2011 Chevrolet Volt finally begins shipping to dealers.

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Well it’s finally happening, the new 2011 Chevrolet Volt has finally started shipping out to dealers from the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant in Michigan. We recently drove the Volt from New York City to Detroit, MI and came away very impressed. GM expects to ship around 160 vehicles this week alone, with customers in California, Texas, New York and Washington D.C. receiving the first shipments. Tony DiSalle, Volt marketing director stated,

“We have redefined automotive transportation with the Volt, and soon the first customers will be able to experience gas-free commuting with the freedom to take an extended trip whenever or wherever they want.”

Now, I don’t think the Volt has exactly redefined the electric car segment, but it is a wonderful car that will give those looking for great economy and eco-friendly transportation a wonderful alternative to a conventional automobile.

Source: GM

First 2011 Nissan Leaf Delievered to California Resident.

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2011 Nissan Leaf

Well it’s happened, there is finally a new 2011 Nissan Leaf electric car roaming the streets of California. This past weekend in Petaluma, CA, 31 year old Olivier Chalouhi received the keys to his brand new Leaf and with it came a media opportunity that Nissan simply could not resist. Flanked by four other Leafs Mr. Chalouhi drove his new car to a press conference at San Francisco’s City Hall, which, believe it or not already has a public charging station (how convenient). Elected officials, Nissan representatives and even Mr. Chalouhi took the podium to speak about the wonders of the electric car. As of right now San Francisco has plans to install around 100 charging stations throughout the city as officials have claimed its residents are responsible for more orders than any other region thus far.
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Would you buy an electric car?

Fisker Karma

Not long ago I was asked as to whether or not I would actually pony up the cash and purchase an electric car. My knee jerk reaction was HELL NO! Then after thinking about it for awhile I started to rethink the question in terms of; what would an electric car have to become in order for me to purchase it? So much of what I love about the automobile is visceral. The looks, feel, sounds and smells are all part of what make an automobile attractive to me. For me to like a car you can better believe that it needs to have one hell of a presence to it. Today’s cookie cutter jelly bean rides are crap, and although they do serve a purpose, they have no place in my garage. Seriously, my version of hell would be having to drive a Toyota Camry everyday for the rest of my life… dear God that would suck.
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Audi TTS Doesn’t Need You To Tackle Pikes Peak

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Volkswagen and Audi are determined to make a car that can drive itself. It’s autonomous Audi TTS just made the run up Pikes Peak all by its lonesome in 27 minutes flat, about 10 minutes shy of what a typical human driver can achieve. According to Audi, the car hit a top speed of 47 miles per hour. The TTS was developed by the Volkswagen Group Electronics Research Lab, Stanford University, and Audi. To tackle Pikes Peak, the TTS was outfitted with top-secret sensors and computer gear and programmed wit top-secret algorithms. Volkswagen say they’re building the robot TTS to test safety systems that could help avoid accidents.

Source: Endgadget

EPA finally issues ratings for 2011 Chevrolet Volt.

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2011 Chevrolet Volt EPA Rating

The EPA has finally issued its fuel consumption rating for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, and thank God because this was the last thing holding up the first deliveries of GM’s new plug-in electric car. With an estimated 93 MPGE for electric usage and 37 MPG for traditional fuel, GM seems quite pleased. Autoblog.com reports that Chevrolet Volt Global Vehicle Line Executive Doug Parks is happy with the EPA’s numbers for the Volt. He also said that they (GM) worked together with the EPA to figure out how all different modes of driving actually impacted the Volt’s actual efficiency.

Source: Autoblog.com

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Live Action Trailer

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After watching this live action trailer for Electronic Arts new video game, “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit” it’s apparent to me that every police precinct on the planet should be equipped with a Lamborghini Murcielago. For a car guy seeing a police chase like this is pretty much on par with your favorite wet dream, which is exactly what the guys at Electronic Arts were hoping for. I downloaded the demo for XBOX 360 and have to say that it really is quite entertaining. You can play as either law enforcement or the bad guys and as time progresses you gain access to new faster cars, different tracks and special automotive modifications. Shooting a quick live action version though is really going to help seal the deal for fans of the series. I mean really, is there anything better than seeing a hopped up Pagani Zonda running from a Lamborghini Murcielago with a light bar on top? I don’t think so…

Source: Youtube.com

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid sets the bar with 10 year/100,000 mile warranty.

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2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

When Hyundai instituted its 10 year/100,000 mile warranty years ago, consumers flocked to showrooms to purchase the Korean built automobiles because they figured, “What the hell, if it goes pop within’ 100,000 miles I’m covered.” Well now Hyundai is offering that same warranty on its upcoming 2011 Sonata Hybrid. According to CEO of Hyundai Motor America, John Krafcik, “We’re going to set the standard for the industry,”. This is all fine and good, but I’m wondering if Hyundai will be able to make good on that warranty. According to Hyundai, they are using advanced lithium-polymer battery packs, as opposed to the industry standard that employs the use of nickel-metal hydride technology. If all goes well and Hyundai can indeed service any hybrid claims that come in, then I have a feeling you’re going to be seeing quite a few new Sonata Hybrids rolling around in the coming months.

Source: LeftLaneNews.com

Meet the Opel Ampera, Europe’s Chevrolet VOLT.

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2011 Opel Ampera

We recently posted a quick preview article about the 600 plus mile road trip that Kurt and myself took in the new 2011 Chevrolet Volt. It’s a car, that as you will read in our full review, exceeded most of our expectations. GM is not being stingy though with their new little masterpiece as they’re also releasing the Volt in Europe under the Opel nameplate. It’s called the Ampera, and from a styling perspective, it’s one hot little number.
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Ford’s TracKey Gives The 2012 Mustang Boss 302 A Split Personality

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If you have a dedicated track mule, chances are good you only drive it to the track and not back and forth to work. If you’ve got a larger budget, you may even trailer it to and from track day events. The reason why is pretty simple: what makes a car fast around a racetrack also makes it unpleasant to drive on the street. Hot cams and abrupt throttle settings may add to track day enjoyment, but they get annoying very quickly on a daily commute in rush hour traffic. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have the best of both worlds, simply by using a different key to start your car?

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Fiat 500 EV to launch in 2012.

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Fiat 500EV

With the upcoming launch of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt and 2011 Nissan Leaf, auto manufactures are scrambling to get into the electric car market. Makers like Tesla have been here for awhile now, but with a price point of over 100k and seating capacity for only two adults, the market for this little coupe is quite small. The key to building a good electric car is to combine decent range, a reasonable charge time, comfortable seating for 4 and a decent price. In short, car companies need to produce electric cars that are actually useful and not simply novelty items that make people feel like their saving the environment.
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