trust Maaco or Earl Schieb (“Any car, any color, just $99.95!”) for the paint. Yikes. As this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage shows you, 3M has a few solutions of interest to backyard car restorers everywhere. Read More…

What Are The Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars?

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Lexus' CT 200h, number 2 on the list. Image: Toyota

These days, gas prices are on everyone’s mind. Upheaval in the Middle East is likely to keep prices high for some time to come; given that prices always go up at Easter and again at Memorial Day, the only question is whether or not prices will come down significantly in between. If they do, perhaps the memories of $4 per gallon gas will fade in time. If they don’t, we could be longing for the good old days of cheap, $4 per gallon gas as soon as this summer. If you’re shopping for a new car, I can almost guarantee that fuel economy is one of the factors driving your new car purchase. TrueCar, a new car pricing website, wants to help. They’ve compiled a list of cars based on fuel efficiency, and unlike others that I’ve seen, it even projects operating cost based on 15,000 miles per year and $5.00 per gallon gas. Want to know what your best choices are? Read on. Read More…

The RideLust Guide to Dog-Proofing Your Car

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My dog possesses a remarkable talent – the ability to projectile vomit. I’d put him up against any grade schooler or member of GWAR in terms of quantity, color and surprise factor. My dog will do it at any time most inconvenient for me – while I’m eating dinner, when I’m walking him past a school bus full of kids stopped at a red light, on my pillow at 3 a.m. – you name it. I’m a conscientious dog owner and had the vet check him out numerous times, and there’s never anything wrong with him. Normal dogs vomit every now and then – he just does so like the Bellagio fountains.

As car rides are one of my dog’s hallowed activities, I was rather concerned that the back of my WRX would wind up looking like a frat house bathroom. My car has cloth seats and although my dog will happily “clean up” after himself, his vomit leaves stains and odors that linger. Additionally, as those of us with cloth seats know, dog hair sticks to cloth like Velcro, which is particularly annoying for me as my dog is white and the interior of my car is black. Suffice it to say, after my dog enjoyed a few trips in the WRX, I did some research on preventative measures, which I detail below.  Please note that these are my own recommendations and I did not receive any compensation from the manufacturers listed. Read More…

Five Cars, And Their Food Equivalent

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Can I get that with a six speed and the 3.73 rear?

One of life’s great joys is a good meal, enjoyed in the company of friends. Likewise, I’d rank an epic cross-country-road trip, or a run up a winding mountain road, in the same category, but only if you have the right car. Jumping back to the food analogy for a second, you wouldn’t serve caramelized onions over ice cream, just as you wouldn’t want an Olds Vista Cruiser for your run up Mulholland or a Lotus Elise for a haul from New York to LA. This got me thinking that cars really do have their equivalent in food, so below are five cars and the food that represents them. Am I right, or have I just made you hungry? Read More…

Heads Up: Car Thieves Don’t Take New Years Day Off

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One way to keep your car safe. Image:

According to the latest data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, you’re more likely to have a car stolen on New Year’s Day than on any other holiday, and New Year’s Day even trumps the average daily theft rate. The NICB just released their latest analysis of car theft rates in 2008 and 2009, and it includes a handy breakdown of theft rates per holiday. In 2009, an average of 2,276 vehicles were stolen per day in the U.S. On holidays, the theft rates were:

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The Idiot’s Guide To Idiot Lights

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Back in the stone ages of motoring, cars came with real instrumentation, typically including a tachometer (to measure engine speed), a speedometer (to measure road speed), a voltage gauge or an ammeter (to measure voltage or current to the battery), an oil pressure gauge, an oil temperature gauge, fuel gauge and a coolant temperature gauge. Over the years, car makers realized two things: it was cheaper to replace functional gauges with idiot lights, and people actually paid more attention to idiot lights than they did gauges. Thus was born the modern instrument panel, which now typically includes a speedometer, a fuel gauge and (maybe) a temperature gauge and tachometer. All of the other critical information your car can display to you is now done via the driver information display or via idiot lights.

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Learn How To Drive Like An Asshat

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I’ve driven in most of the 50 states over the past few decades, as well as quite a few foreign countries. American drivers are tragically bad compared to the Germans or Japanese, but our sense of self-preservation makes us more skilled than the French or Brazilians. One thing is clear when you travel around the United States, though: there are more cars on the road every single year, and the ability of people to drive cars seems to decline with each passing month.

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