Bugatti Veyron: Suede/Alcantara Cleaning Tips

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Bugatti Veyron Interior

For most of us, detailing our cars interior is something that we’d rather leave to the professionals. Where washing and waxing the exterior is somewhat straight forward, the interior, with all its different fabrics, surfaces and materials, seems to perplex even the most determined enthusiast. Larry Kosilla of and /DRIVE CLEAN
is thankfully here to help us out in this department. In this video he goes over the in’s and out’s of how to clean suede and alcantera. Click through and check it out.


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What’s Your Longest Oil Change Interval?

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Oil Sludge

The two most important parts of a car are generally the most neglected. First and foremost are the tires. Seriously, most people could give a shit what kind of rubber they put on their rides even though they fail to realize that tires are what keeps them on the straight and narrow. The second thing is their oil. Now granted the old adage of changing your oil every 3,000 miles doesn’t really apply on today’s cars as they’re usually good for around 5k per change. However I know some people who haven’t changed their oil in 15,000-20,000 miles!! People that’s like the equivalent of eating a stick of butter and a pound bacon everyday and thinking that your heart is not going to eventually explode. Oil is the lifeblood of any car and to ensure your rides longevity it must be tended too regularly. I know the most I’ve gone is about 8,000 miles, but what about you guys… what are your thoughts. Are you still in the 3,000 mile club or do you simply not give a shit and change it once every 2 years…

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The Ultimate Car Guy Crib: An Aircraft Carrier

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If you’re truly a car guy, then there’s no such thing as “enough garage space”. You’d gladly trade the comfort of a three bedroom house in suburbia for a cave in the middle of the woods, as long as it came with a hydraulic lift and enough power to run an arc welder and an air compressor simultaneously. Where you live isn’t really important, as long as you can secure your property from car thieves. If your ultimate crib happened to come with a river view, that certainly wouldn’t suck.

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How important is your garage?

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What I have...

For some a garage is simply a place to park your car, for others it’s a place to store that extra refrigerator, and yet for others like myself, the garage acts as a getaway from the daily grind. My garage is nothing exciting, in fact it’s a downright dismal place to be as it’s not big enough, it’s not long enough and it’s made of old leaky concrete. That means hanging shelves and sealing it up tight during the winter months can be somewhat of a bitch. This garage is what I have though so I can’t much complain, as having a private place to store your car in Queens, NY is somewhat of a luxury. As a car guy though I’ve always yearned for a garage with at least 3 bays, a nice tiled floor, room for my tool chests and perhaps ceilings high enough that I could put in a lift or two, for me that would be the ultimate.
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StickerFix Is The Latest In Scratch Repair

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If you’re passionate about your car, few things are more troubling than finding a scratch on it. Key jobs are the worst, and in a just world you’d be within your rights to stake out anyone who keys your car over a fire ant mound. For a week. No matter how good a body shop is, matching the original paint can be virtually impossible, especially if your originally paint is oxidized or faded. Doing the touch up yourself usually makes the car look worse, since you can never seem to match the depth or the paint color well enough.

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You Just Know This Was A Monday

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Epic Truck Service Fail!!!

I spent a lot of years working at the family garage, and the one thing I was always paranoid about was a hydraulic lift failure. I always made sure the safety catch was out and checked the position of the car on the lift regularly, especially if I was hammering or trying to break a rusted bolt loose. We were also careful enough to not service full size trucks on the single ram lift, but some of the full size cars of the sixties and seventies were probably pushing the same weight. In all the years I worked there, we never really had a close call on the lift, and we never had the kind of epic fail seen here.

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Do You Have a Man Cave?

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Man Cave

The man cave – it’s been with us since the beginning of time. Those that possess them are revered by those that want them. They are the getaway from the perils of everyday life and a sanctuary for their owners when things go south. The man cave is the one place on earth where the modern human man can go and do manly things. It’s a place for drinking, eating, watching sports, porn, wrenching on cars, tearing ass, playing cards, belching, cleaning the gun collection, building stuff and breaking stuff. The man cave is something every man should, at one point in their lives should possess.
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Car Guy Basics: How To Find A Good Mechanic

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One of the most common questions I get is, “How can I choose a shop to work on my car?” In some cases, you’re options are extremely limited: drive a Ferrari F40, for example, and chances are you’re not going to find a local mechanic willing to turn a wrench on it. The risk is too high, and even at steep hourly rates, the reward is too low.

I’ve been around cars and bikes my entire life, and spent my impressionable years working in the family garage. It’s gone now, a victim of changing times, but it served the local community for over 60 years. We had generations of customers, some who would even drive in from out of state to get their cars serviced. Why? Because it was a small shop that put an emphasis on quality work and customer satisfaction. That type of business is getting harder and harder to find with each passing year.

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Cardok’s Cunning Carports

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Have at least £42k ($63k) burning a hole in your pocket and need an original place to store your beloved ride?  Here’s a suggestion – British company, Cardok, specializes in custom-made underground parking solutions straight out of Q’s laboratory.

Here’s a clip of the Cardok in action at the Porsche Garden at the Royal Horticultural Society Show at Hampton Court Palace:

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